Light Installation & Street Art in Łódź, Poland

Yann Nguema is a digital artist based in Tours, France, he has being working on some particular project. How about re-imagining Łódź's main Piotrkowska Avenue for the 2018 Light Move Festival. I would totally ask you guys to check out the video, it features 32 light doors over 700 (about 2300 feet) meters long. Driven by lasers and neons, I think this light installation is given so much character for the festival. Check out the video as well, enjoy!

EDB Singapore by Ars Thanea

It's not a surprise that works coming from our friends at Ars Thanea are always, so creative and insanely beautiful. It is abosolutely the case with their project for EDB Singapore. A series of illustrations to emphasize, showing the facets and the vision of sustainable economic growth. Creating a World-Within-A-World Style Visual Illustration. We’ve teamed up with creative The Secret Little Agency to create three Key Visuals.

Desk Concept by Agnieszka Graczykowska

Agnieszka Graczykowska is an Interior Designer and Product Designer based in Wroclaw, Poland. With a wide range of skills from CGI Visualization to the process of a construction, Agnieszka has created this beautiful workspace for those who work at home. With an ergonomic approach, this desk concept is to make things easier and help your organize your workflow.

Atypical Poster Series by Pawel Nolbert

Our good friend Pawel Nolbert also known as HelloColor is an illustrator, designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He recently released his new site along with a beautiful poster series called: “Atypical”. Through this series, he was exploring an extended aesthetic characteristic of typography by combining gestures with paint through an expressive disposition.

The 3D World of MATCLOUD

Mateusz Chmura aka MATCLOUD is a freelance graphic and product designer based in Warsaw, Poland. Also expert in 2D and 3D, Mateusz likes mixing his creativity to reality are part the main ingredients of his fascinating art. The idea of “ART MATTERS” will always be present in all my works. All Rights to MATCLOUD

Interview with Mateusz Witczak

I really love to see such young designers as Mateusz Witczak, a extremely talented typographer from Warsaw, Poland. You don't need to see more than one of his artworks to understand his passion and love for type design. We had the opportunity to know more about him and his ideas, just check it. You can see more from Mateusz on the following links: Website Behance

Throne of Games Case Study by Ars Thanea

Ars Thanea is a creative agency currently based in Warsaw, Poland and they are the best at believing into their skillful heritage working alongside with a team of hardworking directors, designers, illustrators and more. Their tagline is "This is the Art of Imagination. This is Ars Thanea." and believe me, they are cutting edge! Hope you will enjoy this beautiful digital case study for Media Markt made with Ogilvy Frankfurt. Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski Senior Digital Painter: Michal Lisowski Production Director: Marcin Molski

Cyberpunk 2077

Created in the 90s by Mike Pondsmith and based on the system of Cyberpunk 2020. CD Projekt RED & PLATIGE Image developed this video game entitled: Cyberpunk 2077. Here comes the full teaser and the incredible behind-the-scenes action. For more information about CD Projekt RED and their amazing works, you can visit their website at CyberPunk.net and give them a LIKE on Facebook at CyberPunk Game.

Reader Case Study: AeroStuff by Trisme

The tutorial of this week is from one of our readers, his name is Trisme and he is an illustrator, digital artist and web designer from Poland. Trisme will show us how he created the design called AeroStuff, it's a really cool artwork mixing photos and some 3D objects. The best thing about blogging is that we have the chance to see how digital artist from all around the globe overcome the challenge of making an idea come true.

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