Exhibition Poster Series for Centrepoint Spacesuit Collection 18

Did you get a chance to watch the first look at Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong and the years 1961-1969 in the movie: "First Man". I thought this would be the perfect introduction for our feature of an Exhibition Poster Series for Centrepoint Spacesuit Collection 18. It's a collaboration between many talented artists including Ryan Atkinson, James Elgie, Rijin Kunnath and RODAS ®. Imagine the conventional spacesuit into a fashion collection, what do you think?

Poster Design for Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Dubai

Ben Ali Souheil shared a beautiful poster design project on his Behance profile. The work was done for the Red Bull Music Academy BASS CAMP, a branded affair that rounds up an ensemble of regional artists over three days of collaborative creativity. Dubai hosted its first BASS CAMP in 2013 at Bastakiya, a traditional backdrop to the urban metropolis. The location celebrated the fusion of medieval and modern, serving as inspiration for this design project.

2018 FIFA World Cup Retro Poster Design

The awesome folks over at ∆ Studio—JQ ∆ have been sharing this incredible poster design for the FIFA World Cup 2018 that will take place in Russia. It is a follow up from their wildly popular set of retro posters they created for the UEFA Euro 2016. The style is super simple, very Swiss Style like and the presentation of them is beautiful. It's almost like a cropped version.

Poster Design: Metropolis 90th Anniversary

La Boca created a beautiful poster design to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Fritz Lang sci-fi classic, Metropolis. It was screen printed in 4 colour variations using a combination of metallic inks and mirrored papers to create the same art deco look. The result as I mentioned in the beginning is quite stunning. I particularly love the colors as well as the textures. So check it out after the break.

Awesome Poster Design by Ola Jasionowska

Ola Jasionowska is a graphic designer and illustrator from Warsaw, Poland with some amazing illustration work. I particularly love the posters created in 2017 and shared on Behance. When I saw the poster design project,  it kind of reminded me of Saul Bass poster and style, very simple and bold. The color palette and combinations are also top notch. I could have all of these posters hanging on my walls, but my favorite has to be the David Bowie one.

80s Throwback with Netflix's Stranger Things 2 Tribute Posters

How was your Weekend? Did you get to watch the anticipated comeback from the Netflix's Stranger Things 2 for their Second Season? I did, until the very wee hours of this morning so I can go to bed in peace. No spoilers will be revealed in this article! On ABDZ, we love the 80s! We decided to pay tribute to this series by sharing what they have released in the past weeks in tribute to the 80s as well. Let's take a look!

Poster Design: We Love Posters by Anagrama Studio

Poster Design, an expression of graphic design where I wish that will stay forever even though with things going even more digital. The mighty folks over Anagrama Studio do it so well and we are a fan of their work on Abduzeedo. Check out their latest work on posters entitled: We Love Posters, thank you for sharing the love. It's definitely a versatile collection filled different graphical treatment.

Poster Event & Graphic Design: Russell Shaw AIGA Atlanta 2017 Poster Show

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists) of Atlanta asked brand designer and art director Russell Shaw to contribute a promotional artwork for the second annual poster show. With the theme of “Art Director’s Cut II,” they would focus on the film- and movie-inspired poster designs contributed by designers All the proceeds from the event would towards AIGA's annual programming. Russell took this genuine approach with paper cutout designs and graphic design. The result is just spectacular. Don't you agree?

Graphic Design: a New Poster Collection Spring

Quim Marin has started a poster series that really should get your attention. With a combination of graphic design and probably 3d for the mockup presentation takes the whole poster to a newer level. Here's to somebody who probably got bored with the free presentation mockups that you can find online. His series is a beauty of playful colours mixed into a CGI set that just keep you from wanting more. Check it out and hope you like it as well.

Badass Poster Design by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki is one of those artists that you should have an eye on all times, because you know that he'll come up with some awesome design. It's been some time since we last posted some of his works, so today I thought it would be nice to update you on his latest, badass posters. Gabz is definitely sharp as ever. He has definitely kept his game tight. Of course, these are only a handful of his latest work. For all of it, please visit his portfolio! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Incredible Graphic Design Process for a Poster by Partee Design

The best way to learn is by seeing how people do the work that inspires us. Nowadays there are many ways to learn about design, there are sites with tutorials like this one, videos on Youtube and many other venues. Most of the time though, it's about tools like Photoshop, Illustrator. When I see a graphic design process that is done in the analog way, I feel the need to feature it here on ABDZ. That's the case for the poster design for la Local de Joventut 2017/2020. by Partee Design.

Awesome Science Posters by Justin VanGenderen

Justin is one of those artists that you should have an eye on, because he'll definitely design something cool! His posters are really dope, and his latest work features science! Yeah, science! You may remember him from previously posted articles here at Abduzeedo, and we had to share these amazing pieces with you. You may check his website for buying some prints! He'll definitely appreciate this! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Graphic Design: Pictogram music posters 2017

Pictogram music posters 2017 is a graphic design project shared by Viktor Hertz on his Behance profile. The amazing thing about this project is that we featured Viktor back in 2011 when he posted the first version of this idea. He picked 15 songs from different artists to create a series of minimalist vector illustrations. It is also great to see the evolution of his style from the first iteration to this one. The forms got much simpler in a way, and there's a bit more color without the need of textures.

Stranger Things - Netflix Poster Art

As a fan of the 80s I am always excited by anything that brings me back memories from that incredible decade. When I saw the trailer for Stranger Things, a new original Netflix series I knew there was something there. After seeing a few episodes I got to say, it's amazing and they really captured the look and feel of that time and the poster created by Kyle Lambert also illustrate the style of that time beautifully well. It reminds me of the Drew Struzan's poster for famous movies like Indiana Jones, Star Wars and many others.

UEFA EURO 2016: Retro Poster Collection

Last week I posted a beautiful set of posters created by Sean Ford for the UEFA EURO 2016. I love the simplicity and retro look of those posters and today I saw that other designers are also exploring the same topic and creating equally beautiful work. Studio—JQ created a collection of posters exploring details of each of the countries kit design to complement their colors and patterns. Again we highly recommend to check them out

UEFA EURO 2016 Poster Series

For the fans of football or soccer as we call it here in the US, Sean Ford created a fantastic series of posters created for each country represented at UEFA EURO 2016 in France, using elements from their respective flags. The beauty of this posters made me speechless, they are all super simple but Sean was able to capture the colors and elements from the flags quite well.

San Serif Posters

Daniel Barkle is a multi-disciplinary designer, currently based in the South West, UK. He likes to be involved in most areas of design, but has a real passion for producing dynamic brand solutions that incorporate interactive strategies. He has a quite strong portfolio, with the classic minimalist/swiss style present in most of his projects. One of the projects that caught my eye and made me post about it was the San Serif Vol.1. I like the black background with white elements and how he plays with simple effects but yet achieve awesome results.

Beauty of Black & White Prints

There's something with black and white designs that really catches my attention especially when designers are able to go beyond the lack of colors and create beautiful artworks full of dimension. The project that Steve Stewart shared on Behance is an excellent example and definitely worth checking out.

Illustrated Movie Posters by Matthew Ferguson

It's always cool to see an awesome movie poster, even more when that poster is fan made! We often get to see some fantastic examples of these fan made pieces, and today is no different, as we get to see the work of Matthew Ferguson, from the UK. He's got a dope set of posters, going from Guardians of the Galaxy to Star Trek classics. These are pretty awesome, but only a handful! For much more of these, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART! He'll definitely enjoy the attention. Cheers! ;)

Beautifully Designed Posters

These posters bring back the essence of design, with a really strong use of shapes, typography, and color to deliver a message. In a world full of visual noise I hope these simple designs will inspire you. Enjoy!

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