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50 Beautiful Vintage Posters

Wikipedia says that posters are any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface. Very interesting concept! And what about vintage posters? I don't have the exact concept for it, but I would simply say that they are pure art. Vintage posters appeared around 1880 and developed it's style and fame during the following decade, until 1890, where vintage posters were already a hit. From 1906 on they were very appreciated and noted from every art lover. Since the 40's they are collections pieces and main subject of work for several galleries around the world. Vintage posters are just beautiful! Even considering that they were designed years ago, we still think they are full of style and beauty. As I really like this kind of art I decided to make this selection to share with you some really beautiful vintage posters. You will see here several types of vintage posters, some ads, film posters, traveling publicity and so on. Hope you like them!! Click at the images to visit the source where we found them!

The Master of Posters Steven Goodin

You may seen a lot of his posters through out the web but maybe you never realized who is behind those amazing works, Steven Goodin is 28 years old and has been making insane posters for the last three years. The mix of 3d and typography it's just amazing, check it out! For more from Steve visit and

Super Amazing Vector Art by Tstout

Sometime ago I ran into these, but didn't have the chance to post them. I found some super amazing vector art made by this dude at, and I couldn't even find his name, which is a bummer. He's got a fantastic style, really worth taking a look! At first, I thought he did just regular pieces, but for our delight, he makes his own version of movie posters! Mad Max 2, Robocop and The Thing are just some of the ones he picked and did a great job. Anyways, for more of his amazing work, simply visit this portfolio. We'll love it. Cheers! ;)

Totally Cool Left 4 Dead Screens and Posters

One of the hottest game at this moment is making zombies hit gamers everywhere once more. Left 4 Dead is one hell of a thrill ride in a post apocaliptic world, but what deserves our attention right now, is the quality of the computer graphics! Everybody knows that we are suckers for 3D renderings, and boy, these are totally stunning... and the best of it all is that these are all in-game screens. Of course, there also the awesome posters that illustrate each chapter of this gruesome game. Anyways, check these out, I bet you'll really dig it. Cheers! ;)

The Best Posters of 2008

Following our winner "The Best of 2008" series, today we've got plenty of posters for you guys! All the cool stuff... movies, Obama, and design in general! I hope you enjoy these! ;) Oh, and of course, feel free to comment posting more posters!! We'd love to see what other great posters we had during this year!! Another thing... since we don't get to celebrate 2 years all the time, today we're gonna have some awesome stuff for you guys! Be prepared. Cheers! DESIGN IN GENERAL

15 Cool Soviet Movie Posters

We have already published some articles about soviet propaganda and poster design, but we think it's never too much. Because of that, and a special thank you to Juan Carlos Monroy Osorio, a web designer from Colombia, an Abduzeedo reader who sent us these really cool Soviet Movie Posters. Also if you want to share something cool you have, just let us know.

Awesome Horror Movies

This is probably one of the most common posts on Halloween, but I couldn't just turn my cinephile side down. And it isn't all about posters itself, but it's about good, classic movies. There are some horror movies that are part of my childhood, and building this post was actually pretty fun, 'cause I got to remember some badass horror flicks. From Candyman to the Amytville Horror, there are so many classics that it's really worth taking a look at this list just to remember how horrors were really cool sometime ago, and how we need a serious reboot for the entire genre for better quality movies. Of course, some of these are not that old, some are teenage horror (like the Faculty) but still, got me the goosebumps at some point of my life. Also, there are oldies and its remakes, like Romeros' zombie classics, and a bunch of first ones (usually, horror sequels suck bad, like the Scream ones). Hope you all enjoy it, and remember these awesome flicks! Cheers! ;) The only horror trilogy that is actually pretty damn scary.

Video of the Week #21

Some design trends are a big mystery for us. When the subject is movie poster, there are some things that tend to repeat from time to time. We even had a post about hand drawn movie posters some time ago. What about that weird trend of flying heads? You don't know what I'm talking about? Then you should probably pay more attention to action movies. Here's a little list of movies that got posters with flying heads. Casualties of War Space Cowboys A Few Good Men Courage Under Fire Rules of Engagement and so many others... So, just for us to chill out a little bit during our busy day, watch this clever video. Cheers! ;)

Robots Rock!

I ♥ robots! I hope you do too because I have three robot-related things to tell you about. First, an awesome CG short film. Second, a look at the new Transformers 2 posters. Finally, some info on the upcoming Voltron movie. Update (8/24/08): - Apparently the Transformers 2 posters are fake. Sorry about that! Oh well, they are still really cool! - Not too long after posting this Design Boom posted an awesome blog entry about female robots. Check it out. 1. World War World War is a short film about two 1940s era vehicles that transform into robots and battle. It takes place 100 years after WWII, Hiroshima, Japan 2045 A.D. It was made by Vincent Chai, a recent graduate of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. What's even more amazing was that he only used off-the-shelf softwares like Maya, Photoshop, and After Effects. This stuff looks like it was made in a professional CG studio! It's a great example that you don't need a huge budget to create stunning visual effects. Go to his website to watch the complete short film (it also has an HD version) and check out the making of the film as well. Here are some screen grabs: 2. Transformers 2 Posters Two new posters for the upcoming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen have been released and here's a glimpse. I really enjoyed the first movie so I'm excited that they are making a sequal. 3. Voltron the live action movie I've heard rumors that someone wanted to make a live-action version of Voltron. Well apparently it's no longer a rumor. With the success of Tranformers, studios are jumping on the 80's cartoons-with-Robots bandwagon. What's next? A Go-Bots movies? Robotech? I used to love Voltron so I'm definitely interested. Plus I read they are supposed to use a similar type of style/effects that they used in the movie 300. Read more about this at this i09 blog entry. Here's a blog following the progress of the film: and for your nostalgia, here are 2 clips from the 80's Voltron cartoons: The Classic intro to the series: Voltron animated movie (part 1 of 5):

Hand Drawn Movie Posters

A strong trend for movie posters we've seen in the last months is hand drawn posters. Mostly used for indie movies, it's a really fresh kind of design, and I'm really loving it. Some of the greatest movies I've seen in the past 6 months had hand drawn posters and were indie... so I'll guess the I'm probably a sucker for that kinda movie anyways. Here is a little list of some of these great posters, most of them found at the Internet Movie Poster Awards. Better view.

Olympic Poster Design over the last 112 years

As the Summer Olympics draws near every aspect of popular culture tends to involve itself in it. The design world especially plays an important part in inspiring people to get excited about the games. Recently there was a book released called "A Century of Olympic Posters" (which was mentioned in Fabiano's Best of the Week #18 post back in June). I've actually never seen the book, but I found that I didn't actually need it to see all the posters. Wikipedia has them all easily accessible. Looking through these posters is great because it's like looking at a timeline of the changes and innovations in Graphic Design. Some of my favorites are: 1912 - I love the 1912 one because it has a sort of Art Nouveau look to it, which is pretty appropriate for the time. 1924 - This poster almost seems like a German or Soviet propaganda poster. 1956 - Here we see a departure from depicting the usual roman statuesque male form that was part of the posters since 1908. In fact in completely removes any natural form. 1968 - I'm totally digging this Mexico '68 poster. 1988 - this one is in almost classic 1980's style. It looks like they actually used early computer graphics to make this. 1896 1900 1904 1908 1912 1920 1924 1928 1932 1936 1948 1952 1956 1960 1964 1968 1972 1976 1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 source:

Batman Movies Posters

Today is the grand opening of The Dark Knight, and we are all really excited! How much butt will this movie kick? A LOT. And to celebrate its opening, we're making a collection of all Batman Movies Posters (or just the best ones, as you wish). We had several Batman movies already, in which Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney played the Dark Knight. Keaton and Kilmer, in my opinion were really good, and even though Clooney is one hell of an actor, he was a lousy Batman. But I guess eveyone will agree when I say that Bale is the right man for the job, right? We've seen him playing the Batman we were all waiting for. Anyways, talking about posters, some are really terrible, like the one with Tommy Lee Jones as the Two-Face. I mean, seriously? We can totally see the evolution of graphic design here, where the two last films have really stunning posters, not reaveling too much, not being too corky or cheesy like Batman & Robin's posters. Well, just check them out! And long live Bale as the Batman. All these great posters were found at the best movie poster site out there: Movie Poster Awards. Every single movie poster we might ever want. ;) Batman (1989) - Michael Keaton Batman Returns (1992) - Michael Keaton Batman Forever (1995) - Val Kilmer Batman & Robin (1997) - George Clooney This feels sooo wrong. Batman Begins (2005) - Christian Bale The Dark Knight (2008) - Christian Bale

Four new Signalnoise prints

Today I was really busy down here working on some of the new features to the site, but there are a lot of things happening, starting from the new 3G iPhone, and this time it’s coming to Brazil too, when? Well, soon. Also James White has added 4 new posters to his online store. Legacy 2600 and Robot Rock have been slightly altered from my previous versions where I removed any logos that were not my own :) Robot Rock is inspired by the song by Daft Punk of the same name, and Legacy 2600 pays homage to the great Atari 2600 that was released in 1977. I’m a huge fan of James’ work, and I highly recommend you to check that out. Below you can see the new prints.

Cool Science Fiction Posters

Science Fiction movies are really awesome, even though, many people don't enjoy that kind of movie. But, one thing those people couldn't deny is the fact that Sci-Fi movie posters are pretty awesome, different from most of the regular movies... like drama, and others. I've found this awesome site called "Scifi-Movies" (really clever, huh?) that has tons of posters, from movies I didn't even know that exist. Here are a few (only beginning with the letter 'A', just to measure how many posters there are) from the site. Hope you like it. Author: Paulo Antunes | If you want to write an article and have it published here send it via email to abduzeedo[at]

Awesome Posters by Artillery

Do you know Pearl Jam? And Queens of the Stone Age? Great music isn't it? If some of you already saw them in live in the USA, you certainly have already seen one of their concert posters. What awesome pictures! But who did them? Brad Klausen. He's a US designer who create almost all the live poster of Pearl Jam, and Queen of the Stone Age. He has his very own style, which may be a great source of inspiration for all of us. Here's little example of his artworks. For more pictures and if you want to buy some of his outstanding posters, have a look at his website: About the author Xavier Bourdil - "Hello all! I'm a 23 years old designer, from Bordeaux (France). I'm a psdtuts member (oligoelement, that's my pseudo), and a huge reader of this website! To me, sharing informations and skills is the best way to progress in graphic creation. I had the occasion to partcipate to this movement by wrinting this post, so I'm very glad to make this contribution! I hope you'll enjoy."