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Architecture: Prefab Housing

One aspect of design that I really like is architecture. From huge buildings to small homes, I'll always admire a great design. On this post I'm going to focus on one of my favorite types of architecture design, Prefab Homes. I'm a huge fan of prefab housing for 3 main reasons: first and foremost I just love their design, which tends to be very unique and different from the usual home design because they tend to be environmentally friendly, often re-using large items like those big shipping containers (which has become a huge trend in prefab housing) ...and... because they seem more attainable financially (to me) than regular homes. In New York City right now there are 2 great exhibits that involve Prefab Housing. One is at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Whitney is having a Buckminster Fuller exhibit. Fuller designed Prefabricated Housing back in the 1920s. He's best known for inventing the geodesic dome. The other exhibit deals directly with prefab housing and is at the MoMA. Both are great exhibits, if you're in the city you should definitely check them out. There is a blog that I highly enjoy reading called Inhabitat. Every friday they highlight a prefab home and I'm always looking forward to those posts. Here a few of my favorites: