ADORE Screenprint for Pangeaseed Foundation

Our good friend Ben Johnston has shared a cool screenprint for the Pangeaseed Foundation which is a nonprofit organization promoting the culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our oceans. It's a beautiful cause to promote. In support, you can purchase the 'ADORE' print which is 24 x 18 in coming in 4 color variants: Orange Rainbow, Blue Peacock, Deep Azul, and White Shadow. All the prints are all signed, numbered and a limited print run of 30 per variant.

Introducing Volume: the first publishing platform for high-quality illustrated books

We would like to share this cool project that is currently live for support. Introducing Volume, the first publishing platform for high-quality illustrated books for visual creatives with also lovers of print. In this issue, we are taking a close and personal at the work of Anthony Burrill, designer and letterpress guru. Selecting from his private collection of printed matter, he gathered and curated throughout his career.

Graphic & Print Design: Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation

Kicking off the Weekend with a very pretty graphic & print design project by Kansas-based designer Rachel Roth. She was invited to design an invitation for the Spencer Museum of Art located at the University of Kansas. There are two things I love about her work on this project, the choice of paper and her direction of double typography laying on top to each other. Something I've rarely seen and quite creative.

Print Inspiration: Business Cards

Do we still use the  business card? I love the business card, might be a bit 90s old school of me but I found this concept still working nowadays. With all the social/portfolio platforms where we can share our work like your own site, unlike the business card. It's still very fond to show an impression of yourself on a piece of cardboard. Coming to this, I don't think there's a trend in designing a business card.

A New Type of Imprint

Nothing like ending the week with some beautiful editorial design inspiration. For this post I want to share the work created by Anti, one of Norway's most award winning agencies, for A New Type of Imprint Volume 6. I love how simplicity and beautiful photos are the only thing you need to achieve an elegant result.

épuré – Fashion (Editorial Design)

Translating design across multiple mediums is always a big challenge for even experienced designers. A solid branding system gives the flexibility and scalability to allow designers to carry over some design elements, the épuré – Fashion is a good example of that. The editorial design is strong and perfectly translated to the web.

Makershift #14: Harvest Issue

It has been a long time since my last editorial design post. For this post I want to share a beautiful IdN Magazine project we stumbled upon from their Behance profile. It's the Makershift #14: Harvest Issue. There's not much to say besides go check out the images and get inspired by beautiful imagery, an elegant grid layout and typography.

Metal Magazine Editorial Design

The amazing people from Folch Studio put together an incredible editorial design project for Metal Magazine, a fashion publication for a younger demographic. As I've said many times before, editorial design is such an inspiration for me. I love the way designers play with the grid, imagery and typography. For this project you can see some details that give a super fresh look, like the images breaking the grid and almost superimposing the text.

I Love Bodoni

Good design is timeless, Massimo Vignelli said that once and Dieter Rams reassured use with Good design is long-lasting. If you look back to 5 years ago you can see some of the trends but you can also see this saying working. That's why I like to go back to old projects in sites like Behance, Dribbble, Pinterest, books and of course my own site Abduzeedo to see how much things have changed, but also how much good design is still good design.

driexdrie - branding

For today's post I want to share a nice visual identity project title driexdrie. There's a lot to love about it, the simplicity, style and of course the beautiful printed collaterals. The project reminds me a bit of the Material Design branding project that Google created 2 years ago.

A Blue Moon Book

The talented people over at Wedge & Lever never cease to impress and inspire me. Every project that they share on their Behance profile has something worth sharing. The View From A Blue Moon Book is a great example of meticulous attention to detail and, visually, a level of craftsmanship that make me envy them, in a good way of course. Without further ado, check out this stunning project.

Buff - Exhibition Catalogue

Editorial design has become almost an addiction to me. I used to spend most of my time checking illustrations and photo-manipulation but in the past few years I noticed that compositions, grid and typography were gaining traction. Every time I see someone posting about this subject on Behance or Dribbble I dig deep trying to learn a bit more about the project and how the designer came up with that solution. For this post today I will share the work of Max Winter.

Beauty of Black & White Prints

There's something with black and white designs that really catches my attention especially when designers are able to go beyond the lack of colors and create beautiful artworks full of dimension. The project that Steve Stewart shared on Behance is an excellent example and definitely worth checking out.

Printing Friends Magazine No 8 – Food

Printing Friends is a magazine about design and creativity which is published by the print house Danagård LiTHO in Sweden. Since 2010 the magazine has been designed on different industry related themes, but in 2014 it was time for something bigger. The new Printing Friends opens up for new themes that appeals to a wider audience, still focusing on inspiring within the creative industry. The magazine is all about vision, thoughts and creativity in an easy and down to earth tone of voice. It contains everything from illustrations, photography, typography to personal stories.

Creative Cards

Creative Cards is a super cool project 54 of the top digital artists were invited to design 54 unique playing cards. The result, as you can see in this post, is pure inspiration. I will share some of their own words, from the two of clubs to the ace of spades, each card in this deck has been individually designed by one of the 54 selected international artists in their distinct style and technique. The idea is to create a deck of 54 unique playing cards. Artists and illustrators pick a card each and design it in their own style.

Cool Art Prints by Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones is one of my favorite illustrators and he started an art print collection inspired by his life growing up and living in New Zealand and iconic pop culture. Check them out! All these prints are available at Harbour Master

Google Material Design Printed Kit by Manual

Today Google announced the name of the new version of Android, the "L" that stands for "lollipop." Among the many new features, one of the most important things with this new release is the new visual language called Material Design, a take on the classic principles of good design combined with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. Manual, a design studio based in San Francisco, created some beautiful promotional work for Material Design that shared during the past Google IO.

Imprimerie du Marais Notebook 2

Anagrama is a design studio specializing in branding and graphic design. They created a really cool design for notebooks inspired by technology with a beautiful abstract artwork. It reminds me of some Bauhaus artworks.

Life & Thyme Magazine

For the past two years, Life & Thyme has been publishing stories on a weekly basis, covering food culture and the people behind it exclusively on their website. They have interviewed chefs, bakers, restaurateurs, farmers, coffee roasters, cocktail designers, handcrafted apron makers, ice cream makers, all sorts of purveyors, and anyone contributing a masterful skill to the food, beverage, and hospitality industry from around the globe. Their content is typically long­form with an editorial sensibility in order to create a more meaningful connection to the reader.

Mimetico 3

Playing with geometric patterns are always fun and can produce incredible results. Mimetico 3 is a great example as we can see in the images below. Daniele De Nigris explores simple shapes to create patterns and then manipulate it in 3D. The simplicity and elegance of the end result is very inspiring. This little project contains my last work "Mimetico 3" with some steps of the construction. This is an other example of "Analogical Digital Design".

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