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Bang & Olufsen Headphones

Our Picks: Headphones

Whether it’s on public transport, at the office, or kicking back for a round of Fortnite at home, there’s a pretty good chance I’m wearing headphones. And as someone who wears glasses, finding the right mix of comfort, style and sound can be a bit of a hurdle. Luckily, here at ABDZ, we get to test out quite a few gadgets. And out of all of them, there are a few headphones that stood out. Here’s my list of the best headphones to get you through your day, workout, flight, or family dinner.   Daily Driver: Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless when you need them to be. Wired when you don’t. Active noise cancellation. USB-C charging. Premium materials. 20+ hour battery life. Stupidly fantastic audio quality. When you add up the sum of its parts, the Bowers & Wilkins PX makes for an unbeatable combination. Well, for me anyway. The PX’s boast a finish of sturdy metal & soft leather, which is comfortable to wear all day or on long flights (even on top of glasses!) Their sound signature produces crystal clear highs & lows — with a bit more emphasis on mid tones. It’s a very “warm” sound, but not overly bass-heavy like a pair of Beats might run you. And I’m not sure what sort of wizardry Bowers & Wilkins have done, but the ANC feels completely natural. Bose’s QC line often leaves me feeling a bit nauseous after heavy use. But I’ll admit, aesthetically they’re not my first pick. Bang & Olufsen has done some seriously impressive work with their Beoplay line (more on that in a minute.) But when it comes to a pair of headphones you want to get you through a busy day or a cross-country flight, I’d recommend these to anybody. Check them out for $399 on Amazon.   Runner-up: Bang & Olufsen H9i Oh God they’re so pretty. But here’s the thing about B&O. I just don’t love the sound. At least in my experience, he H9’s tended to emphasize highs, which felt really exhausting after prolonged listening. It’s definitely a personal preference, but it dampened my experience — particularly after using a pair of the PX’s. The other little nitpick I had about these was the touch controls on the right ear. They’re finicky ... and a little clumsy to navigate. The lack of physical buttons really tripped me up a few times when I wanted to navigate between songs. But that’s not to say that overall these aren’t fantastic headphones. Build quality is excellent, and I’ve yet to see a pair of headphones I prefer looking at. At $499 though, they pack a bit of a wallop to your wallet. Luckily B&O makes a slightly reduced pair of over-ear headphones in the H4’s, which happen to come in an array of fancy colors as well. (Coral!)  Check out the H9i’s for $499 on Amazon here. And the H4’s for $299 here.   Top Wireless Earbuds: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Ok, I gave B&W my top spot for my daily driver, but B&O takes the cake when it comes to buds. The E8’s sport huge sound for their tiny package, and look much, much sleeker than their white plastic competition over in Cupertino. More finicky touch controls aside, (I’m sensing a trend with B&O) there’s just no comparison to these in terms of sound and build quality. I also love the carrying/charging case they come with. It’s sturdy with a leather exterior, and an elastic strap for easy carrying when you don’t have pockets. They come in two colors, black, and sand, and sell for $249 on Amazon.  

Wake - A Private Space to Discuss Design Work

Wake - A Private Space to Discuss Design Work

One of the most important things during the design process is feedback. Collaborating with your team, designers, product managers and engineers is vital for a great execution. The process is certainly much easier said than done however. From the chaos, countless emails, presentations, printed boards, to you name it, a centralized service is long overdue and that's what Wake was created to streamline, "A private space to share and discuss design work with your team". What is Wake? Wake is an enterprise web, desktop and mobile platform that makes it super easy for designers to share work and collect feedback from their team. It was created by former Facebook product designer Chris Kalani and the Norwegian digital agency Bakken & Baeck. We built Wake because we couldn’t find anything that would allow us to quickly share visual work as a team. Our communication was fragmented across different apps and nothing allowed us to seamlessly capture our design process. Slack, email, IM, Flowdock, HipChat and Basecamp were great for text­based communication. But none of these tools were designed for the type of work we do. We needed something that would allow us to freely share ideas while keeping everyone in the loop. “Wake has filled the gap between formal design reviews at Medium in a collaborative and lightweight way. It has increased transparency, continuity, and communication during our design process. We love it.” — Dustin Senos, Head of Design at Medium Quick History The guys behind Wake started building their first prototype in January 2014 to solve the needs of Bakken & Baeck.The product was well received and quickly became an irreplaceable tool for the team. With the success of their own internal usage and the growing interest from external parties, they decided to spin Wake off into its own company. In August they announced a private beta and received nearly 2,000 invite requests within the first day. Since then, they’ve been working with about 70 companies, observing usage and iterating on their feedback. These companies include teams within Yahoo, Twitter, Cisco, Artsy, Medium, and BuzzFeed. Along with dozens of great startups and several large Scandinavian media companies. For more information visit

Cavalier: The Inaugural Collection

I've followed Taylor Pemberton's Cavalier project since it started as merely a concept brand back in 2010. The project was so well executed that after much high demand the brand was officially launched in February of 2011 with a full product line available permanently as the Cavalier Inaugural Collection: a perfect gift for the classy man in your life or, you. Though its conceptual roots reach back to 1953, 1959 and 1968, Cavalier was born in 2010 as the product of opportunity and a long-standing desire to revive the values of these touchstone years. The project's early form proposed the return of class and character, and our first product sketches took shape as a rugged yet sophisticated rendition of heroes past and present. You can check out the whole line here. Below is a look at their initial lookbook from two years ago that has this really great timeless americana mood.

Beautifully Designed Products from the MoMa Store

The MoMA Store. is a great place to find inspiration, there are a lot of beautiful designed products from famous designers such as Alesi, Ron Arad, Karim Rashid, Philippe Stark, Tibor Kalman, and many others. I have never had a chance to visit the store myself, I would love to go there and spend hours checking out the products. You can find MoMA Stores in New York and Tokio or do what I have been doing, visit the online MoMA Store. and get inspired. While technology has provided new materials and methods of production, the concept remains the same—thoughtfully designed products improve our everyday lives. Chat Plates Sky Umbrella Half-Pint Creamer With a charming design that evokes the half-pint milk carton, this molded clear-glass creamer puts a new spin on an everyday item. Paper Bag Tote The clever design of this reusable nylon tote bag is modeled after the Flat Bottomed Brown Paper Grocery Bag, part of MoMA's collection. Hug Salt And Pepper Shakers Rolling Salt and Pepper Shakers "Pass the salt" takes on a whole new meaning. Equipped with wheels, these salt and pepper shakers roll across the table with a gentle push. Sheet Music Paperweight Three-dimensional wit for the desktop and a delightful way to hold down papers. Legal Paper Paperweigh Desk Dots Desk Dots are a versatile and fun desk accessory that can be used as an organizer, picture holder, desk sculpture, business card holder, and even a stress reliever. These super powerful ceramic magnets easily hold papers in place. Outline Vase Yuko Tokuda A novel interpretation of the classic vase, this porcelain "outline" of the familiar shape creates an interesting floral display and gives the admirer a framed, new perspective. Pig Lamp Umbrella Lamp Banana Stopper This doorstop's bold design is ripe with functionality and humor. Arrow Wall Hook This cleverly designed arrow hook holds items on each side, and the top bends down to create a third hook. Paperclip Magnets The magnets in this set of six were modeled after the GEM Paperclip from MoMA's collection. They offer a charming way to attach pictures, notes, and more to any magnetic surface. James The Bookend Dozi Paperclip Holder Bookworm Shelf Crinkle Tissue Box Cover Zucch Sugar Pourer Made of double-walled glass, this stylish sugar dispenser has a wide hole in the top for pouring and a hole with a rubber stopper in the bottom for refilling. Tea Stick Infuser Easily fill this wand-shaped infuser with loose tea and swirl in a cup of hot water for a single serving of tea. Espresso Set Winner of a student design contest, this espresso set includes a bamboo tray with six inset bamboo saucers, six porcelain cups, and six stainless-steel spoons that rest across the cups. Loop Candelabra Crinkle Trivet Protect surfaces with this double-sided trivet made of 18/10 mirror-polished stainless steel. Marli Wire Basket PizzaKobra Lamp This exquisite object is a fascinating lamp with a fluid high-tech design that evokes a pizza when coiled and a cobra when extended upward.reely adjust the placement of light and the shape by bending the flexible coiled metal with hidden joints. ON/OFF Mug A seemingly simple black stoneware mug with "OFF" printed in white transforms when filled with coffee or tea, or any hot beverage. Within seconds the mug turns white with "ON" printed in black. I Am Not A Paper Cup An eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups, this double-walled porcelain version with a pliable silicone lid keeps beverages hot and doesn't burn your hand. Crumpled Cups Inspired by a crumpled plastic cup, this white porcelain version can be used for coffee, dessert, or condiments. Spherical Ice Tray Set This unique ice tray molds two 2"-diameter ice spheres, eye-catching alternatives to traditional ice cubes. Made of plastic. Wobble Cognac Glasses A beautiful combination of function and whimsy, the cognac glass was designed with bouquet, temperature, and volume in mind. Inside Out Champagne Glasses Happy Hour Glasses This elegant double-walled set of glasses keep hot and cold beverages at the ideal temperature. They are hand-blown and designed to serve martinis or appetizers and desserts on one side, and shots or cordials on the other. Olive Oil Pourer Point It You may be fluent in multiple languages but still sometimes find yourself "off the beaten path " and unable to communicate effectively. "Point It " is the solution, with images of 1200 items to which you can indicate for universal understanding. Apple Slicer Clocky is the alarm clock that can jump down from up to 3 feet and run away and hide if one does not get out of bed on time. After one snooze cycle, Clocky will roll and move around the room with randomly patterned alarm beeps. Large Perpetual Calendar This boldly original calendar is designed to be used year after year. Simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month. World Time Clock This barrel-shaped desk clock has 12 sides, each with the name of two major cities. Altogether, the 24 cities represent the 24 Global Time Zones. Clocky Alarm Clock Clocky is the alarm clock that can jump down from up to 3 feet and run away and hide if one does not get out of bed on time. After one snooze cycle, Clocky will roll and move around the room with randomly patterned alarm beeps.

82 Clever and Creative Fred & Friends Products

I'm sure you've come across Fred & Friend products before at your local indie store and might not have even known it. Last weekend I was cruising around town and stopped at an indie store only to find one whole corner of the place dedicated to Fred & Friend products. It was heavenly. I stood there for probably more than a half hour laughing and checking out all their cool stuff. A lot of creativity goes into the making of these products, and I think part of that cleverness is shown in the name of the product and the slogan. It's really a hoot flipping through their catalog and I often find myself posing the question: "How in heavens name did they think of that?". Check out this collection I compiled for you guys today and you'll probably find yourself asking the same question. Which one's your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! And you can also drop me a line on twitter or facebook! I'd love to hear from you! Enjoy :) Disclaimer: the images you're about to view may not be suitable for all audiences. Particularly adults without a sense of humor. HACKED!™ the OH! *#% flash drive TALK BUBBLE™ conversational paperclips TOASTED NOTES™ the hot buttered desk accessory! DELETE™ there’s no esc for flies! 500XL™ bigger, better, louder, cooler DUST BUNNY™ who says dusting can’t be fun? FOOT IN THE DOOR™ we ALL need a foot in the door STUCK UP™ rude, chewed refrigerator magnets FEET FIRST: MANHOLE MATS™ street style for your home FEET FIRST: FINISH LINE™ race you home FEET FIRST : YOU ARE HERE™ they really make an entrance ONE MAN SHY™ another bright idea from Mr. P M-CUPS™ matryoshkas made to measure MIX STIX™ keepin’ rythym in the kitchen BATTERFINGER™ a handy little spatula FRENCH TOAST™ It’s the toast of Paris PEACE of CAKE™ make cake, not war PIZZA BOSS 3000™ let’er rip! PAC-MAN® HOTHEAD™ still cool after all these years TWIGGY™ the basting brush that bristles with charm POT PUPPETS™ glovin’ for the oven EQUAL MEASURE™ kitchen measurements in a whole new light TWIST & SPOUT™ here is my handle, here is my spout SPOON REST™ cradle your ladle BUBBLE SCRUBBER™ it’s a scrub brush, it’s a bubble wand ABC* COOKIES™ *already been chewed FILL’ ER UP™ saving for a full tank COOKEYS™ fresh-baked key caps LUCHA KEYS™ stop wrestling with your keys «REW™ rewind your dangling cords, cables, and wires UNIKEYS™ mystical magical key caps ROBO KEYS™ back to the future key toppers HOW TIE™ instructions included SPECIAL TATTOOS™ the NEW, IMPROVED temporary tattoos EARLY BIRD™ wake up to the tweet sound of birdsong BUTTON TATTOOS™ got something to say? TO-DO TATTOO™ the perfect solution for your shoddy short-term memory LOADED!™ (It's a wallet!) it’s all about the benjamins LUCKEY™ the key to thirst SKELETON KEYS glow in the dark skullcaps for your keys CASSETTE™ (I have this!) mix it up with this retro carry-all INANIMATE™ add some character to your inanimate objects EAR RING™ (I love the Van Gogh irony, haha) it's a key ring REVENGE!™ 20 ways to calm down your noisy neighbors TINSEL TAPE™ make your boxes sparkle WOOFERANG™ a fetching toy PORT-A-PINT™ the anytime anywhere beer glass STONE COLD™ icy icons from Easter Island FINGERFOOD™ ultimate party multi-tasking ICE INVADERS™ a close encounter of the frozen kind PICK YOUR NOSE™ PARTY ANIMALS turn your nose into something WILD LIT™ happy doobie to you ROMAN CANDLES™ party like it’s MCMXCIX FOSSILICED™ ice for any age TIPSY TOES™ add a little kick to your cocktail GIN & TITONIC™ sink one in your drink CITRUS SIPPERS™ a refreshing straw and ice-cube combo PEEPSHOW™ get an eyeful BEER BANDS™ never lose your beer again FROZEN SMILES™ not your grandfather's ice tray HIGH FIVE LOW FIVE™ these cocktail stirrers are a perfect ten COOL JAZZ™ freeze, stir, and chill PARTY PEOPLE™ always ready for a gathering POUND™ wood you like a snack? SNAP-A-PARTY™ the do-it-yourself place setting TOOTH PIKS™ they stab, they spear, they scoop, they schmear PASTASAURUS™ Prehistoric pasta server SPLIT™ divide and pepper! TABLE SAW™ carve the cake, cross-cut the lettuce FOOD FACE™ make faces at the table AIRFORK ONE™ for perfect in-flight meals UNZIPPED™ fun by the bagful SPILT MILK™ the splish splash cereal bowl SNACK & STACK™ take along utensils BOOST™ need a lift? SMILE!™ there anything stuck in my teeth? S & P™ salt and playtime ZING!™ launch your lunch PICK A TOOTH™ a molar on a mission CLUMSY COASTERS™ oooooooooops! DINNERSAURS™ invite a dino to dinner OUCH!™ the voodoo doll toothpick holder

Sexy Keyboard Product Concept

This is an amazing concept that could revolutionize something as simple and ubiquitous as the keyboard. This keyboard works more like a touch screen than a keyboard, there are no actual keys. This means that it is not limited to standard keyboard set-up. It's more like an extra screen that happens to be touch-sensitive. It reminds me of the interfaces on the Enterprise in Star Trek The Next Generation. Here are just some of the ways I could think of using this keyboard: Imagine you are playing a game and the unnecessary keys disappear, leaving only the keys you'll need for the game. It would also rename those keys to better coincide with what they are used for. Not only that, it could serve as an additional screen where you can see all the heads-up display options without having to change the main view. I'm sure the gaming industry would be the first to take full advantage of this. Part of the keyboard disappears and becomes a tablet for designers. No more pop-up menus blocking your work. As you can see from the picture below the keyboard can change to a swatch without having to cover your screen. No more having to exactly memorize keyboard shortcuts. When you load up Photoshop (or whatever program you use) the keys change and actually tell you their function instead having to memorize the list. This keyboard concept was designed by Art. Lebedev Studio. via designboom

A new mouse design that's pretty far out there

Everyone uses a mouse, and most of you have probably heard of carpal tunnel syndrome. I never really worry about it but it does linger around the back of my mind. I even know some people who have been afflicted by it. There are different things you can do to avoid getting it, using a more ergonomic mouse in one solution, OR you can use this mouse that looks like it was designed for an alien hand. It looks kinda of interesting and I'm totally willing to try. I know that after a few hours on photoshop my wrist can get tired. I probably should invest in a Pen tablet soon. Read more about it, and see more pictures, here: DVICE