Demystify Famous Brand Fonts with FontInLogo

I love the internet. Our lives are better because of it. I know, there are still a lot of by-products of social media and stuff like that. But from the business point of view, or design, it’s crazy to think how much it has improved. Look at this new product that was suggest to us by Nuhi Ademaj ( called It simply tells you the fonts used by famous brands in their logos. I know, it sounds trivial, but it’s just awesome. Literally, back in school, I would spend days trying to figure out the font of a logo. 

Square Off bringing together the Physical and Digital Worlds

Square Off, the team that introduced the world to its range of smart chessboards, has further enhanced the experience of playing chess by introducing a video calling feature. Perhaps now it's finally the time for me to learn how to play chess. Anyone wants to play with me?

Introducing Wacom One

Yesterday at CES, Wacom announced the Wacom One, an economical new creative pen display.  The new Wacom One gives creative beginners, social content creators, budding photographers and visual thinkers a new pen display platform to create with. The product also provides an affordable and attractive option for entry-level tablet shoppers who would like to work directly on screen. 

Our Picks: Headphones

Whether it’s on public transport, at the office, or kicking back for a round of Fortnite at home, there’s a pretty good chance I’m wearing headphones. And as someone who wears glasses, finding the right mix of comfort, style and sound can be a bit of a hurdle. Luckily, here at ABDZ, we get to test out quite a few gadgets. And out of all of them, there are a few headphones that stood out. Here’s my list of the best headphones to get you through your day, workout, flight, or family dinner.  

Wake - A Private Space to Discuss Design Work

One of the most important things during the design process is feedback. Collaborating with your team, designers, product managers and engineers is vital for a great execution. The process is certainly much easier said than done however.

Sexy Keyboard Product Concept

This is an amazing concept that could revolutionize something as simple and ubiquitous as the keyboard. This keyboard works more like a touch screen than a keyboard, there are no actual keys. This means that it is not limited to standard keyboard set-up. It's more like an extra screen that happens to be touch-sensitive. It reminds me of the interfaces on the Enterprise in Star Trek The Next Generation. Here are just some of the ways I could think of using this keyboard:

A new mouse design that's pretty far out there

Everyone uses a mouse, and most of you have probably heard of carpal tunnel syndrome. I never really worry about it but it does linger around the back of my mind. I even know some people who have been afflicted by it. There are different things you can do to avoid getting it, using a more ergonomic mouse in one solution, OR you can use this mouse that looks like it was designed for an alien hand.

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