Demystify Famous Brand Fonts with FontInLogo

I love the internet. Our lives are better because of it. I know, there are still a lot of by-products of social media and stuff like that. But from the business point of view, or design, it’s crazy to think how much it has improved. Look at this new product that was suggest to us by Nuhi Ademaj ( called It simply tells you the fonts used by famous brands in their logos. I know, it sounds trivial, but it’s just awesome. Literally, back in school, I would spend days trying to figure out the font of a logo. 

Product description

The idea of FontInLogo came up from our dealing team lecturing about the importance of well-known fonts. We started collecting data and ended up with a platform that lets you search brands and find out what font they are using. Fun right? 

Let's face it, we've all been there searching for the right font and having no idea where to start. Let me introduce our lovely product FontInLogo, a web platform that helps creators search for font details in well-known Brands.

Since we are trying to offer a solution for the community of mindblowing creators, we tried to make the design good looking and not an eyesore ?

We focused on providing an easy way to search and find fonts you can use in your project. Ow and also included a blog, a humble one. Our designers will give more elaborate thought on brought topics so make sure to dive in.

They are trying to help the community, but they also need the community help as well. You can help by submitting a brand with its font details or just simply asking for any missing brand, they'll do our best to add it.

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