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Industrial Design: L-Rod Monitor for your Laptop

Being on-the-go is something we all strive for and being able to be mobile for all occasions is an addition as well. Imagine having a portable screen? We are taking a look at industrial design of a monitor concept named: L-Rod. Coming with a minimal bezel and a curved display, this concept is aiming with a single USB-C cable to both be used as power and image data. It’s an interesting approach for an external screen, what do you think?

Product Design: Anicorn Hidden Time Watch

I think most of us shared our love for gradients. As a designer, I do! What if it shares the time through a gradient on a beautiful watch?! This is the product design we are sharing today named: the Hidden Time Watch. It’s a play on the colour contrast of the gradient to tell the time, it’s quite a genuine concept. It almost feel like an optical illusion and I think it’s such a cool factor.

Product Design: The Grid Game

We would like to share this product design by Estudio Victor Alemán about a simple but fun game for your events and parties. In line with yesterday’s article going too digital, it’s nice to put our smart devices on the side and just have fun. As it’s mentioned, let’s bring back the ritual of board games. The starter edition starts with 50 tiles and can be played with 5 players. You should definitely check out their Kickstarter Project.

Product Design and UI/UX: iPhone 8 Concept

It’s that time of the year where a lot of tech blog/news would share their rumours about the next iPhone. With the fact that Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, most of us are kind of eager what they will come up with. Bezels? Tiny bezels or none? Let’s take all the features aside, let’s take a look at this product design by Moe Slah’s iPhone Concept and what was his direction for the UI/UX. I really enjoyed his refined design with an updated iOS 10 UI and think it will be greatly received by everyone.

Product Design: Kontrol Editing Tablet

We’ve seen tools like the Wacom and even the Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro to somehow increase our productivity and workflow. They both have their pros and cons but I would an issue I had with the Wacom for example was its size especially when you think of working on-the-go or in a coffee shop. How about we rethink it a little. Let’s take a look at this editing tablet product design concept named: Kontrol by Jonny Tran. With a minimal approach, I can’t help to enjoy the idea of having your tablet separated in different components. It’s quite neat!

Product Design: Whym - Seamless Instant Interpretation App

Whym - Seamless Instant Interpretation App is a product design project shared by the Netguru Team on their Behance profile. As the name suggest the idea is simple, you have an app that provided you access to a live interpreter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simple ideas tend to be the most difficult to execute well but, visually at least (I have not had time to download and play with it yet) it looks quite beautiful.

Industrial Design: Nintendo Switch VR Concept

Recently, we witness the launch of Nintendo’s latest with their new console named: Switch. With the trend about VR, what if Nintendo took the turn into this technology? What it will look like? Will it stand against the competition? Well, Antoine Beynel took a stab at a industrial design concept and let’s give it a look. Inspired by the Nintendo Switch, we can see how this could actually work with what will be on the market soon. What do you think?

Product Design Process: MINUS-8 Watches

MINUS-8 is a industrial design and product design project share by Brett Lovelady on his Behance profile. There are so many things to love about this project and the fact it's from 2 years ago is even more interesting for me. The watch brand was created by Astro Studios designed to express the things that make the West Coast so special: Free thought, pure form, and always living on the leading edge of America. The outcome is a truly beautiful watch with a mix of style and function well balanced out.

Industrial Design: Noordung Electric Bike

Let’s share this minimal and yet packed of features industrial design of an electric bike named: Noordung. Originally coming from Slovenia, there will be only a few of these made. With features with of course being electric, it could be also be used as a speaker for your music, lightest urban bike, charge your devices and ride your commute with an eco-friendly mindset. It almost looks like a motorcycle but it isn’t, thanks for the forwarding gorgeous design.

Product Design - Replay UI/UX

Replay is a product design project created and shared by Gruev Vladimir. In a nutshell it's a concept project for a music app, as Gruev said, inspired by Spotify, VK, Apple Music and Discogs. There are quite a few interesting ideas and visually you can see clearly the influence of Apple's visual language, especially the shadows and the player screen. That said, it looks a solid exercise where he went all the way designing for desktop and mobile as well as thinking about beyond product design but also branding.

Product Design: House Automation Gadgets

We started Abduzeedo with the mission of sharing everything that inspires us. We focus heavily on digital design but more and more we try to feature product design. When I say product design I am trying to say, real physical products. Perhaps the best term should be industrial design. We are also reviewing more products/gadgets. With that in mind we will start sharing some of the devices that are in our wishlists or that we have already gotten. For this post I will share some simple, yet awesome, products that can give remote control of your house. 

Product Design: Portable Wireless Keyboard by Orée Artisans

We would like to share this cool product design made by Orée Artisans, what they built is a range of lasting technology like accessories for your everyday life crafted by a solid piece of premium wood. We are featuring their portable wireless keyboard called Board 2 that is crated to last and in goal to enjoy your natural touch. Orée Artisans  is a workshop that makes handcrafted tools that will last and inspire your everyday life. Based in the Southern of France, using only the finest materials and solid premium wood.

Product Design: Nomad Trackable Powerpack

We are sharing this cool and yet useful Powerpack called Nomad where there’s one feature that could change it all or not but it’s quite awesome to share. You’ll be able to find it anywhere through your phone. You will say that how you can lose a powerpack? Well I did during my travel to Berlin last year, it’s quite a useful tool to have in your gear especially when you wanna go out all day without resting for recharging battery. We are sharing this product design by the mighty folks from STEL. It’s cool to see designers takes things that we take for granted and push the envelope.

Product Design: Fitbit Charge 2 by Dan Clifton

We would like to share this beautiful product design called: Fitbit Charge 2 that we’ll be reviewing on Abduzeedo and that will be online soon. For now, let’s take a closer look at the work of Dan Clifton and his design for the Fitbit Charge 2. I would like to mention that this product is gorgeous by its looks and it’s quite comfortable to wear. From the little dots from the bracelet and how easy it is to change your band. It’s quite a product and hope you will enjoy it too.

Industrial Design: Connected Air Purifier

Connected is a product design and industrial design project shared by N U Y N  on Behance. The product is an air purifier. The problem they are trying to solve is simple, most people close their windows and use air purification devices when fine dust density are serious. However, experts suggests to open the window for a while to ventilate the air indoor. Despite the suggestion, people still tend to shut their windows to prevent the air from coming.

Product Design: DIY Paper Polygon Art by VIU

With the new year at the door, comes the time for resolutions and ideas for what's ahead. For example, we were planning some renovations in the apartment and my partner stumbled across this really beautiful set of DIY paper polygon art for a room concept. After a little research, I've found the brand behind this product. It’s great to know that it’s a team of creatives behind this product design, can’t wait to order mine.

Product Design Concept: Sketch iPad

Sketch iPad is a product design concept created an shared by Andrii Bondar on his Behance page. When I saw the post for a moment I thought it was real but then checking it was clear it was an exercise. That said, I still dream on seeing a tool like Sketch being ported to a tablet. Many times I tried to switch from a laptop to a tablet, however there’s no tools that would allow me to do my work. This concept highlights some good things but awesome some of the biggest challenges, in my opinion, the tap targets that the finger requires for accuracy.

Product Design: World Surf League Apple TV

World Surf League Apple TV app is a product design concept created and shared by Luis Vaz. If you are a fan of professional surf, like me, you watch all the events of the season via the WSL (World Surf League) app and cast to a TV. It would be wonderful having a proper TV app that could take advantage of the medium to provide a immersive experience. Luis did that with his concept project. Despite the theme being a bit too dark I love the elegant typography and the useful way he display the content.

Nintendo Legends Concept - Industrial Design

With the one of the hardest gifts to find in the market right now, we’ve been thrown back to the past with the NES Classic Edition. This little device is now adapted with our currently technology, we get to relive our early gaming experience. We would like to share this concept from Spencer Davis and Scott Schenone who had another concept in mind and it’s far more interesting than what’s actually on the market.

Reinventing the Rice Cooker - Industrial Design

Somehow with time, I began to be more and more fascinated with Industrial Design and Product Design. Taking something that we use everyday, rip it apart to discover what can be improved and create something entirely new and innovative are part of an accomplishment. For example, there is many kitchen hardware available, it’s not because you’ve been using tool for X amount of time would mean that is the best way to do it.

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