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Propagit - Propaganda and Agitation Posters

The Department of Propaganda and Agitation (propagit) develops posters for the education of the proletarian mass and the bureaucrats, seeking the accomplishment of the brilliant Soviet way of life! Let go of capitalism, click and may you be as well illuminated by the generous red star! This project is created by Egon Zakuska - born in 1980, and resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Working as a designer and illustrator, Zakuska is fan of constructivist poster artist from the Soviet Union, specially Alexander Rodchenko. When Studying sociology, he faced "Marxists fanatics devotees of Lenin and Trotsky". He decided to spread the "idea" through their art as seen in Propagit, which is nothing but a play on the Soviet Agitprop, the department for agitation and propaganda responsible for dissemination of the ideology, from where came the many artists he's fan of. Propagit is a tribute to them, a satire, and is also a tribute to the "Marxists fanatics devotees of Lenin and Trotsky", who he came into contact and often satirizes. As the sociologist Bob Black says; "The revolution is only possible through comedy".

Great Vintage Advertising and Propaganda

Since we're having some cool posts on modern vintage, I thought "why not real vintage"? Vintage ads and propaganda are a true inspiration for every designer, on how they used to set typography, and many other elements through the canvas. So here's some great examples of vintage adversiting and propaganda. Mainly from the beggining of the last century, these are still really fresh. And for me, what's the most incredible, is the fact that these have been really inspiring people almost 100 years later. That's the power of good design: it is timeless. I hope you enjoy these, and if you got any piece inspired in vintage advertising and propaganda, drop the link in the comments section. Cheers! ;)