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Step-by-step Pieces by Christophe Heut

Nowadays some may say Photoshop i really overrated, since everyone knows a bit about it and there's a lot of tutorials on the web explaining how to use this tool. Well, I would say there's a ton of guys using it nowadays, however only a few really can make perfect retouchings and montages as Christophe Heut. This guy is really out of this world, you probably have already seen a lot of his manipulation thru the web, since he worked with many big clients and famous campaigns. In his Website I found this making ofs of some pieces that he did and after seeing this I kind find I really can do more with less on photoshop. Don't forget to visit Christophe website, he got some pretty wicked works. Parking Art Playstation (Morpheus Character) Nissan Surfrider Foundation DDB Monogram

Professional Photographic Retouching Tutorial (40Mins, Start-To-Finish)

This is the second tutorial in a series on photographic retouching. The first part was all about evening skin tonal values and removing blemishes. In this part I will take you through everything else. So, as a result it's a long video (40 Mins). Originally written for .In this tutorial I will complete a professional photographic retouching from start to finish. Before watching please note that there is a lot of information in this video to absorb, so watch and re-watch areas that you find more advanced. This is a 40 minute video, I'd recommend pausing it at regular intervals before continuing so that you fully understand all the processes. Some of the areas covered in this video are: If you do not have time right now to watch the 40 minute tutorial, I'd suggest you watch this video, it goes through what we will be doing in a summarised version as I am aware the lenght of the video is quite long. – Colour Correction – Reshaping Features (Figure, Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, etc) – Adjusting tonal values – Grading the image – Simulating a Realistic Depth of Field Simulation – Selective Enhancement of areas There are a lot of sub-techniques and sub-processes that go into each of the above, so if you've got a question leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer. Ok, I have included two versions here, both are the same video except the second one is higher res, suitable for fullscreen. Standard Res. Images of the final piece Application Used: Photoshop CS3 Thanks for watching guys, I hope it was helpful and insightful. As always if you've got any questions ask, I'll do my bet to answer. Just one other thing, if you enjoyed this could you check out my new Blog, you can access it by clicking that link or the banner under the "About the author" text below. It's a new blog so we're just starting but I am serious about it and I'd like you guys to be there with from from the start. Youssef Sarhan, Share the knowledge. (Originally posted on WHITENK Blog)

A Perfect Truth: Reverse Photshop Processing + Video Tutorials?

There are many touch-up videos on youtube, but not so many in depth tutorials. I've been getting a lot of requests, suggestions and questions so I've been thinking. Perhaps it's about time I do some tutorials. Now with youtube's better quality, it's possible to upload high-quality/high-def widescreen videos. This would work great for tutorials videos. Drop me a comment, if you'd like to see some tutorials or even have some tutorial suggestions let me know. I'd be happy to start them. This is my most recent video, it's a reverse process of photographic touchup. Perhaps going against the grain of my other videos. I have reversed the process, I feel this clearly shows a person for how the really appear. Stripping back all the work to reveal the face as it was, as it is. YoussefS Youtube Channel More videos to follow soon. I hope this gives an slight insight into the stages photos are taken through to create a 'sellable' face. Let me know what you think, and if you'd like tutorials. Check out some of the related content below for more cool stuff.

Bored at home with Photoshop

Well it's been almost 7 months since I posted my last video on here and I have learned a lot of great techniques since then. The "A perfect lie in Adobe Photoshop" was a great start; however, I have learned that the techniques that I had used before may not actually be the proper way. Over the past 7 months I've learned a number of different methods and have experimented countless times. On numerous occasions I had to stop and take a step back and just remember the basics. I learned some pretty cool effects and I think this one is one of my favorites. So without further ado: And here is the final image:

A Perfect Lie in Photoshop

Hi my name is Cameron Rad. I am 17 years old and am an aspiring graphic designer from Los Angeles, California. I have been using photoshop for almost 2 years now and thought i should take it upon myself to try something new. I have always been fascinated by how models and actresses appear to have that glowing, flawless look. So over a period of 3 months I worked night and day to take this photo: And turn it into something amazing. I went through about 40 different makeover techniques, until i found what i thought was the best balance for this photo. By combining 2 very common techniques, i think i have found a good "flawless" skin method. So without further adieu: Video: