Reimagining a future through Sci-Fi inspired by Digital Art

Fabio Araujo has been tagging us via our Instagram and we have discovered his work. He has been sharing a project titled: Sci-Fi Emarat which is his take on reimagining a future by using his creativity, iPhone photography and Adobe Photoshop. There are imaginative pieces of the Etihad Towers, Museum of the Future, Airport Road; all places photographed from his home in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Which one is your favorite?

Clever Advertising for the McDonald’s Golden Arches

Cream Electric Art is a production studio based in Sydney, Australia; they have published a clever advertising project for McDonalds. Deeply focusing on their iconic logo for which represents the infamous 'Golden Arches', a representation that went on the big screen for the The Founder movie. I just appreciate how insightful Cream Electric Art studio took little moments from our daily life and simply placed the golden arches.

Digital Art & Retouching: Raw Series by Cristian Girotto

Let's take a look at this series where digital art and retouching goes mixing together for a wonderful result. Some might find it a little offensive but the series title makes it quite clear what is it about. Aside from the beautiful composition, lighting, colours and the subject itself. I just love how the project description is short and limited so it leaves the full judgment to ourselves. What do you think?

Color Grading Works with Maria Carretero

Color Grading is a subject that we rarely featured on Abduzeedo, it's a process of post-production that involves altering and enhancing the colour for a motion picture, video image or still image. For the occasion, we would happily share the work from Maria Carretero. With a background in paintings, installations, and sculptures; she decided to go into an industry gender and diversity issues where she's been now working for the last 15 years and also becoming a role model for the next generation. Give it a look!

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