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76 Synthesizer App on iPad by Jonas Eriksson

76 Synthesizer App on iPad by Jonas Eriksson

Jonas Eriksson is a Interactive Designer from Sweden that we've previously featured on the blog for his virtual analog apps for the iPad. Now, we're featuring the 76 Synthesizer inspired by synthesizers from the 70's combining playability with style. Previous Feature: UI Design: The Drum Machine App for iPad I like to create stuff, from the beginning to the end. That’s all there is to know. For more information about Jonas Eriksson and his works, you can visit this website at also follow him on Twitter @imjonas. All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson All Rights to Jonas Eriksson

Fox Retro Collection Design

Fox Retro Collection Design

Who doesn't love some Retro Design? Santiago Wardak is a designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina and designed this amazing Retro Collections of CDs from Fox. Take a look at this awesome project and get that retro inspiration your day deserves. Enjoy! For more from Santiago Wardak visit

Introducing The Extraordinary Jason Edmiston

Jason Edmiston is a illustrator since 1996, having already created work for fine arts, advertising, editorial, packaging and book publishing clients all around the globe. What impresses me most is the fact he's a traditional artist, most of his artworks are paintings in acrylic on watercolour paper or wood panel, techniques that can be really time consuming, but also give great results. Also he got a really good sense of humor, mixing references in order to create new ideas. You can see more artworks from Jason at his Official Website or at his Devianart Gallery. Famous Monsters Lord Voldemort Slimed The Fly The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Revolver 100 Monster Mash final Diemonds: The Bad Pack King Kong Blogs final Zombie Prom Hibernation Harley Quinn at the Carnival Cobra wants you Monsters of Rock: Tommy Monsters of Rock: Joey Monsters of Rock: Dee Monsters of Rock: Billy Monsters of Rock: Axl Monsters of Rock: Angus

The Visceral Illustrations of James Patradoon

It's quite hard to brief in just one paragraph what I think about James Patradoon and his artworks. Having a background on traditional illustrations, James have developed a range of work that goes from happy neon to dark obscure ideas. His artworks are beautiful and powerful on terms of meaning at same time. You can see more artworks from James at his Official Website, he also got a really interesting Blog that you should check too.

Retro Collage Inspiration

I love to see some old collages with a retro style, without any use of computer. Muharrem Çetin is an excelente artist and his work has that retro feeling with a good mix of photo and type collage making some really cool compositions. Enjoy! For more from Muharrem Çetin visit

Hipster Branding Collection

Every 5 years the design community get into a main trend, we had 80's comeback on the earlies 2000's and now we seem to be into a retro wave with the Instagram boom and all this things. I mean, that's really interesting, how the aesthetic can be retrofitted to every era and still maintain the original meaning, that what brand design is all about. You can see more samples of this funny experiment on their Tumblr.

Retro Futuristic Illustrations by Giampaolo Miraglia

Giampaolo Miraglia is a designer from Rome, Italy. His work is an amazing mix of Cinema 4D, Photoshop Cs4, Poser, Illustrator Cs4, Realflow, and a lot of creativity. The result is pure awesomeness in a Retro Futuristic flavor. Enjoy! For more from Giampaolo Miraglia visit HYPER SPORTS No Man's Land OLYMPIC GAMES 2012

Comic Book Artist: Shane Glines

Despite the fact that Shane have already worked with DC comics and other big companies like Cartoon Network, he's nowadays a Illustrator more than a comic book artist. But it's undeniable the influence he had on his character design, having a unforgettable trace that mixes 50's comic book art, pin ups and minimalism. Shane doesn't have a website at the moment, but you can see more of his work on Cartoon Retro.

Super Cute illustrations by Skinny Andy

What can I say about Skinny Andy Illustrations? Well, they're probably one of the most sugar candy cute illustrations ever. Never saw someone with this ability of turning pretty much anything on extreme cuteness, just take a look You can see more of this cuteness at his Flickr gallery

Retro Illustrations from Russia

Iv Orlov is an illustrator from Murmansk, Russia and his work is absolutely amazing. A mix of retro with a strong use of colors and patterns blending everything together and twisting the mind of the viewer by creating different shapes using the white space. It's like each piece never ends. Check it out!

Beautiful Editorial Illustrations by Luciano Lozano aka. Ilustrista

Luciano Lozano it's a self-taught illustrator based on Barcelona, Spain working mainly with magazines and books. He got a quite distinctive style, since we cannot simply label it as retro as sometimes he works with traditional methods getting some really fresh results. You can know more about Luciano at his Website.

Vintage Christmas Ads

Christmas time is a great opportunity to find time and enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Every time, there's Christmas, there's just ads everywhere we look. It got me inspired to look and share this collection of vintage Christmas ads, what really stroked me is the ads were so simple and yet so informative. Also it's also great to see the needs of people really differ from our present time. Christmas gift suggestions: to your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect. - Oren Arnold You can find more vintage Christmas ads by visiting this Flickr.

Retro Movie Poster Case Study

Streets of Fear is the name of the movie poster and it was designed by the German; Ralf Krause a specialist in photo illustration. In this Case Study you will see step by step how this awesome retro action movie poster was done and get a feeling of how you can do yours. For more from Ralf Krause visit and Case Study Final Result

Retro Horror Movie Posters

It's Halloween! We all have our ways of celebrating this holiday, some of us will do some trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, playing pranks, telling scary stories or like me watch some old horror movies. This is a showcase of retro horror posters of famous and not-so famous movies from the mid 30s until the late 80s. They are mostly illustrated but in my opinion are the most successful of expressing the emotions and triggering your imagination of fear. For more information on the movie posters, simply click on the image and you'll be redirected to IMDB Site (Internet Movie Database). Michael Jackson's Thriller Video Clip

Retro Futuristic Illustrations by Hypnosky

Fill Ryabchikov aka Hypnosky is a young self-taught graphic design from Russia with an amazing retro futuristic style. His work has a lot of light effects and a strong retro feel to it along with some features from the future. Enjoy! For more from Hypnosky visit

Create a Zee Vintage Label on Illustrator

It seems that the past 3 years had a boom of retro design, starting with the "cosmic neon lightning" 80's aesthetic that I think most of you are already bored about. Not just because it became a trend, but also because everyone with a photoshop could emulate one. So here's the thing, this new retro wave more focused on 50's and 60's design and illustration seems to be really different, why? Because most of it is hand drawn, and when it to comes to drawing, you wouldn't believe how many designers can't do it. Let's assume, the last 20 years were pretty revolutionary to design since the computer took a big role on productivity and creation. But he also created patterns and made things more similar, some designers can't even work "old school", since they rely too much on the computer and that's not good. Drawing is a really personal rechnique, you will ever found two persons who will drawn a flower the same way, even with they pratice it. I think that's a thing this trend is rescuing. But, before someone asks, today's tutorial it's not about drawing, it's more about emulating, but sure you should thing about this subject. Step 1 First of all, let's open Adobe Illustrator and create a new canvas with 21 x 21 cm (8,27 x 8,27 inches). You probably already know I'm addicted to guides, they're quite useful to get layout orientation, but not exactly a need to. But If you want to use some, just unhide them (command + R/ ctrl +R) and pull from each axys to the position desired. You should divide your layer like these, use command + L / ctrl + L to create new layers. Using the rectangle tool (M) make this big square that fits over the canvas. Make a rectangle inside, using the previous tool. And another black one inside the white one. You can use the pathfinder option called Minusfront here, but it's not really necessary. Step 2 Make this thin rectangles around the borders, use the align tool to help you out. Then go to the pathfinder panel and choose the option called Minus Front. Uisng the ellipse tool (L) make a circle with the center exactly on the edge of the black square. If you're using guides this will be way easier to posicionate. Again, using the Minus Front option, get ride of this part on the square. Repeat the same procedure on the other corners. Using the ellips tool (L)let's make this circles filling the space the orther one took. Select the cirlce and the frame, then go to the pathfinder panel and choose the option called DIvide. You're going to get this: Just repeat the same proceure on the other corners. Step 3 You probably already kno the hard gradient trick (aka. hachures), he can be really handy when trying to create a stylish frame. Using the polygon tool create a triangle. Then resize it using the selection tool (V) to make it thiner. Tunr it black and make a group of at least three triangles that fit the white rectangles space on the frame. Copy and paste on the other spaces. This is a new trick a learn recently: create a square using the rectangle tool (M), then use the pucker tool on it, just set all the options to be lesse heavier. You should get these flower shape: Place it on the corner, then create another one inside of it with a white fill. Also add a circle inside of the last one. Let's make a circle using the ellipse tool (L), then another one but in the corner. Also make some leaf shapes using the pen tool (P). Copy and paste all this shapes on the other corners. Step 4 Let's make the type, you can get this font here. First make a circle using the ellipse tool (L), then use the type on path tool, you can find it on the text type menu, it' pretty easy to use. I just wrote "Design and Web Development", then press command + O / ctrl + O to turn the type into curves. I just copied the previous flower ornament and changed the colors to give contrast. Paste one on each extremity of the type. Let make a circle using a white fill and a black stroke on it. Access the stroke panel and choose to use a stroke inside the path, also add 7,53pt dashed line on it. Using a black fill, I wrote "by" using the same type. I dig a lot those old icons used on books and ad's with a more simplified shapes. So, as a way to symbolize the Design and Web development, I decided to use a brush and a eye. Let's start by the eye, make two circles, one with a fill other with just a stroke. More two circles inside of the white one. Make this dashes around the iris using the pen tool (P). Let's make a brush, first draw this pieces using the pen tool (P). Using the previous tool, let's add this reflexes. Now duplicate all the shapes and just right-click on it, go to Transform > Reflect, turn the Vertical Axis. Step 5 You can grab Snake Oil Font at Legacy of Defeat, I must say I'm addicted to this font. First you should write "ZEE", then curve it before anything command + O / ctrl + O. Make a lot of thin rectangles using the rectangle tool (M), then use the align tools to keep an order on them. Doube-click on the letter of the type (not the shadow areas) and duplicate it. Make a clipping mask all over the rectangles using the letter shape (command + 7 / ctrl + 7), repeat this procedure on other letters. Also added a simple detail using the pen tool (P). Step 6 Let's a make a trapezium using the rectangle tool (M), then adjust it using the direct selection tool (A). Duplicate it and sue the option called Unite. I made tis folds on the ribbon by simply using the pen tool (P) and space between the shapes. Add some of the hacures used previously. Just don't forget to add a clipping mask on them and using the direct selection tool (A) leave a space between it and the original shape. You probably already familiar with the blend tool. In order to get a hard gradient using it, you just need to make two rectangles, one large and one thin. Then click on the tool icon and a panel will pop up, set spacing as Specified Steps and use just 5. Grab the result and place it on the ribbon letting, duplicate it and reflect it. Then finally add a clipping mask over it. OLd trick: Write Est. 2004 using this font. Then write agian over using a black fill, just to make a hard shadow. Step 7 We need to add some grain in order to give that used look. We will need a little help from Photoshop so. Open it and make a squared canvas, place the whole art as a Smart Object. Get this book texture here, using the magic wand (W), select the texture of it randomly. Back to the Smart Object layer, use this selection and create a mask, if necessary use invert the selection (command + I/ ctrl + I). Conclusion Trying to simulate vintage design is more about rethinking how people would create such graphics in a era without computers and, of course, lots of references. Most of the things done on the 50's and 60's were hand made, even If they look really sharp and clean, the methods and techniques were pretty basic. So part of trying to reach this aesthetic is to going back to what i call fundamental: drawing technique. If you don't know how to draw what you do on the computer, you should definitely worry about, because a good designer can't rely only on a tool. That's it. thanks for you time, hope you enjoyed it. Download the Illustrator File Click here to download the Illustrator file used for this tutorial. Download the Photoshop File Click here to download the Illustrator file used for this tutorial.

Retro Mag Covers by OMNI Magazine

The world of Science of Fiction is a universe that will never cease to inspire and feed my creativity. Let me share with you guys this retro collection of magazine covers, from the 1980s to the mid 1990s, of the science and science fiction magazine named OMNI. OMNI was launched by Kathy Keeton, long-time companion and later wife of Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione, who described the magazine in its first issue as "an original if not controversial mixture of science fact, fiction, fantasy and the paranormal". OMNI (Magazine) on Wikipedia For more information about the OMNI magazine, you can visit their website at