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Awesome Retrography Inspiration

It seems like everyone is throwing back to the 80s these days doesn't it? I keep running into designs that pop with outrageous colors, geometric shapes and amazing typography. It seems every generation lives through a previous one in some way or another. Those that didn't grow up in the 70s and 80s (myself having been born in 1987) certainly are living vicariously through modernized (and sometimes not) retro graphics and colors. I'll be posting tons of cool retro style designs, typographies, photos and possibly artist interviews! Enjoy :) Cruising on Behance a few days ago I came across some cool Retro Futuristic designs. This stuff is amazing. You can easily see the 80s video game inspiration! The fusion of futuristic and retro themes is really unique. Forget about that awesome poster you had in '85? We found it! If you have any retro designs that you'd like to share with Retrography please send them with your username to Typography Who doesn't love a good retro typographic? The 70s and 80s were filled with some of the coolest and most amazing examples of great typography! Here are some awesome 80s inspired typographics by various artists for you to drool over! About Author I'm Alec Schmidt - a graphic designer from the US. I have an obsession with type, color and creativity. I hope to share tons of cool stuff with you here at Abduzeedo! You can also find me on Twitter:@Anepic .