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Road Trip, Mendocino

Mendocino, California, a small, new england-esque coastal town founded in 1850 as a logging community in Mendocino County on the rocky, northern coast of California is a magical, charming spot that I highly recommend putting on anyone's list for their next Northern California road trip. The town's name comes from Cape Mendocino, named by early Spanish navigators in honor of Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain. Despite its small size, the town's location on a headland surrounded by the Pacific Ocean has made it extremely popular with artists and vacationers alike. Not to mention, Mendocino has been the backdrop for many movies past and present among them, Rebel Without A Cause, Overboard, and Karate Kid II just to name a few. And in an interesting twist that involves the Portuguese, fisherman from the Azores (same settlers of Porte Alegre, Brazil) also settled in the area and their influence is still present today. I hope you enjoy some scenes shot from my own camera and pulled from 500px that inspired me from this past weekend's jaunt up the coast to the charming little village that is Mendocino, CA.... Ah, Mendocino Some pictures we took in our road trip