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Roboco Classic vs Modern

Robocop Classic vs Modern

Robocop is one of the most iconic movies from the 80s. I remember watching it so many times and I also remember the scene where Murphy gets shot, it was probably the most violent scene I had seen in my whole life. Robocop became a classic and last friday the remake was launched and with it a lot of changes especially in terms of the design of Robocop. Marco Hernandez and Dan Mora put together some really cool infographics illustrating the differences between the classic and the modern.Marco Hernandez and Dan Mora are designer and illustrators from San José, Costa Rica Via Behance

Robocop Redesign Illustrations

Robocop Redesign Illustrations

Robocop was definitely one of my favorite movies growing up. Being such an ultra-violent movie, I was pretty stunned by the story of a dead man coming back to life as a machine, and it seems the idea is being freshened up with the release of Robocop's reboot by José Padilha. One of the main things that got fans mad is the fact that Robocop's classic design has been changed for a black one, but it seems that during the movie we'll actually see homages to the classic body. Although people are still pissed about it, it's clear that some fans would rather have their Robocop redesigns in the movie, and man, they should. I've picked some pretty cool examples of fan-made redesigns for the Robocop body. Some of these are pretty fantastic, some trying to maintain the classic look, others going outside the box and doing something completely different from source material. Pretty solid effort here. For more of the work of these talented artists, check out their portfolio simply by clicking each picture. Also, tell us which one is your favorite. Cheers! ;) Thomas Wievegg Josephine Ash The Phantom Lim Yanni Davros Lee The Phantom Lim Mark Henry Bustamante Carlitos Salazar Edward Jason Alexandre Morsilla Jason JasonKang Dante Corvus Gerald Parel Alexandre Morsilla