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Interview with Brain Mash

Interview with Brain Mash

Today we interview the minds behind the art design studio Brain Mash. Directly from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, Brain Mash is a multimedia community that makes awesome interior and exterior mural projects usign their abilities from graffiti and graphic design background. You can se more from Brainmash studio on the following links: Behance Website Facebook Instagram 1) First of all I would like to thank you for doing this interview, it's an honor for us to present more about you to our readers. I would like to start asking you about when your interest for mural art and street art started? My interest to mural art started from graffiti. During my school years there was the first wave of hip-hop in Russia, thanks to Da Boogie Crew. Although we did not have internet access and spray cans, we had a TV programme with Da Boogie Crew once a week. I was highly interested in hip-hop because I had never seen anything like that before. I painted with sprays for shoes coloring at that time and left tags with ice-cream in the metro. I still have warm memories about those moments. Several years ago I was working on fonts but could not succeed quickly just because of the lack of any information. I took up art courses in 9th year of school and went to the art university after graduation. I chose art faculty on purpose to improve my graffiti skills then I became keen on art and it brought sense to my life. 2) Which artists do you use as reference? Today I am always on-line; I constantly monitor the works of lots of art-people. I am not only interested in those who paint graffiti but also computer illustrators, tattoo masters, canvas artists, photographers, graphic designers, calligraphers etc. I consider it is useless to point at far-famed artists but I can give a list of my friends from Russia who are really worth to look at: 3) Your style is quite influenced by digital art / photography / animation. How did you develop this style and how would you describe it? As I have already said I am fascinated by various art works. I think that is due to my love to absorb every piece of information. So it is not time to define my style, I think I am just at the beginning of my path and there are still too many things to be done. 4) Describe us a bit about your creative process while creating a piece. Most of my works have come out of music. I am a huge fan of music and people say that music is always around me. Music gives me certain emotions, which I try to express through my works. Sometimes ideas come spontaneously and I fix everything to refer later to it. Also I do interior mural for money. Clients have ideas and my work is to make them real and beautiful. My drafts could be both on paper or painted in photoshop. Occasionally I do collage of different pictures, if the task is to draw a person, just to make a portrait more resembling. I am trying to pay more attention to sketches and drafts. I even can draw them for some days and then need only few hours to paint the wall. 5) What would you consider the best moment on your career till now? It was the moment when I picked up a can. It is a unique material that has no boarders in use. I believe that painting with can will definitely be an academic subject along with canvas and acryl painting. 6) How do you describe your daily routine? My day starts at 9 a.m. and comes to its end at 3 or 4 o’clock at night. I go to the gym in the morning, I like keeping fit. Then I go to paint an order or prepare sketches at home. I also do graphic design. I enjoy living in Siberia where cities are not so big so you can manage to do a lot of things during the day: to meet with a client, buy cans and other materials, see my friends and discuss projects we share… Before going to bed I spend couple of hours surfing the internet or I searching for new music. 7) Being a multimedia artist, please tell us what's your favorite media to work with? Why? I use Adobe Photoshop to create drafts and sketches, web-sites and process photos. I have been working in that programme for many years because it copes with everything. If I have to do a logo, print or other vector image I open Illustrator. Another passion of mine is 3d graphic. I am trying to master Zbrush, Real flow, Cinema 4d but there is not so much time left for it. I wish I had much more time to know everything I adore. That is the only my regret in life. 8) Tell us five lessons you believe are really important for every illustrator. 1. Do not lose your interest to life. Always stay hungry for new ideas. 2. Make more experiments. Try yourself in different art spheres. 3. Contribute to your mind and soul development, visit theatre, cinema, read books. 4. In case you do not have strength or patience to achieve your goals create stricter rules for yourself. 5. Do not believe to mushrooms. 9) Tell us five websites that you like to visit.….Unfortunately, this has been closed recently 10) Thanks again for your time, please leave a final message for the ones who are starting out on this kind of business. Art creation is a praiseworthy activity. It could help you to become free and happy person. I recommend you pay attention on the fact that you can not take without giving in return. In case with art you should be totally involved in it. Be inspired and be the source of inspiration for others. Be surprised and be a surprise for others. Pull your socks to create something outstanding and you will definitely be fully rewarded.

Hand Lettering Logos by Sergey Shapiro

Hand Lettering Logos by Sergey Shapiro

Sergey Shapiro is a graphic designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. I recently got into hand lettering myself and I would admit Sergey pays a lot of attention to his freestyle and his techniques; for a passionate, clean and versatile hand lettering. Remember to always be willing to get out of your comfort zone. ...recently I shifted my main focus upon lettering and calligraphy whilst applying writing skills in a variety of graphic design fields. These include logo design, identity, t-shirt design and many more... All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro All Rights to Sergey Shapiro Links More info about Sergey Shapiro: Follow Sergey on Behance: Follow Sergey on Dribbble: Via Behance

Elegant Brand Identity Works by Dmitry Gerais

Elegant Brand Identity Works by Dmitry Gerais

Dmitry Gerais is a designer and art director specializing in branding, print design and web based in Moscow, Russian Federation. With about 10 years of experience, Dmitry primary works with restaurants, bars and cafes. His creative thinking is well-thought-out along with an elegant execution. All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais All Rights to Dmitry Gerais Links More info about Dmitry Gerais: Follow Dmitry on Behance: Via Behance

Amazing Jellyfish Photography by Alexander Semenov

Amazing Jellyfish Photography by Alexander Semenov

Alexander Semenov is photographer and professional diver from Russia, he's also the chief of scientific diving team at White Sea Biological Station. His underwater photography are just absolutely stunning, everything feels so surreal and in his own words…magic. And the most important thing — I love Sea. For more information about Alexander Semenov and his many works, you can visit his website at All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov All Rights to Alexander Semenov

Worldwide Photography #29: Moscow

Worldwide Photography is a series of posts where every week we're going to show a city or location around the globe bringing the coolest photography samples of it. The photographs authors are all credited right above their pictures. Today feature: Moscow, Russia. For the next week we're going to feature Porto, Portugal so if you want to send your submissions for the next Worldwide Photography, please tweet the tag #wwphoto and the link of the photo(s) on twitter. I'll be wainting for your submissions :) chocolate_chipsDenis KrasnoiaruzhskiiAndrewlusosashOleg BartunovStolovRSBeerman!;)AkoonderStolovMark BrittenivanglieGijlmarRSBeermansoleterraneanPantufaAndrew GriffithSergey Nikulini ea? s?arsStolovngravityAleksander MarkinivanglieDamien LorekOleg BartunovStolovngravityART-KoART-Kodeletioital_vitaMaxim BatsynGijlmarlack __of__talentital_vitaivanglieivangliejoe.routonAndrey_avtretlaw snellacMarcelo AndradeMarcelo AndradeMarcelo Andrade

Stylish Work of Filipp Ryabchikov

Filipp Ryabchikov is a young self-taught graphic designer from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I came across his portfolio while looking for some 80's/retro inspiration from new artists and designers. I really like his style especially the color scheme of the Futureworld one. For more information about Filipp visit his Web site at Liquid Sky Revival Designcollector calendar DECEMBER - Futureworld Purple Quazar Pink Quazar Mind NEW LOGO for Synfonics music band Object Psychedelic Crystalls series wallpaper 2 Synfonics album cover Misc

Surreal Inspiration by Eugene Soloviev

Eugene Soloviev is an 21 year old Russian Photo Manipulator from Nizhniy Novgorod, he started off in the design world in 2006 processing photos in Photoshop and Corel Painter. I was very impressed with Eugene's work since the very first time I saw some of his pieces, very surrealistic. What was even more impressive was that we haven't featured him here on Abduzeedo, so let's fix this little misunderstanding. At first I began with processing of photos with Photoshop and CorelPainter, then for a joke I cut out objects and placed them in non-standard landscapes. As I grew more serious, I started designing much more seriously. It is necessary to note that I the self-educated myself completely! For more information about Eugene visit his Web site at

Beautiful Icons and 3D illustrations by Evgeny Skidanov

Evgeny Skidanov is a 3D Illustrator from Moscow, Russia. I came across some of his works while I was checking out the popular entries on Dribbble. Some of his works are done purely in Photoshop like the beautiful Bs-O-Meter, but some are done using 3DS Max with V-Ray and post production in Photoshop. For more information about Evgeny I highly recommend that you check out his Web site at The full version is in Russian and you can check it out at I also recommend that you visit/follow him on Dribbble at The client wanted to present the block to investors on design stage, so I have to model and visualise the block rather quickly, and make it look like a studio photo at the same time. I wanted to make people believe that the detail had already been manufactured. I decided to use NURBS modeling to create a life-sized model as the customer had design drawings. When the model was approved I used maxwell render for photorealistic visualisation. The project has been fulfilled during 5 days.

Super Stylish Photos by Zorik Istomin

Zorik Istomin is a photographer and designer from Saint-Peterburg Russia with a very unique style. Since the first time I saw one of his photos I was completely blown away, at first I thought they were illustration but actually were photos with a super stylish treatment. Anyway, I will need your help to describe what exactly Zorik does, however we must admit, it's amazing. For more information about Zorik, visit his Web site at it's in russian, so if any russian friend out there wants to help us with more info about him we would appreciate it

Beautiful Illustrations by Mr. Waldshnepp

Alexander Koshelev also known as Mr. Waldshnepp is a design, digital artist and illustrator from Russia. Alex sent an email to us with the URL to his Behance portfolio and that's the best thing about having a design blog, we get the chance to discover new and talent guys all the time. For more information about Mr. Waldshnepp visit his Behance portfolio at Illustrations Strange City of Perm Sketches

Beautiful Graphic Design Work by Anna Grosh

Anna Grosh was born in Siberia and now lives in San Francisco. She finished her first masters in Moscow at the Open Social Academy of Design and now she's in the process of getting her second masters in graphic design at the Academy of Art University. She specializes in typographic design, illustration and graphic design. I truly enjoy my work and several years agency experience and several more freelancing. Enjoy my portfolio and contact me anytime for work inquires or just to chat! For more information about Anna Grosh visit her Behance profile at TYPE CATEGORY POSTER SERIES Here we have posters with several different type classifications in three posters, illustrating the differences between them and their individual designs. Also in each poster there is the silhouette of their respective designer in white on the black background. ART NOUVEAU BOOK PROTOTYPEFACE This design is a set of nine forms based on the strokes that work together as a set. These are part of a school project, now turned into self project where I am currently developing the entire typeface. This typeface is an illustrative and decorative font based on the Didone and Garalde families. GIRLS ILLUSTRATION VISUAL IDENTITY CIRCUS D'HIVER POSTER & BROCHURE

Impressive 3D Artworks by Denis Tolkishevsk

A few days ago I was looking for some 3D artworks, just for inspiration, and I came across this 3D artist from Siberian town Novosibirsk, Russia, called Denis Tolkishevsk. I was totally blown away with the quality and realism of some of his 3D pieces that I had to share that on Abduzeedo. Most of his works is done in 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop. For more information about Denis Tolkishevsky at we highly recommend that you visit his Web site and check out more of his works at There's also a super cool making of/tutorial of one of his artworks, the one called DragONtFLY, which has gotten 5 awards from Russian and English CG Portals. You "I’ve studied 3D graphics on my own, using books and lessons downloaded from Internet as a basis. I haven’t been through any courses, besides I don’t have any artistic education... I remember I saw 3D Max for the first time in the university. A friend of mine showed it to me. It seemed to be really complicated thing at that time, so many buttons, menus, and commands..." If you want to learn more about Denis, there's this great interview with him over at…

Beautiful Artworks by Zakhar Krylov

Zakhar Krylov is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator from Moscow, Russia. His work is very coloful mixing traditional illustration with vectors but with a nice personal style on his drawings, you will notice that especially in the Color Illustrations 2010, Personal Illustrations and Drawings, which, are my favorites in terms of details. For more information about Zakhar Krylov work visit his Behance profiel at Color illustrations 2010 Personal illustration 2010 Drawing FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE design package juice for RUSSIAN ARMY LOVE&HATE

Graphic Design Inspiration by Mago

Magomed is an originally from Russia, German based freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Art Director. In the past years he has established and proved himself as someone who is steady trying to grow and improve by big steps. He is a proud member of 'The Keystone Design Union'. The highlights of his Career were him being invited to Germany's top late-night talkshows TV Total on Pro7 and Stern TV on RTL. Beside that, he has worked with the Legendary dutch footballer Edgar Davids, who made Mago come over to Amsterdam to work on some graphics for Edgar's brand 'Monta Soccer'. Mago has been part of Gallery Exhibitions such as the 'Diesel Only the Brave' Launch Parties in New York and Miami, the 'Lyrics & Type' Exhibition at the Gorker Gallery/Semi Permanentin Melbourne and the 'Time & Space' Exhibition at the Maxalot Gallery in Amsterdam. Nike-Arsenal Arsenal London Tee-Shirt Illustration for Nike Football, one many more to be released in 2011. Personal Experimental, Personal work. ROOTS KDU Kareen Collabs A collaborative series between Kareem Black and Iammago. Photography provided by Kareem Black. For more information about Magomed Dovjenko visit his Web site at

Introducing Art Director Alex Andreyev

This time im introducing an special art director from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is creating the concept art to the animation movie Kin-Dza-Dza. On his blog/portfolio he shares all his drawn concepts and ideas for the movie plus his personal work. We have already feature some of Alex's artworks in the past but more towards the surrealism inspiration. Now, I'd like to show you a few of my favourite images of his work containing scary animals and settings that look like an old Star Wars movie. Where to find him on the web - website and portfolio - Behance Network Where to find him on the web - website and portfolio - Behance Network