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SA3S Royale Comedown T-shirt

Hi people. I have just submitted my first ever t-shirt design to Design By Humans and would very much appreciate your votes and get it printed up. Many thanks in advance! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Inspiration: SA3S

There are a lot of very creative artists from the UK, and it’s always inspiring to check out their work. SA3S is another great example, and that’s why we showcase his work here ;) SA3S is the creative outlet of Falsify aka Dean Cook a young image maker hailing from the once culturally derelict city of Birmingham, UK. SA3S started life back in 2005 as a collaboration between Falsi & Digital Soulja. Two junglist soldiers who just couldnt get enough of design and wanted to stamp their mark on the world. In 2007 the pair decided to split and SA3S became the sole venture of Falsi. For more information and the whole portfolio check his site out at,