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Amazing Sand Sculptures

These are crazy awesome. I know one thing: it takes a lot of talent to shape sand into a freaking awesome typography piece. To make that, the guy must be a true artist and probably half ninja. These are some amazing examples of sand sculpture done right. If it was me, I would probably have to use cement to get the exact same results... but since I'm not doing these, I don't have to worry, because these sculptures are in good hands. I hope you enjoy these! And if you know any more great sand sculptures like these, let us know!! Cheers! ;) by Carl Jara by Carl Jara by Suzanne & Arianne by Carl Jara by Sue Steve by Michel by Karen by Carl Jara by Carl Jara by Carl Jara by Sandis Kondrats by Dan Doubleday by Carl Jara by Damon Langlois by Abe Waterman by Brian Turnbough by Carl Jara