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Shapes & Symmetry Photos on Instagram

Shapes & Symmetry Photos on Instagram

I'm a big fan of photography, so I'm always looking for inspiration on the reach of my hands. What better way than following some great photographers on instagram. Serjios is one of my favorite with a set style of a lot of shapes and symmetry he is one of my favorites. For more from Serge Najjar aka Serjios visit and It is not about what you see but how you see it

Shapes & Pattern Photography

These Shapes & Pattern photo selection was taken by one of my favorite photographers of all time Philipp Klinger. He has traveled the globe and taken the most beautiful photos one has ever seen but on this selection I picked a different side of his photos, the geometric and repetitive shapes that you will see. For more from Philipp Klinger visit

Shapes & Colors of Berlin

This is a mix from a few different photography series taken by Matthias Heiderich. It shows the different colors and shapes that you can find on the architecture of the big city of Berlin. This collection of photographs is so strong and inspiring. Make sure to check out more photography from Matthias at

Abstract Colored Shapes Photography

One great way to get inspired is to not get inspired by the same type of work you doing, for example if you designing a website, don't look for web design inspiration but try to get inspired by something totally different. Here is a great selection that you can boost your imagination by looking at abstract shapes with beautiful colors. Arindam@Sen Stacy Wachter Gremxul barbera Chris28mm Jase Wells Flaming Physicist silverhalide04 _olasso chrisbastian44 Darren Lehane Ratnakar2 snapper30 scilit sneuweger monteregina patrice_elmi 1bluecanoe ?ataliee?ynn

Inspiring Shapes from Dutch Architecture Photography

In this post you will see a beautiful and very inspiring series of Dutch Architecture photography by the photographer Allard Schager. These photos bring you both sides of the Dutch architecture, the old and the new, the classic and the modern, full of incredible shapes and patterns it's a world of inspiration. For more photos from Allard Schager visit his flickr -

Trendy Circular Elements in Design

Earlier this month I shared with you guys my love for triangles. Today I wanted to share my love for circles and show you some examples of circular elements in design. Throwing out shapes in design pieces seems to be all the rage these days. Despite the popularity, it still remains fresh in my eyes and I don't think I could ever get sick of seeing nice illustrations, magazine spreads, posters, etc with circles! I love it! Shapes definitely add something to every composition but I can't quite place my finger on what exactly that is. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy these and you can send me your feedback/suggestions via twitter or facebook! I'd love to hear from you :) Marta Rocha Phil Rampulla Martina Flor Arce Mihail Mihaylov Mark Weaver Ciro Esposito Daniel Gall ben jeffery Esteban Nils Jawa Renato Forster Simon Page MAGMA Brand Design Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen Jónas Valtýsson NUFABRIC Tom Beddard Carlo Van de Roer