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Book Suggestion: Why We Buy - The Science of Shopping

The book of this week is not a design book per se but it's an incredible book. I have just finished it and I got so much valuable information that can be applied in my day to day job as designer. The book is called Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping--Updated and Revised for the Internet, the Global Consumer, and Beyond by Paco Underhill. The book talks about how we behave when it comes to buy. It's not a really new book but it's nice to see how some of the authors predictions turned out to be true especially when he talks about cell phones and computers. About the book Revolutionary retail guru Paco Underhill is back with a completely revised edition of his classic, witty bestselling book on our ever-evolving consumer culture -- full of fresh observations and important lessons from the cutting edge of retail, which is taking place in the world's emerging markets. New material includes: The latest trends in online retail -- what retailers are doing right and what they're doing wrong -- and how nearly every Internet retailer from iTunes to Amazon can drastically improve how it serves its customers. A guided tour of the most innovative stores, malls and retail environments around the world -- almost all of which are springing up in countries where prosperity is new. An enormous indoor ski slope attracts shoppers to a mall in Dubai; an uber luxurious Sao Paolo department store provides its customers with personal shoppers; a mall in South Africa has a wave pool for surfing. Buy Now

Mediacite Shopping Mall, by Ron Arad Architects

Maybe amazing is not yet the word to illustrate this mall in Belgium. Created by Ron Arad Architects, the building of nearly 10,000 m2 is a masterpiece in a matter of architectural innovation and daring. Despite the conservative environment of this area of Liege, a city of Belgium, the Mediacite is very well placed in context with clean and simple shapes that make contact with the surrounding buildings, while creating a new volume, outstanding and innovative, which transforms a simple mall in one place to be admired. And according to the architects "the building stands out as a symbol of the city’s revitalisation and strives to spearhead the city’s regeneration". The design of the roof unites these elements with a complex network of steel roof ribs that undulate through the mall. The lattice of steel sculpts the volume of the mall beneath, varying both in height and structural depth to form a variety of differing experiences. © Marc Detiffe © Marc Detiffe © Marc Detiffe © Peter Cook © Marc Detiffe © Peter Cook © Marc Detiffe © Marc Detiffe The project was completed to a highly accelerated programme, with a duration of only 34 months from inception to completion. The total built area for the Mall is 9750m2. With a construction budget of €18.75m the project was delivered for €1920/m2. © Peter Cook © Peter Cook © Marc Detiffe © Bernard Boccara section 01 model 01 perspective section structure model 02