Free Mockups: iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

It's a tradition for designers where whenever there is a new iPhone Announcement, the question is who is going to release the newest model mockups for us to update our UI presentations?! Well, it's no short answer but the amazing folks from LS Graphics did it again and for the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. We always have enjoyed their work on ABDZ, you should definitely check out their store for more.

InVision is bringing Prototyping Tools within Sketch with Craft Prototype

Having prototyping tools within Sketch is something I've been waiting for quite some time now. And it's finally here! Introducing Craft Prototype by InVision. Sketch is such a powerful tool for UI design, you can to explore your workflow to a newer level by being able to prototype using Craft. Give it a try so are we. We should probably share some of our tips soon on our overall experience, what do you think?

Angle - 140 devices & mockups for sketch

I've become a fan of Sketch since I started using. I was an orphan of Fireworks and Sketch filled the void beautifully well with a great vector software for interface design. There are a lot of things to love about Sketch, like artboards, shadows like in CSS, fully vector and many more. One thing I always missed was ways to add perspective. That was solved through a great plugin called Magic Mirror. Now the awesome Meng To put together an incredible set of device mockups for Sketch, all vectors. You gotta check out Angle.

Sketch 3: 5 Licenses Giveaway - Winners

I have been an Adobe user since I can remember, adopting the new tools always coming and going. Macromedia back in the day tried to challenge Adobe's supremacy and ended up being acquired by them. Now there's a new tool in the market that I have fallen in love with and that app is called Sketch. I have been using Sketch for over a year, at work at Google and for personal projects and I simply love it. Sketch is a vector tool that does an impeccable job of combining the best of all worlds when it comes to designing mobile apps and web sites.

The Sketch of a Life

Awesome project by French designer Sébastien Del Grosso where he illustrate in sketches the major stages of his life. Take a look, get inspired and try it yourself! For more from Sébastien Del Grosso visit

Sketch Collection by Marcelo Shultz

We have featured Marcelo Shultz a few times on Abduzeedo and it seems that it's becoming a trend. That's because he never ceases to inspire us with his illustrations and amazing work. This time we will share some super cool sketches from this Behance entry titled The Sketch Collection Vol. o2. Since I was a kid I spent many hours a day drawing, and I would always keep a sheet of blank paper and some pencils with me. I think sketching is one of the most important steps in the creation of an artwork, it is where you are able to keep your ideas alive.

Terrific Sketchbook Works by Pierre-Yves Riveau

Some might consider sketching just a way to improve one's skills, but if you push a little harder, you might get to become a kick-ass sketch artist such as Pierre-Yves, a.k.a. Pez, who makes some fantastic sketch works! Pez, a French artist, comes up with some truly amazing pieces, using only pencils! So, when you're equipped only with your pencil, there are no excuses for not trying harder! Go further, I'm pretty sure Pierre-Yves would tell you the same. These are only some of his pieces...

Remarkable Face Sketches by Vince Low

When it comes to skills, it's quite clear that some people have mastered the control over their hands. It's not that I don't have control over mine, but very few people have enough precision to make sketches such as these. The talented artist here, Vince Low, really knows how to do fantastic, rough sketches. These don't need to be finalized or painted at all to be remarkable, and that's the beauty of it. If you liked these, you should really check his portfolio at Behance for more of his work.

Black-White Pencil Illustrations by Mall Licudine

When you think about illustrations, most of the times you might picture in your head a super colorful image. But not always a colorful illustration will be the prettiest... pencil illustrations can also be rich in beauty and details. But in both cases, black-white or colored illustrations, the beauty will depend on the artist's skills, and here you can see some beautiful pieces by talented artist Mall Licudine, from the Philippines. Although she also makes colored pieces, I must say that I really enjoy her black-white artworks. But these are only a few of them...

Stunning Sketches by Irina Vinnik

I just can't get enough of sketches. I got my own sketchbooks but I don't get to fill them as much as I wanted, but I sure love to see people who take their sketchbooks seriously and make delicious art in it. An example of these awesome people is Irina Vinnik.

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