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The Growth of Influencer Marketing

As we kicking ourselves into the year 2021, I truly believe that Covid-19 has been part of our discussion topics on a daily basis for the past year. Our habits have changed, we had to adapt ourselves to new ways of living. And we are not the only ones that had to adapt as well, brands have been shifting their strategy in regards to the situation thoroughly.

Flyer Design Inspiration

We live in a digital world with everyone glued to their smartphones at every turn but the analog world is still very important, especially when it comes to promoting events and strengthening your brand through carefully crafted printed materials. This could range from the traditional collateral like business cards, letterheads, envelopes to more graphical pieces. A good example is flyers. I am addicted to flyers and even went through a phase of collecting them. Every time I would go to a cool shop I’d undoubtedly spot a handful of flyers promoting events and parties.

Super Elegant Business Card Designs Printed by MOO

You probably have noticed that we are fans of minimalist brand identity and design work. We believe in the saying "if I had more time I would have written a shorter letter" applies really well to design. Not only design but pretty much everything could be summarized to its core. Business cards have been a major tool for networking and still play a huge role. It's also awesome to see how designers translate the brand into such a small format and yet transmit the same message.

Interview With: MOO Creative Director Brendan Stephens

Today, we had the great honor to catch a slice of time with MOO’s esteemed Global Creative Director Brendan Stephens. As lovers of great design here at Abduzeedo (and huge personal fans of MOO!) this was an enormous privilege to get a glimpse into a brilliant mind that helps to drive MOO’s ability to deliver game-changing products.

Be Your Most Productive Self With The Game-changing LG 21:9 UltraWide

If you ever needed a reason to invest in LG’s big, dreamy 21:9 UltraWide display that delivers plenty of screen space to juggle all of your creative projects we’re giving it to you here. According to a recent study by the University of Utah, using a larger monitor helped participants in said study complete tasks up to 52% faster, saving an average 2.5 hours each day. We’ll take any extra hour we can get nowadays to be more productive behind the desk.

LG UltraWide™ Festival 2016 - Dream Canvas Contest

We’re excited to share a pretty sweet contest we think you all may want to know about brought to you by our friends at LG. We generally shy away from promoting too many contests but this one we think you all may take interest in due to the popularity of the UltraWide Monitors. 

Webdesigner News: Curated Stories for Designers - Sponsored

Our friends from Webdesigner Depot are always working on new ideas for the design industry. In a time of an overflow of information and with easy access to tools to share ideas and projects, it becomes evermore complicated to keep up to date.

UI8 Ultimate Bundle - 20% Off

Designing a great product involves a series of phases, each requiring a specific set of skills along with the necessary materials. That could go from pen and paper to components for design and code.

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