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Inspiration: State of Mind Project

This is a incredible project where the Russian Egor Bashakov put up approximately 2700 1"badges to make his on self portrait which is insane, after all the work and patience that took him it came out great, have a look it yourself. 2700 (approximately) of 1" badge pins, plywood 135 x 110 cm; The artwork is called "State of Mine", it is a self portrait. The author tried visualize & interpret his own sight of the essence, by splitting it into aspects and using them as ingredients. The name of artwork explains it, it's a word-play. Expression State of Mind meas the particular condition that something or someone is in it at a specific time. The word state has also a meaning of a physical condition as internal or molecular from or structure, for instance: water in a liquid state. Precisely that artist had in view, by doing this structural portrait. He tried to show his psychological and physical condition. So he developed each symbol and placed it on a badge. The author needed to use his certain state of mind, to develop each symbol, so he tried to be spontaneous in decisions and quick in developing. Experiment - try to catch every thought and extract a symbol of it, so every badge could describe a personality in that period.