AR Graffiti Experiments with Different Elements of Graffiti

AR Graffiti is a study about the different elements of graffiti. The 5 Pieces, from who the outline is a given fact, were sprayed upon a wall, scanned, digitalized and converted to video animation. By projecting the layers back on the wall, the layers from the piece that are underneath the paint, are being brought back towards the surface. This way it becomes possible to create endless variations, using the different elements from the different designs.

Street Art in Hamburg Altona

I am a huge fan & user of graffiti style, as well as the more legal version street art. Im living in a safe city (lots of cameras) but it's still a place for people who express theirselve by painting the walls of out town. These are images taken by me and a friend around Hamburg, Altona. The place we live. Respect for all the people who's work is showcased in here. The reason why I write this article is, beside showing you great stuff, to improve myself. I have been doing street art for quite some time and I want to share some experience's with you.

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