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It’s A Living Mural for X-Games China & Innersect

I think Fabio and I are on a challenge to keep the ABDZ homepage in color tones of 'pastel visuals'. It's perfect because I stumbled across the new project from It's A Living aka Ricardo Gonzalez for X-Games China & Innersect 2019 in Shanghai, China. I don't know if you are familiar or not by Ricardo's distinct lettering style but it's just plain beautiful and vibrant. INNERSECT is the biggest street culture convention in China, a street fashion project founded by celebrity icon Edison Chen in 2017. Feast your eyes!

Max Sansing X Detour Street Art

I think we have mentioned it multiple times on the blog. I think we are currently living during a time that will make us appreciate little moments and make us see things differently for the rest of our lives. Things that we used to take for granted are no longer a thing and our habits have changed. During this 'confinement', it is said that 'street art' can make us heal and be more joyful somehow. I stumbled across this mention today and went on Behance for inspiration.

The Interior & Street Art of Base 23

Having spent my Christmas Holiday in Germany, I started paying attention to how the cities I visited were paying closer attention to graffiti and street art. It definitely gave an outlook that differentiates from the others. That was cool! Now back from holiday, I decided to feature artists and it wasn't hard before I have found one. Here we are featuring the work from Base 23, an interior and street artist based in Berlin, Germany. I took the liberty to feature several of his latest projects and they are so vibrant in colors and creativity.

Light Installation & Street Art in Łódź, Poland

Yann Nguema is a digital artist based in Tours, France, he has being working on some particular project. How about re-imagining Łódź's main Piotrkowska Avenue for the 2018 Light Move Festival. I would totally ask you guys to check out the video, it features 32 light doors over 700 (about 2300 feet) meters long. Driven by lasers and neons, I think this light installation is given so much character for the festival. Check out the video as well, enjoy!

A parking space renewed in Berlin, Germany - Street Art

Alexander Isakov is an artist based in Berlin, Germany; he shared on Behance a beautiful parking space revamped by the hands of his craft. He worked on many projects including a lot of murals and it's nice seeing Alexander for a change on a parking space. I really do appreciate the fact he also shares his process through a timelapse, it's kind of great seeing the layers of work behind the art piece. The boldness of those black lines are making his style quite unique and especially at a larger scale.

Illusory Basketball Court: O Passato / 'O Futuro - Street Art

Truly Design Studio is a communication studio based Turin, Italy, they specialized in different types of work. They have focused on urban art, illustration and graphic design for commercial and artistic projects. They also worked for several brands such as Fiat Group, Martini, Samsung, Nike, EMI and more. We are featuring their collaborative project with Clementino, Spotify, Universal Music Italia, and Polydor, turning an old basketball court into an illusion piece that says: O Passato / 'O Futuro. Check out the video right below.

Street Art & Typography for Squarespace - Make It

Craig Ward is a design director (Words are Pictures) based in New York, NY, USA. He was commissioned by Squarespace to dress-up a mural located in Shoreditch, East London with their tagline: "Make It". These mural designs are gorgeous, they are both an illusion mixed with straight digital art. Where you need to take a second look or just basically whatever you are doing to enjoy the piece of art. Props to Craig for his wonderful work.

D'outros Tipos: Graffiti and Typography Magic by João Pereira

Happy Friday, all! We're delighted to feature this charming street art project perfectly blending two passion areas of the talented João Pereira dubbed D’outros Tipos. Lisbon-based Pereira began working on this artistic project in 2017 with a focus of merging together two of his creative passions: graffiti and typography. The end result, a mural inspired by the great Alphaville song "Forever Young." The message conveyed is visually strong and is a spot on representation of Pereira's optimistic mindset.

Introducing Adobe Creative Resident Chelsea Burton

We hope you're getting familiar with the Adobe Creative Residency program at this point, an amazing endeavor brought to us by the dreamers at Adobe who are generously empowering talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a passion project, while sharing their experiences and processes with the creative community.

Street Art & Illustration: Seawalls Mural

Interesting mixture of street art and illustration; also for a good cause. Promoting environmental awareness, Brooklyn-based designer Ricardo Gonzalez took part of a festival that took place in Cancun, México (Avenida Uxmal). Giving the ocean a voice, Ricardo and other nine international and local artists came together for creating a positive impact in the perception for our future. Change the Future.

Wicked Street Art by Andrew Hem

Gotta love a huge painted wall. It certainly took a great effort from the artist. Years practicing, evolving, until someone thinks you're good and worthy enough to be responsible for such an canvas. Andrew Hem is an amazing artist that has been painting beautiful illustrations around the world. It sure must be a blast for the artist to see the finished product. An imagination turned into a gigantic piece or art. These amazing artworks are only a handful of Andrew's work. For more of it, please visit his Instagram! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Graffiti - Big, Colorful and Inspiring Street Art

It has been quite a long time since the last post on graffiti but after spending some time on Unsplash I rediscover the incredible work of street artists all over the world. Thanks to great photographers I selected some quite inspiring graffiti artworks, not so much of the conventional 3D typography, but more of the stylish and almost pop art style. The most fascinating thing about graffiti for me besides the colors and creativity, it's the size.

Street Art Master Shepard Fairey - Obey Giant

Shepard Fairey is one of those artists that you might not have heard of, but you've definitely seen at least one of his works. Unless you've been leaving under a rock for the past 10 years, you've seen the Obama Hope poster all around at some point. Well, that's Shepard right there.

Marvelous Grafitti Artworks by Etam Cru

Grafitti gotta be the dopest of all art forms. To draw massive artwork on a huge wall, and make it look awesome, it requires a lot of talent, and Etam Cru has tons of it. Check out his insane talent! He's been all over spreading and sharing with us his fantastic skills... he's painted all over Europe and also in America. For more of his dope work, please visit his personal portfolio! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;)

Art Murals by Kevin Ledo

Kevin Ledo is a graffiti artist who traveled the world painting walls and beautiful murals. I selected some of his amazing murals to share with you, enjoy the view and appreciate the art! For more from Kevin Ledo visit

Amazing Street Art Project by Graffmatt

Street art is something I really love it! Maybe it's because it's raw, without perfectionism and at the same time I can see how good the is the artist to make a masterpiece in every kind of canvas. GRAFFMATT, also known as Mattieu Laine, is a French artist that is developing his first street art project called CAPHARNAÜM, it is an installation in his home town that is going to be demolished. It's possible to see the effort and love in each piece of art and every wall of the house. The result of this projetct that last from 2013 to 2015 it's tottaly amazing!

Street Art for Children

The Museum of Childhood in London created a project where they mapped the streets of London with artworks by many different artist with the theme ""See the world through a child's eye". Check it out! For more info visit by MICK MARSTON

The Living Walls by Nikita Nomerz

The super creative Russian graffiti artist Nikita Nomerz started a super cool project called "The living Wall" in which he finds the perfect spot to bring life to it by adding faces and human characteristics to these walls. Check it out! For more from Nikita Nomerz visit

Huge Art Murals by Agostino Lacurci

Agostino Lacurci is a Italian artist and has been painting huge murals all over Europe. His style is very artistic and different from any graffiti you have seen before. Enjoy! For more from Agostino Lacurci visit Abithoudini Via Lugaro, Turin (Italy)

Awesome Graffiti Murals

These awesome graffiti murals were done for Pow! Wow! Hawaii, an amazing art event that has artists from all over the globe involved to create amazing art. Check them out! Find out more about Pow! Wow! Hawaii at Mural by Kinsey dedicated to his father

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