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Cinematic Street Photography by Victor Cambet

Victor Cambet is a freelance graphic designer and an amazing photographer currently based in Montreal, QC. What initially caught my eyes on Victor's work is his perspective of how he sees things through his camera lenses. It's pure, raw, and cinematic street photography. That's one of the reasons why we decided to feature his work on ABDZ. Being a personal fan of Victor's, I have always enjoyed his shots from my hometown of Montreal (and still do). I have lived in this city for more than 30 years and it's quite a pleasant sentiment.

In pursuit of silhouettes, lights, shadows with Mustafa Hacalaki - Photography

I am delighted to share the photographs of a fellow Montrealer here on ABDZ, his name is Mustafa Hacalaki. We are following his pursuit of trailing silhouettes of strangers through light, shadows, and reflections. His photographs tells a story within an image and the result is pure street photography at its best. I just love how Mustafa presents a shot as if it was from a movie scene where the shadow is married to the final scene.

#HONGKONGGLOW: A photography project by Xavier Portela

Our good pal Xavier Portela has shared with us his photography project titled: #HONGKONGGLOW. During a recent trip back to Hong Kong, China, he just couldn't resist continuing adding more goodness to its GLOW series. Look at these amazing street photography filled with neons at every block corners, I love how Xavier captures the rhythm of the streets with a combination of long exposure shots. Let's not talk about the colors, the accent to the red to almost pink surely does create a unique and stylish tone.

Street Photography on Instagram by @insighting

I personally follow a lot of great photographers on instagram and one of my favorite style is street photography. I love the work of @insighting who always delivers some hot street photography to my feed. Check him out! Follow @insighting on instagram.

Citizen Chicago Street Photography

Oak Thitayarak is a designer and photographer who's recently released Citizen Chicago, a thirty six page book of beautiful images captured from moments of everyday life in the city streets. Street photography and street portraiture is a documentary art form where extraordinary candid photographs are created from seemingly ordinary moments. "This form of photography, and photography in general has shown me a lot about life. It's taught me to live with an open mind, never to pre-judge a person or a situation.

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