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Video Inspiration: Superjail

Ok guys. This is kind of a "must see" video. When i first watched it i was laughting my ass of, but it also is the most brutal tv-show i've ever seen. The pilot was aired on tv on May 13 2007 and then the show disappeared from the screen. They produce now more episodes of this show. In my opinion its THE MOST CREATIVE SHOW EVER MADE. I watched the pilot version on YouTube before but they removed it due to terms of use violation. But as we learn from the Simpsons show Itchy & Scratchy violation in cartoons is funny. I was looking for this video for hours in the internet and finally found the pilot of this show. If you want to set trends. Watch this movie before your friends, because this show will definitely become famous. Enought talking. Watch on your own. The majority of Superjail is set inside the titular prison. Externally, Superjail appears to be built inside a massive volcano, but internally it seems to constitute its own psychedelic reality, where the fabric of time and space is extremely fluid and changes at the whim of the Warden. According to Jared in the pilot episode, Superjail's inmate population is in excess of 70,000. CLICK PICTURE TO SEE THE MOVIE