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Surface Design - Abyss Collection: Traditional Pattern Structures

Collection of nautical designs inspired by the blue depths for C.A.C. Paris. The Abyss collection is based on traditional pattern structures : classic toile de Jouy, ikat, camo, stripes, wax fabric and floral prints.  Calicot — Paris revisited these iconic designs with a maritime vibe for C.A.C. Paris’ summer print collection. Vibrant blues, gleaming textures and aquatic creatures take over the textiles.

Mimetico 3

Playing with geometric patterns are always fun and can produce incredible results. Mimetico 3 is a great example as we can see in the images below. Daniele De Nigris explores simple shapes to create patterns and then manipulate it in 3D. The simplicity and elegance of the end result is very inspiring. This little project contains my last work "Mimetico 3" with some steps of the construction. This is an other example of "Analogical Digital Design".

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