24 Masters of Modern Patterns Design

I'm a fan of patterns and textures applied to graphic design, and it's a trend that is becoming quite popular in web design. The coolest thing is that patterns give a very unique style to your design, sometimes sort of crazy, sometimes very elegant and classic. Because of that, as I was looking for refrences for a design project I'm working on, Ie've selected 24 super talented pattern designers with incredible examples. Stacey Marsh MASA Igor Duibanov Alex Trochut Jared Nickerson Jonathan Calugi Filter017 Kate McInnes VanilaBCN Kale Hagman Nadia Flower Tatiana Plakhova Ralph Karam Alan The Gallant Zhishi Stig Tafto Mat Gigliotti Brian Reddy Kristina Collantes Philippe Intraligi Slimaq lenancker Romain Sophie Henson Steven Harrington

10 Great Surface Pattern Designers

There are excellent articles on the web showing beautiful patterns applied on websites, wallpaper, fabrics and other things and I really like patterns and admire the designers that are master on this craft. Because of that I will list below 10 great surface pattern designers and some examples of their work. Also if you have suggestions of other designers leave a comment and let us know. "Surface pattern designers create patterns suitable for mass manufacturing of decorative home furnishings and apparel fabrics, wall and floor coverings, paper products, and dinnerware." Source: http://vpa.syr.edu/index.cfm/page/surface-pattern-design Marian Bantjes - http://www.bantjes.com/?c=Patterns Rinzen - http://www.rinzen.com/ Guilherme Marconi - http://marconi.ru Paul Willoughby - http://paulwilloughby.com/ Kate Sutton - http://katesutton.co.uk/ Catalina Estrada - http://catalinaestrada.com/ Sanna Annukka - http://sanna-annukka.com/ Katrin Olina - http://katrin-olina.com/ Maja Sten - http://www.majasten.se/ Julia Rothman - http://www.juliarothman.com/ Good links about this subjects Textures and Patterns Design Showcase 400+ High Quality Patterns http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/ http://www.missonihome.com/ http://www.marimekko.com/ http://printpattern.blogspot.com/