Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli

It's been some time since we've last seen some crazy good collages here. Eugenia Loli is an artist dedicated to the making of awesome surreal collages! Here are some examples of her fantastic artworks. For more of it, please visit her portfolio/store at Society6! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Surreal Photo-Manipulations by Norvz Austria

Norvz Austria aka Xetobyte is a digital artist from Philippines with passion for surrealism. Take a step away from reality and take a look at these photo-manipulations characterized by fantastic and incongruous imagery. Check it out! For more from Norvz Austria visit

Digital Artworks of Jie Ma

Jie Ma is a digital artist from Shanghai, China with a very intriguing style. Surreal moods with heavy architecture are part of the style Jie Ma uses in his art. Check it out! For more from Jie Ma visit and

Surreal Illustrations by Norman Duenas

Norman Duenas is an illustrator & designer from California. His style is very clean and surreal with great execution and soft colors. Check it out! For more from Norman Duenas visit

Super Detailed Hand Drawing

Davit Yukhanyan is an artist from Armenia and he created one of the most detailed drawings I've ever seen. The entire piece is made up of smaller details that you can only see once you get closer. This is just amazing, checking out is a must! For more from Davit Yukhanyan visit

Outstanding Surreal Sculptures by Ellen June

Surreal artworks are pretty impressive, whether it's a painting or even a sculpture. Artists gotta be super creative to come up with crazy, yet beautiful designs and pieces, such as these sculptures by Canadian artist Ellen June! Here you can see her fantastic surreal sculptures. I really enjoy seeing each one of these... it's all so creative and beautiful. For more of her work, please visit her portfolio at DeviantART. She'll definitely enjoy it. I hope you like these as much as I did! Cheers.

Inspiring Artworks by Takeshi

We here over at Abduzeedo are always trying to help people to promote their work. We are always open to suggestions and are more than welcome to feature designers, digital artists and photographers. Today we feature the recent work of Takeshi, a New York based illustrator and artist from Saint Etienne, France. Takeshi's illustrative work is renowned for its surreal feel, the quality of its photomontages as well as the light treatments and colourful compositions.

Surreal Compositions by Redmer Hoekstra

I am a huge fan of surrealism, especially the unreal compositions mixing objects in ways that challenge our imagination. Redmer Hoekstra shared on his Behance page some incredible drawings exploring some of these ideas. Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known for its visual artworks and writings.

The Magical World of Jacek Yerka

Jacek Yerka is an amazing painter from Poland. His subject matter ranges from odd beasts to whimsical landscapes incorporating extraordinary architecture, and includes imagery gleaned from his childhood. I handpicked a few of his pieces so we can take a close look at his world of painting. For more from Jacek Yerka visit

Digital Surrealism by Marcel Caram

Marcel Caram is an amazing digital artist from Brazil who is fascinated with creating Surreal Art. His surrealism styles reminds me a lot of dali for the landscape where most pieces take place but it has this amazing definition and sharpness that comes from the digital art which makes it even better. Enjoy! For more from Marcel visit and

Fantastic Landscape Illustrations by Sebastian Wagner

Landscape and environment illustrations have been by far my favorite subject when it comes to digital art or even traditional art. I simply love how digital artists are able to come up with illustrations with sometimes surreal, other times futuristic landscapes that are so creative and are able to make us imagine how it would be if one of those were real.

Surreal World of Igor Morski

Igor Morski is a Polish illustrator & graphic artist with quite a style. I love surreal style artwork and nn this post you will see some pieces from his Nature collection and also his portrait collection. His work is very detailed and very intriguing like most of surreal work, but his art looks so real it's almost like a magical photograph. For more from Igor Morski visit and

The Art of Imagination by Ignacio Nazabal

Jorge Ignacio Nazábal is a famous painter from Havana, Cuba. The surreal style of Nazabal took him on exhibitions all over the world where he showed his amazing art of imagination. Check it out!

Surreal Photo Manipulations

I'm a big fan of the surrealism, since the days of the master of surrealism Dali in which his work still inspire us till this day. Surrealism is very big in the photo manipulation and digital art world and today I selected some great work to display here. Enjoy!

The Surreal Work of Martin Wittfooth

We've seen some pretty amazing surreal work here at Abduzeedo, but we never really can get enough of it. Surrealism is the language of dreams, visions and prophecies. It speaks in riddles and leaves us restless finding meanings for it. Martin Wittfooth presents us his stunning work. It is a complete set of surreal imagery, full of hidden meanings and absolutely lovely and scary elements. Would you there tell us what these mean? Maybe that's the fun of it... a Life of Pi feel. The reality behind these might be ugly, but these illustrations are full of beauty.

Surreal Manipulations by Alexis Persani

Alexis Persani is a French photo illustrator specialized in surreal manipulations. In this post you can see a great selection of his work and be intrigued by the surrealism he created. As a big fan of surrealism and photo manipulations and very inspired by this work.

Tribute to Salvador Dali

I'm a big fan of Salvador Dali and his works and when I saw this tribute I knew I had to share this with you guys. This Tribute was done by Martin Grohs, a 24 year old artist and designer based in Germany. Enjoy the Surrealism!

Illustrative and Surreal Work of Takeshi

Emeric Trahand also known as Takeshi is a New York based art director and artist from Saint Etienne, France. Emeric's illustrative work is renowned for its surreal feel, the quality of its photomontages as well as the light treatments and colourful compositions.

The Colorful and Expressive Art of Gianluca Mattia

I know we already said this many times, but it's important to repeat that is really nice to receive emails from readers and artists suggesting things for us to write about. When I opened the link to Gianluca's website I got instantly impressed by the colors and style I saw. He sent us an email suggesting a couple images to our Daily Inspiration series, but his characters are so stunning that we decided to write a complete article about his work.

Interview with Manipulator Alexander Lataille

I featured Alex a while ago here on Abduzeedo; since then, he has improved quite impressively. He’s got a couple of new artworks that are surreal and intriguing. I sat down with him for a quick chat about everything he’s been up to. Alex, tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to get involved with graphic manipulations. I am 21 years old and attending Bryant, a business school, in New England on the East Coast of the United States.

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