T-Shirt Illustrations by Rubens Scarelli

If you're in to illustrated tees you will love the work of Rubens Scarelli, a illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He specializes in t-shirt illustrations and his work is totally awesome. Check it out! For more from Rubens Scarelli visit rubensscarelli.com and behance.net/RubensScarelli.

Ugmonk by Jeff Sheldon

Jeff Sheldon is the face behind the t-shirt brand of Ugmonk. Graduated in 2008, Jeff always had a passion for all things design. What started as a simple idea became into a brand and mindset centered around Jeff's love for typography and minimal design. Ugmonk is now celebrating its 5th Anniversary and now shipped to over 55 countries around the world.

New Illustrations by Glenn Jones

I'm a big fan of Glenn Jones and the humor he puts in his illustrations, so I decided to handpick some of his 2013 work to share here. For those who don't know Glenn is a notorious illustrator from New Zeland, very well known for his t-shirt designs. Check them out! For more from Glenn Jones visit glennz.co.nz.

Supercombo T-Shirt Giveaway - Winners

We are happy to announce this giveaway with Supercombo, a range from the well-known clothing company Funkrush by Pete Harrison (aka. Aeiko). Supercombo is a very diverse range of selling items including t-shirts, wallets, key rings and you name it! For this giveaway, we have a choice of 2 (two) t-shirts to giveaway for 2 (two) lucky winners. Hope you all the best of luck! Funkrush was established in 2007 by Pete Harrison (aeiko) as a clothing company that makes you smile!

Super Funny and Cute Illustrations by Randy Otter

I've found the work of Randy Otter thru Flickr while looking for some random stuff, since then I got really amused by his childlike and funny illustrations. Once someone said to me that in terms of illustration doing less details and having more meaning it's way better than doing a realistic artwork with nonsense, so I could say Randy really got it this tip on his body of work. You can see more funny and cute pics at his Flickr Gallery.

The Golden Rule by Brand Nu

Brand Nu aka Radim Malinic, is an award winning art director, illustrator and graphic designer from London, England. He recently re-opened his online shop with new items such as a t-shirt and poster packs in addition to his showcase books. As a great contributor to Abduzeedo and to his community, we're more than happy to introduce his latest venture. Radim Malinic has firmly established himself over the last few years as one of the most successful and prolific commercial illustrators working today.

Outstanding Tee Designs by Vincent Bocognani

With all the T-shirt contests happening on the internet, I start asking myself, what makes a T-shirt design really good? I mean, you see a lot of funny ideas or well executed drawings winning, but shouldn't a T-shirt design be both of them? Vincent Bocognani artworks really answer my question.

Magical Illustrations by Alan Maia

Alan Maia is a graphic designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His illustrations are amazing and his specialty is creating t-shirt illustrations. Here you will see a few of his works and enjoy the creativity that comes from his mind.

2010: A Year in Tees

Keith Walsh started a cool project in 2010 where he designed one t-shirt a day for 365 days, without fail. Featured here are some of my favorite ones. It started with a drunken bet, and ended up consuming a year of my life. Now here, in all their interweb glory are all 365 t-shirts in one place. Whether you like irony, typography, animals or puns, there's something here for you. There are even a few unicorns thrown in for good measure. The original idea was to design one t-shirt every week for a year. But then, numerous beers later, I thought "Why stop there?

Awesome Illustrations by Flying Mouse

Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse is known for his illustrations on t-shirts. He's been working on a 365 days project where he creates one illustration a day and on this post I selected some of the most awesome ones to inspire you.

Awesome T-shirt Designs & Illustrations

AJ Dimarucot is an artist specializing in t-shirt graphics. He has design t-shirts for famous people and has won several t-shirt design contests over at Threadless and Designbyhumans. His designs are truly awesome with a mix of color and light effects that look great on a tee.

Case Study: Nike Apparel

In this case study will go over step by step how the masters from Ars Thanea (Peter Jaworowski and Karol Kolodzinski) created this amazing photo illustration for Nike, to be part of Nike's 2010 t-shirt collection. This just opened my mind to so many ideas, hope the same will happen to you, check it out!

Awesome T-shirt Designs

Everyone likes to wear tees and why not have some awesome tee to go with your personality. I selected a few awesome tees I found over at emptees, and you can take a look, get inspired and go after the ones you liked the most. Enjoy!

Threadless Bestee of the Year - Giveaway

Every month a design is voted as the Bestee of the Month at Threadless. At the end of the year the Threadless community votes on the Bestee of the Year. The winning designer gets the prize of $20,000, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, a $500 Threadless Gift Certificate, and the design is also featured on Adobe.com.

The Funniest T-Shirt Designs of the Decade

Yesterday I was looking for some t-shirts to buy for Christmas and I started browsing through Threadless and other sites. As usual there were some beautiful illustrations and, of course, very funny ones.

Super Funny Illustrations by Fatheed

Aled Lewis, also known as fatheed, is a graphic design based in London with some very sharp illustration skills. He has quite a few t-shirts printed at Threadless.com and other tee's sites.

Incredible Illustrations by Hugo Ortiz

Hugo Ortiz aka IconBlast is a Colombian illustrator and graphic designer with great and powerful illustrations full of colors and strong details. His works appears in magazines, t-shirts, posters and much more. Check it out!

20 Super Cool T-shirt Designs

If you like to wear cool t-shirts that with positive attitude you will definitely like this selection. Alex Solis aka alexmdc is a great illustrator that has been noticed for his cool and laid back style of illustrations that fits perfectly on t-shirts and put smiles on people's faces. Check them out!

50 Awesome Camiseteria Shirts

Earlier this week Amanda posted an article showing 65 Awesome Threadless Shirts and I really liked it! As I also love to check out online t-shirt stores - because they always have great and unique designs - I decided to show here some shirts from Camiseteria. Camiseteria is a t-shirt store from Brazil that follows the same idea from Threadless, the users and general designers can send their work to feature at their shirts.

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