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Amazing Football Tackle Pictures

In Brazil, we usually go for the other kind of football, soccer. But we gotta recognized that the American one delivers us some amazing moments, such as the tackle. Seeing flying dudes is one hell of a ride. Of course, this is a game for those who are big boned, while soccer is better played by slim guys. Anyways, here are some amazing pictures, taken at the right moment, showing us the train wreck collisions that often happen between football players. Totally bad ass. For more pictures, simply visit each author's photostream at Flickr... give 'em some love. Hope you like these! Cheers. ;) Mike O'C Lard Lad Maria Bowler garreyf sevennine JC Nuquet bksecretphoto Infidelic reginald_dlani dogbert8u sdosick Badger 23 Vironevaeh Robert Owens How Eye See It Rob Trudeau Victorie Better Than Bacon Chiceaux tclaxton1 juicyrai Tresselboard Alana Holmberg ninophile John Martinez Pavliga etta81james elementaddict URShook apdonovan andre.delaire