Adorable & Modish Framed Tattoos by Sol Studio

Let's talk about Korea, not for the reasons you might be thinking. Such a beautiful country filled with culture, richness, and tattoos. Yes, you heard me right, let's change the pace a little. I stumbled across the work of Sol Studio while I was actually searching for inspiration. I thought the work and style were creative, adorable and framed! To my knowledge, it's my first time seeing 'framed tattoos' and they are quite unique!

Stylish Mountain Tattoos

There are tattoo styles for everyone's taste. You might like it simple, line drawings, or super elaborated colored ones, but it's amazing to see the same subject done by numerous artists. Each one has a vision of that subject, and it's great to see this variety. Here are some stylish examples of mountain tattoos. Let it be an inspiration for you! I hope you enjoy these. Also, if you got your own mountain tattoo, share it with us on Twitter and Facebook! Cheers! ;)

Traditional Tattoos with Wan Tattooer

I've been following Wan Tattooer for a while now and his instagram account is full of amazing work. He specializes in traditional style with a mix of his own creative flavor. The result is amazing, check it out! Follow @wan_tattooer on instagram for more.

Tattoo Illustrations by Edward Miller

When you're planning to get a tattoo inked in your body you definitely should seek for a great tattoo artist, someone like Edward Miller, with a talent for super amazing illustrations! These are some tattoo mad skills right here! Gotta love the shadings and compositions in his pieces. Any tattoo lover would kill to get one of these inked in their body.

Artistic Portrait Tattoos by Pietro Sedda

Pietro Sedda is an Italian tattoo artist with a very different style. His work consist of portraits with a artistic flare to it, whether is some colorful 3d or a face inside a face, the work of Pietro is very cool and intriguing. Would you get a tattoo like these? For more from Pietro Sedda visit

Tattoo Style Illustrations by Strawcastle

Derrick Castle aka Strawcastle is an awesome designer who has it's own independent clothing line where he designs some awesome t-shirt designs with a very strong tattoo style illustrations. Check out some of his works.

Awesome Typographic Tattoos

Tattoos are a really big deal because that's something to mark you skin forever. One good way to go when you decide to get a tattoo is go for a typographic one! I'm not talking by experience, since I never got one, but that's what I would definitely do.

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