Adorable & Modish Framed Tattoos by Sol Studio

Let's talk about Korea, not for the reasons you might be thinking. Such a beautiful country filled with culture, richness, and tattoos. Yes, you heard me right, let's change the pace a little. I stumbled across the work of Sol Studio while I was actually searching for inspiration. I thought the work and style were creative, adorable and framed! To my knowledge, it's my first time seeing 'framed tattoos' and they are quite unique!

Floral Tattoos: Exquisite Black and Grey work by Vanessa Dong

Who doesn't like a beautiful tattoo? I'm talking about those pieces that get your attention. Artworks that make your turn your head to see more of it and check the details. And yes, I'm the kind of person that will start a conversation if I like a tattoo. I know, weird. There are several different styles of tattoo out there. But I'm always drawn to black and grey pieces with beautiful outline and minimal design. And I believe this is why I simply love Vanessa's work. The tattoos she creates are delicate and beautiful. Masterpieces on skin.

Symmetrical Tattoo Designs

Today I decided to select two things that I really like into one, so I put together symmetry with tattoos and came out with an awesome collection of symmetrical tattoo designs to inspire you.

Inspiring Tattoos

Tattoos are a great source of inspiration. And we can actually learn a lot of things from well designed tattoos. From outline to shading, from texturizing to giving depth and realism to a draw made on skin, tattoo artists can teach us a lot of things. There are thousands of great tattoos out there, and today we gathered some to inspire you. From delicate lines to complete sleeves, from black and white to typography and super colorful pieces, we have different approaches here to show you.

85 Great Tattoos as Art and Inspiration #2

As our previous 85 Great Tattoos as Art and Inspiration post was a big hit and we received several comments about it from our readers, we decided to do a sequence of it! The difference is that for this one we pick some samples of the work from the artists and studios that the readers suggested at the last post. As we received a huge amount of suggestions we will have to brake them to be able to show all of it to you... so here goes the part 2 of the 85 Great Tattoos as Art and Inspiration.

85 Great Tattoos as Art and Inspiration

Tattoos are now recognized as art, body painting, form of illustration and also as inspiration, it all depends on the point of view! Some years ago unfortunately they were pointed as marks or symbols of rebels, people with tattoos were even discriminated because of their "marked skin". After some cultural evolution and also good sense, people left all the taboos surrounding tattooing and started to admire this way of art. I started my researching for this post after a suggestion from one of our readers, Jake, that mention that would be nice to have a tattoo post at abduzeedo.

Cool Painted Tattoed Portraits by Shawn Barber

I'm not a huge tattoos fan, I don't even have one, but the quality of the drawings and artwork created by Shawn Barber has blown me away. His paintings have been exhibited in NYC, San Francisco, LA, Berlin and many more cities and cool venues. Also he has done some work for The Grammy Awards, Rolling Stone, MTV Networks and Converse. As you can see Shawn Barber is really good, so take a look at some examples of his work and visit his website, I'm sure you will get impressed.

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