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Threadless Book Giveaway Winners

A few weeks ago we announced our giveaway of the Threadless book. We received a lot of great comments making it a tough call so thank you to all those who participated and be sure to stay tuned for the next giveaway. Our two book winners are: Robert H, who wrote: My favorite Threadless tee is a tie between "When Pandas Attack" and "Birds Of A Feather". Being forced to only pick one as my favorite I would go with "When Pandas Attack" for more reasons than one. When Pandas Attack was printed at a time when all-over prints were just hitting the market and Threadless lead the way with quality and information. Letting Tee enthusiasts know that while there may be imperfections, they are still quality prints. This amazing grunge design shows 'rage' with a unique design style. The design placement is perfect, going for a full chest wrap and the white on black is very striking. The amount of effort and thought that went into the design and printing shows in the end product. This in itself shows how affective artistic community can be. Artistic community is in essence the heart and soul of how artists grow as a people. Collaborating, showcasing designs and discussing art with other artists not only helps you grow your knowledge but also hone-in on your talent. Without community one can certainly still achieve greatness and improve but community accelerates the process. The days of learning new techniques by chance are over. With community you are now able to to accelerate your creative growth with the help of many different influences and styles not only locally, but globally. This is the real benefit thanks to the internet. Every area has their own local style and now as artists within a community you are able to absorb different styles, techniques and medium combination. It is a beautiful thing. Community is at the center of creative growth in the third century. And Gloria Wu, who wrote: My favorite Threadless tee is "Everyday Life Would Be Cooler With Sound Effects". It was my first Threadless tee that I bought and I love how it fits with my personality and lifestyle because now I have a t-shirt to back my strange habits of making sound effects to normal everyday life. Thanks to Threadless, everyday life is now cooler. What I like best about the artistic community is the lasting impact it makes on everyone. An artistic community is necessary for any artist or designer of any field. We don't just create out of nothing. We draw from our everyday life, experiences and the people around us. With diverse backgrounds and personalities, each artist brings to the community a unique style and ideas that add into the cycle of inspiring others. What Threadless did was to combine the two aspects together to shed a fun and creative light on the mundane things in life, thereby opening our eyes to new ideas. Thanks to artistic communities like Threadless, we can now express who we are and discover more of ourselves through peer critiques and feedback. Thank you both so much for your thoughtful comments! However, we do not have valid contact info for the two of you so I hope you are reading this post. Please send us your email and mailing address at In case you missed the first post, here is a peak at the Threadless Book! A QUICK NOTE FOR FUTURE GIVEAWAYS: PLEASE PROVIDE AS MUCH CONTACT INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR COMMENT. IT MAKES IT EASIER FOR US TO AWARD THE RIGHT PERSON THEIR PRIZE :)

Threadless Book Giveaway

Today we have a very special giveaway from a design community darling you’re all likely familiar with. That’s right, Threadless. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 10 years since they burst onto the scene in 2000, and our ironic t-shirt wearing lives have never been the same. Avid Threadless member or not, you’ll want this gorgeous 10 year documentation of graphic design, pop-culture, and accidental business savvy. ABOUT THE BOOK- Threadless recounts the 10 year journey founder Jake Nickell and company have been on ever since they decided to post a t-shirt contest (in the forum thread of another t-shirt contest) resulting in the very first, Threadless tee. With over 300 awesome designs and contributions from the likes of Seth Godin and John Maeda, as well as favorite community designers, this book, designed by a-side studio, is a must have and a coffee table gem. ABOUT THE COMPANY- Threadless is one of the internet's most creative design communities, or as founder Jake Nickell put it, "a giant group of friends making cool designs." And while that’s definitely the attitude, the sentiment is pretty modest considering Inc magazine called them, “The most innovative small company in America.” Truly a company after out own hearts, Threadless is a place for design community and inspiration. This is their story. ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY- Participation in this giveaway is easy, simply write a comment on this post telling us about your favorite Threadless tee and what you like best about artistic community. Best two comments gets a free book, and the runners up get shirts :) INSIDE THE BOOK-

Threadless Bestee of the Year - Giveaway

Every month a design is voted as the Bestee of the Month at Threadless. At the end of the year the Threadless community votes on the Bestee of the Year. The winning designer gets the prize of $20,000, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, a $500 Threadless Gift Certificate, and the design is also featured on That's why we love Threadless and want to encourage you all to vote, and we've also set up an awesome giveaway for you guys. We are giving away a Threadless Gift Pack which includes: Bestee of the Year, Designer of the Year, Best Kids design, Best Type Tee, Best collaboration, Newcomer of the Year, Blogger's choice, Best unprinted designer. We're making it really easy for you, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite shirt with us. My favorite is the October one, "The Horde" by Aled Lewis. The 2009 Bestee Awards are being given to recognize excellence within the active community, from the graphic designers and illustrators whose artwork help set apart from the competition to the dedicated bloggers whose ideas, creativity and devotion inspire us all. Vote for the Bestee of the Year December November October September August July June May April March February January