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Video of the Week #60

During the week we all get to see some amazing videos, and sometimes we just forget to share them with others. But not today. I've seen some pretty awesome videos that I would love to show you guys, and I just know that you're gonna love it. 4 videos from different artists: a cg show reel, an amazing dancing smoke (not the black smoke, obviously), dancing lights and a tilt shift master piece! These are amazing videos worth sharing. Enjoy, people! Cheers. ;) Onesize Reel 2008 let yourself feel. by Esteban Diácono MOTOR / AMBIENT REEL by KU-SCHNEIDER Bathtub IV by Keith Loutit

The Inspiring Work of Sam O'Hare

Earlier this morning I saw a really cool video from Sam O'Hare over at - a site filled with inspiring stuff. The thing is that Sam's video was so cool that I decided to search more about his work to show here to you, besides the video, of course. The video, entitled The Sandpit is a brilliant mix of time-lapse and tilt shift that shows a day in the big apple. Sam used a Nikon D3 to produce it. Other than the video, I really liked his photos. The shots are simple and beautiful, they have a stunning lightening composition and most of them show day-to-day scenes, witch I love. I think it's really nice to shot ordinary scenes, images from our day by day life. His images really got my attention... so here it is a selection of some of Sam's photos. Head over to his site to check out more about him and his work! I hope you like it. Enjoy. :) The Video The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo. Some Photos