Introducing Inspect by InVision

We would like to share the another announcement from the great folks over InVision and this time is about their latest very much anticipated tool that makes design-to-development process better for everyone. What do they mean is delivering PSDs or Sketch files to your developers, is now a thing of the past.

Introducing Invision + UserTesting

We would like to share the announcement of Invision partnering with UserTesting to bring the another level at prototyping with actual user reactions for your app, website or prototype. It’s something that I have always wanted to bring to my process, it’s super crucial to know how your users engage with your products. Especially when you are in product design and you are working in design sprints and figure out goals to bring the best for your user experience every single update.

New Tools and Apps to boost your Productivity

As we all witnessing the end of Summer (Northern Hemisphere), didn’t anybody felt like it was the quickest summer? We hope that you guys had some time to rest and chasing some light before fall will slowly manifest itself. Through the BBQs, camping trips, road trips; some of us didn’t have that chance and worked hard at making and launching their products to the consumer group.

Shaper Origin - The Tool to Build Better Products

I grew up always trying to make things, from tweaking with my toys to trying to build things by breaking others, that's how I think I got into design. Later I graduated in Industrial Design and since then I have been making digital products. In my spare time I still try to do more analog/manual things, like furniture. Tools are very important for that and when I saw a video of Shaper Origin I was simply speechless. It's a great idea, they want to empower people to build things better. I am thankful for that and I will be getting one for sure as soon as it is available.

Introducing Data from Invision LABS

In the latest installation of Craft from Invision LABS, they are again pushing the envelope by supercharging Craft’s capabilities by bringing designers Data. A free plugin that pulls text, photos, and JSON values from public API sites live into Sketch. Let's give it a look and make sure to watch it in action. I am really being a fan of what Craft by Invision LABS is bringing to the game that can really help designers boost up their productivity and efficiency into their work.

Redesigned UXPin

Karol Podlesny and Sebastian Witman shared a very interesting project on their Behance pages, it was the redesign of UXPin, a collaboration tool to manage the entire design process. It's not that often that we see the design process behind design tools, and because of that I thought it would be nice sharing with you all.

Introducing Adobe XD CC

Adobe just announced the preview or public beta version of their highly anticipated design tool for interface designers. I got the chance to test drive during the first closed beta and since day one I was quite impressed with the tool and how Adobe decided to take action. Well, they killed my favorite tool, Fireworks, so they had to do something about it :).

Future of Prototyping Live in Sketch

Just a little while (past week), we've announced Craft-Styles by Invision LABS and today Invision announced that they acquired Silver Flows to bring prototyping live in Sketch. This is the future right here, both a passionate user of Sketch and Invision, allowing designers to prototype and see their designs live (real-time mirroring) on your devices for a better user experience.

Introducing Craft Styles by Invision LABS

Invision LABS has just released Craft-Styles, a tool (only available on Sketch) where you can create stunning, comprehensive style guide with just a few clicks. Craft has been a game changer in their recent release to a sustain increase of productivity among us designers. This is what I really do enjoy about this community, creating better tools together.

Project Comet: Adobe UX tool

Adobe has been the biggest software maker for the design community. Since I started my design journey I have been using their software, especially Photoshop. One of my favorite tools, however, was the forever missed Fireworks, an app that was initially created by Macromedia which was bought by Adobe. Fireworks had it all, pages, frames, symbols, vector and a lot of top UX designers using it. That wasn't enough for Adobe and they killed it.

Interview with Anders Lassen from Fuse

The process behind designing a product is all about understanding the goals, the audience and what it's intended to do. It doesn't matter if it's a chair or a mobile app, the process is very similar, what changes are the tools and materials. For mobile apps, one of the most difficult parts of the process is to prototype with a high level of fidelity in quick turn arounds so we could test on the devices. The past year we saw an insurgence of great tools like Framer, Origami, Pixate, Invision and many others.

Macaw - Stop writing code, start drawing it

Product design is one of the most sought after fields nowadays. In order to design products a design must have a grasp of the whole creative process, from conception, UX, visuals, user studies and of course prototyping. There are several tools and prototyping frameworks, most of them requiring coding skills.

Pixelmator 2.2 with Vector Tools, Light Leak effect and more

Today the Pixelmator Team released Pixelmator 2.2, a major update of one of my favorite apps out there. This new version codenamed Blueberry has some amazing new features. Pixelmator now has a powerful vector tool, new text features, shape styles and of course really cool light leak effects. I've been playing with Pixelmator for years and I am really excited with this new version.

Responsive Nav - Useful Responsive navigation plugin

What I love the most about the open source community and living in today's ever-evolving world is the abundance of great work being shared. It's pretty hard to not find what you're looking for, particularly within the world of programming, if you are just starting out. I draw a lot of my learnings and inspiration for prototypes and fully baked products within this resourceful community. Today I want to share with you a plugin for responsive navigation called Responsive Nav Responsive navigation plugin without library dependencies and with fast touch screen support.

Cage App: Next Level of Collaboration for Designers + Discount Code

The Cage App is a new way for designers and teams to share, manage and approve your creative work and build an easier relationship with your clients. It is as simple as it sounds! Let me take you through some of those features and you will see how quickly you'll love to give it a try! Cage allows users to easily upload and present files, manage tasks, organize revisions and receive approvals all in one simple environment.

350+ Great CSS Tools and Techniques

One of the most enjoyable moments for a web designer is coding CSS. It's such a nice language that it actually gets fun to work with it... style your pages and actually watching your designs gain life and forms. But sometimes, a little help is welcome. Even being a fun thing to do, sometimes you run into some problems, trying to find the right way to get a certain look.

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