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Hilarious Toy Art by Caio Morel

Caio Morel is a talented Brazilian artist who can put in his toys two kinds of art: cartoon and modeling. The level of detail is simply astonishing, and now he deserves a mention here on Abduzeedo. All of his pieces are unique, made exclusively for that moment and tailored to that character. There are some that are really hilarious, such as Hurley and Rocky, my favorites! But I choose some others to show you. If you still want to know more about Caio, visit

Insane Toy Art from Jason Jacenko

This guy creates insane toy art with the sickest designs I've seen in a while, you have to see with your eyes and tell me if it doesn't make you want to have one of these. Jason also creates awesome tattoos, and great digital illustrations. For more visit target="_blank">

Amazing Toy Art: Munny

It's been some time now that I'm developing a big crush on Toy Art. Another day I caught myself stealing some. No, just kidding... I caught myself in a store taking a look at many toy art books... drooling all lover the place. And now I was checking some Munnies at Flickr, and man, these are really great! I've also checked who much it costs at Kidrobot's, and it's kinda cheap, isn't it? Did anyone make a custom Munny? What about dropping a link to it? And for now, enjoy these awesome pieces. :)