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Incredibly Great Tree Houses

Who as a child never dreamed on having a tree house? Many got the chance to accomplish that dream, others stayed only imagining themselves climbing the tree from their yard or from their street. However, even when we are not "small people" running with our friends and with no big commitments anymore, many of us keep the dream of spending an afternoon into a tree house. We can say that nowadays this type of construction has developed a lot, evolving from a children game to become residences and hotels. Actually there is a German office, called BAUMRAUM that is specialized in constructing on trees and also on nature spaces. They have projects all the world, and they are always thinking about the preservation and minimum impact to nature when constructing. They do all this with an interesting planned architecture. Below I selected some images from Baumraum and other interesting projects to go back in time and feel that tree house dream sensation from the childhood again. Enjoy! Edited by GisMullr