UI Trend 2020: 'Skeuomorphism' Design is back!

A couple of minutes ago, a good friend of mine living across the Atlantic sea. Sent me a 'designer meme' to laugh about. It was a joke about designer/developer handoff supported by a beautiful UI inspired by Skeuomorphism design from the old days, circa around the 2000s. It reminded me how this is making a comeback somehow, is it? It's kind of being inspired all together with recent 'chef d'oeuvre' related to 'Retrofuturism' mixed with spacial stuff. Since all UIs nowadays are designed to be flat, boring but integrated through systems.

Adobe Stock's Forecast 2019 Visual Trends

In 2019, our visual landscape will reflect far more than fleeting fads, likes, and shares. We’ll be surrounded by images that capture passionate, beautiful, contentious, messy cultural conversations about values, how we express our individuality and experiences, and how we find refuge in tumultuous times.

New Tendencies in Web Design

I have talked a lot about what I think the new trends of design for the web are. I shared a few projects that had some of the elements and styles that I believe are becoming the new trend in web design. On this post I want to share 5 projects that illustrate that better than words. You will notice that the grid is present but in a much more flexible way, things are not uniform, there's overlapping and motion design has a super important role.This projects are from designers from Dribbble, you can find out more about them by tapping on the images.

Let's Get Creative 2016

Since the flat design became a trend it's great to see the evolution of the style but it's also visible that not much has changed besides hard shadows becoming a bit softer. Last year, however, I started noticing more of a mix of swiss style with a bit of the deconstructivist movement we saw in graphic design. The project 'let's get creative 2016' by Studio - JQ is a good example, at least from my point of view. ABDZ has been bringing a bit of that back as well and I foresee more like this in the future.

Designing for Web in 2015

Every beginning of a new year we make our resolutions, we set plans and as if everything starts from the ground up, we talk about trends for the new year. I am one of those but I believe that most of the time the new trends are nothing more than an evolution of something that started before, even crazy changes like in 2013 with the big switch from skeuomorphism to flat design.

Free Line Icons Inspired by iOS7

With the release of iOS7 a lot of new design trends will be set based on what apple did with their design. One of the biggest trend will be the use of line icons which goes well with the use of flat design. I took the time to find some really awesome line icons packs that you download and use it for free. Enjoy! Click on the image to go to the download page

New Icon Trends

With the launch of iOS7 we have been noticing an increase in some particular icon style and illustrations. From skeuomorphism to flat vectors and now, thick strokes. It's not a new style, however it's getting pretty popular especially for icons and pictograms. To illustrate that we selected a few examples we found while surfing on Behance and Dribbble.

New Trends in Web Design

Trends and tendencies come and go, we all know that, it's part of our industry's business model. There's the ever present need to come up with something different, to always adapt in order to keep the user's attention. We see this in the car design industry, fashion industry and web. With the web, the most common factor in change is due to updates in technology and as it evolves more things become possible in terms of layout.

2013 Design Trends for Dark Themed Websites

Last week we posted about one of the design styles we believe will be trendy in 2013. In this post we would like to feature another trend that has already been established and is evolving alongside with the technology that makes it possible. The trend, editorial/magazine style with big images, and more specifically, dark color schemes. It's mind boggling to think that a few years ago most of the sites featured after the jump wouldn't be made using web standards (HTML/CSS/JS) but Flash.

Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

Every new year we get to see articles reviewing the year that has gone and predictions for the one that has just started. As designers, we wonder what will change and what will be the new trends in graphic design, web design, or simply in design in general. As designers we must be aware of what is happening in our industry, in this case, the trends that will be followed... not simply to be another adopter of them in our designs but also, to allow us to try different things.

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