PS—S Interaction and Product Design

Thømas Adnet shared a simple, yet super elegant interaction design and product design project for Paul Stretch Studio, a program for stretching the audio.It is suitable only for extreme sound stretching of the audio (like 50x) and for applying special effects by "spectral smoothing" the sounds. It can transform any sound/music to a texture.

The Harbour Branding and Web Design

Gil Huybrecht shared a branding and web design project created for The Harbour, a funding agency in Belgium that makes sure companies can grow in the right way by working strategy first. Gil shared some details about the design process, like the grid system and how the brand manifests through different mediums.

TypeType Website Redesign

Pavel Emelyanov and Comence Studio shared an inspiring web design project for TypeType. Their task was to completely rethink the TypeType website. New catalog, new structure, full change of font tester, extended information about TypeType foundry. The main page of the site is also a font catalog. Three font review modes with full functionality to try any font right on the screen. A complete overview of the font family including a type tester for any font style.

Bonzei App - UX Case Study

The Netguru Team including Katarzyna Dziaduś, Bartłomiej Rokowski, and Gabriela Bryndal shared a beautiful mobile design and UX design case study for Bonzei, a mobile application which aims to be an interactive self-transformation journey that encourages users to improve various aspects of their life by using tools and techniques for physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

Solitaire Digital Web Design

Hrvoje Grubisic shared a beautiful web design project featuring a crisp and classic typographical look. If you look at it very closely you will understand why I love it. It does remind me of some of the screens of the blog, but Hrvoje definitely did a much better job than I did here.

Mobvista Branding and Visual Identity

Van Chiang shared a branding, visual identity and web design project for Mobvista, a leading technology platform dedicated to driving global business growth in the digital age. With global technology and rich industry experience, Mobvista helps customers utilize advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and elastic cloud computing cluster management to connect China and the rest of the world, helping customers build forward-looking business models and guaranteeing effective market access for all.

Interaction Design for Frisbee App, a team management tool

Ruslan Kulikov is a UX/UX designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation, he has shared an interaction design for Frisbee, an in-depth team management application where you can set up your team, control budget, communicate and more. Taking a closer look at his concept, there are a few very interesting ideas that Ruslan has conceptualized. On mobile for example, a little detail that makes the difference is how the prominent action is differentiated by color and labeling at the same time.

App Design Workout, Stay In

Elvis Benício shared a visual proposal for a WFH ("workout" from home) fitness app that helps people to build healthy habits. Both visuals and typography were inspired by the concept of the body movement creating a narrative across branding and product. The result at once communicates, contains, and embodies the inclusion of fitness for everybody. The visuals are clean and the bold typography gives it the app design a nice editorial look.   

Web Design with a Penchant Typhography

Studio Fabio Biesel is an independent Design Studio based in Ravensburg, Germany. They create visual concepts and designs with a penchant for typography. “Whether it's corporate design, animation, web design or type design – as long as it thrills us – we are interested” - they mentioned in the project description. It’s hard for me to not be biased, as I share the same name “Fabio” but the work is truly awesome!

Canvas Study - Web Design Explorations

Canvas Study WebProject is a site that JungIk Lee created while studying HTML Canvas. The ultimate goal was nothing more than just having a site where JungIk could see the progress of his studies. We, as spectators, could not be happier to witness that and use it for inspiration. For more information make sure to check out the website at https://canvas.jjangik.com/?ckattempt=1

Minimalist Web Design for Snøhetta

Maxim Soloninkin shared a minimalist web design project for Snøhetta, a globally renowned architecture, interior architecture, product and graphic design company with over 240 employees from 32 countries. I love the work that Maxim has done here and will definitely use it for reference for some abdz.do changes I am planning very soon.

Arlind Aliu - Modern Web Design

Rron Berisha shared a web design project that is definitely worth sharing here on abdz. The site was designed for Arlind Aliu is a Munich based creative developer. Arlind seeks to create projects that break the limits between technology and design by creating aesthetic, memorable, and unique digital experiences. The site features smooth animations based on scroll events alongside with a crisp visual language. The only think I don't like is that initial loading. It reminds me of old sites made in Flash.

A—Book Modular Web Design Concept

Bang Bang Education shared a web design concept for A—Book. Basically the idea was to design a site for searching, reading and listening books. The solution is to bring four key sections of the site to the main screen. So the main screen serves as a navigation through the tabs new, collections, genres and authors, rolling up into a sandwich menu inside each section. For better recognition, genres are color coded, the book receives the color of the genre.

Web Design Inspiration - Peter Demulsant Portfolio

Tiffanie Mazellier and Peter Demulsant shared an interactive and web design project for for Peter himself. Peter is an interactive developer and the purpose of this new website was to refresh an outdated portfolio having had no update since 2014. The result is quite stunning, check out the stills below and make sure to see it live as well.

UX & UI Design for Musi Music Streaming App

The humbleteam shared the UX/UI design work done for Musi, a free music streaming app for iOS and Android that pulls content directly from YouTube, offering users a huge collection of songs as well as unofficial remixes, mash-ups, covers, not available on other streaming platforms. With 7 years in the App Store and 1.5M users, Musi had a head start, but required an overhaul to bring it up to date, and compete with services like Spotify and Apple Music. 

Polestar 5's Vision of the In-Car Experience

Polestar 5 is one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in Asia. In partnership with Firstsquad have worked in creating the in-car experience of what would be the future of Polestar 5 and their fully autonomous vehicle. The project provided a mixture of 'service design and also 'pure conceptual vision' of its future. What I love about these concepts are the first drafts what we would call: 'the initial wireframes'.

Lufthansa Web Design Concept

Petya Harmash and Egor Kostuchénko shared a web design redesign concept of Lufthansa website, the largest German airline which when combined with its subsidiaries, is the and the second largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried. The name is derived from the German word Luft that means “air” and Hansa for the Hanseatic League. The concept design features a clean look with good contrast in terms of typography. 

UI/UX Design — Out Loud App

Valery Kasilin is a UI/UX designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. He shared via his Behance profile, an app design that is a very fitting application for the times we are currently living in. The holidays are coming soon and not everyone has the luxury to spend time with their relatives. Some of the reasons are components of the current life situation or others are purely taken by safety and precautions.

Alfa Bank iOS App Design Concept

We are sharing the an iOS concept of the Alfa Bank on iOS designed by Mihail Grinchuk, a digital product designer based on Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. This is officially our first case study sharing mockups with the new iPhone 12 Pro (Yay!). Back to the case study, first of all, it's a nice redesign. Most of us will be familiar with some of the visual approach since it's somehow a standard now in financial technologies. You know what I mean if you think of 'dark mode, graphs, cards at the top of the layout and etc.

Neumorphism icons inspired by macOS Big Sur

Neumorphism or shall we say Skeuomorphism is a hot topic in UI trends. For the past months we have been talking, debating, and even more since the release announcement of the macOS Big Sur coming this fall. Why? Because it's cool! One thing, I do like about this 'style' is the craft that goes into an icon design. Something we have neglected since everything is 'flat' nowadays. I do like this shift, obviously there will be debates all sorts of things but why not.

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