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Personal projects are fun, we all know that. They give us all the freedom to try things that would be more difficult if we had to consider all the constraints of a real project. For visual design it's an exercise that helps to explore different ideas. The issue I see is that if it's a pure visual design project it can be a bit unrealistic, unless you also have a prototype considering the different screen sizes and content degradation. Josué Solano took his spare time to redesign the fashion designer Alexander Wang's website.

Free Design E-Books You Must Read

Sharing knowledge is an amazing way to equip the world with the tools to evolve. Many designers use free information they find around the web to learn how to design, code, paint, etc. Thankfully, today there are plenty people out there willing to share their knowledge with everyone, like the folks at UXPin. They write and share e-books about design and its processes, really worth checking out and not to be underestimated. Here is a brief selection of their books that you should really read, going from UX Design to Design trends.

Gorgeous UI Design by Gleb Kuznetsov

Gleb Kuznetsov is a Russian designer that comes up with pretty gorgeous UI pieces for apps and web. He's got a pretty awesome portfolio with many great examples of how beautiful an interface can be. Check it out! Here you can see a brief selection of his work. I really enjoy his approach on graphs, using gradients and glowing effects, which brings a "Tron feel" to it. For more of Gleb's work, please visit his portfolio at Dribbble! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Cheers! ;)

Beautiful Digital Branding: Discover the World of Pharrell Williams

'Discover the world of Pharrell Williams' is a great example of beautiful branding and UI/UX work. The project shared by Ronald Gijezen and Robbert Schefman exemplifies a powerful combination of print style applied gracefully to the web and mobile devices. I love that some screens could actually be amazing posters hanging on my wall, that's a clear statement of the level of craftsmanship behind this project. Follow, join and be inspired by Pharrell Williams.

National Geographic World Atlas iOS App

Take a look behind the scenes of the full redesign of National Geographic World Atlas IOS App. The design process included examining and updating the features in the existing app, with a focus on elegant typography and usability. Check it out! National Geographic wanted to completely refresh their very first iOS app, the World Atlas, so they approached us to rebuild it from the ground up. The design process included examining and updating the features in the existing app, with a focus on elegant typography and usability.

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