Video of the Week #42

Here's the Music video called Wood that I did along with Simon Landrein, the music is from the band "dead pirates". It's been done in 4 months and been produced by the mill. We used a lot of 2D elements in the video but most of it is done in 3D, both simon and I are 3d animators and illustrators. As for the music it was recorded in london by myself, in order to keep control on every aspect of the film, dead pirates is my band. There's a massive amount of matte paintings that we might release on our website.

Video of the Week #41 - Mike Kus Slides

The video of this week had to be the short film that Mike Kus played at the last Future of Web Design (FOWD), held in London, last April. The video is simply amazing and it's sort of a time-lapse video showing Mike making the slides for his presentation, which, by the way, are fantastic. For more information about Mike visit his website at or follow him on twitter at "As part of my talk at the ‘Future of Web Design’ conference in London last week I played this short film. It’s basically sped up footage of me making my slides for my talk." Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard - Slides in 3 Minutes from Carsonified on Vimeo. Mike Kus at FOWD 2009: "Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard" Below you can see the full presentation. Definitely worth checking it out.

Video of the Week #40

From time to time we have featured a nice motion graphics showreel. Showreel is a nice way to compile someone's work... we get to see the work of a whole year, and just the cool stuff. Today, we feature Onesize's reel. Onesize is a Dutch, Delft based creative studio, founded in 2001 by two creative partners. Focussing on (motion) graphics, animation, visual effects and live-action direction and production for film and television. It is in the combination of live-action, 3D, graphic design, sound design and music that we follow paths, which leads us to new opportunities in freshness and cutting the edge of design and concept. They got some pretty sweet motion designs, really worth checking out. Again, this is just the reel, for more of their work, visit their portfolio! Hope you like it! Cheers. ;)

Video of the Week #39

If people think rollerblading is for girls, they're terribly wrong. This is actually one of the greatest extreme sports out there, along with skateboarding and many others. We've seen cool videos about boards, but we don't get to see much often roller videos. ONE is a magazine about everything on rollerblading... I they got some awesome videos! These guys make some awesome footages and some cool editing... really worth watching it! Hope you guy dig it as much as I did. Cheers! ;)

Video of the Week #38

It's awesome to see some superb pieces of indie works. Some time ago we checked on the Big Buck Bunny, a great animated short film... and another one is about to be released: Meet Meline. I gotta confess that it looks pretty wonderful. After two years of intense work on an independent 3D animated short film called "Meet Meline", Virginie GOYONS and Sebastien LABAN made the teaser/trailer to show you a little bit more of the short film. We're proud to present you the 46-seconds-video with the official music of "Meet Meline", composed by Guillaume ROUSSEL! The film is not out yet, so you may check fo information on the website : I bet you'll all enjoy it. Cheers! ;) MEET MELINE (2009) - TRAILER from Sebastien LABAN on Vimeo.

Video of the Week #37 - Don Norman and Stefan Sagmeister

Instead of just one, we're featuring 2 great videos in this week's "video of the week". We've selected 2 really inspiring videos from the TED Conference. "TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader." The videos we've chosen feature Don Norman and Stefan Sagmeister. For further information and inspiring videos visit the TED website. Don Norman In this talk from 2003, design critic Don Norman turns his incisive eye toward beauty, fun, pleasure and emotion, as he looks at design that makes people happy. He names the three emotional cues that a well-designed product must hit to succeed. Stefan Sagmeister Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister takes the audience on a whimsical journey through moments of his life that made him happy -- and notes how many of these moments have to do with good design.

Video of the Week #36

The best thing about working in design studios is team work! Designing pieces can be real fun... but not as fun as the work process featured in this video. The thing is almost magical, and trully amazing how they made this video. In this video, this team designs something that I think is a postcard... in a very different, yet awesome way. I bet you guys will enjoy this video. Cheers! ;)

Video of the Week #35

Video clips are an awesome way to bands express themselves, and also a good chance to make something really cool. Jape has made this awesome clip for their song "Floating", showing us slow motion fruits and vegetables literally flying at a poor guy's face. The final result is really awesome, since we get to see all the path these things take during flight. And also, the song is pretty sweet! Hope you guys like it. Cheers! ;)

Video of the Week #34

When it comes to cool animated movies, one of the most beautiful and interesting techniques is stop motion. Giving life to real dolls through out a whole movie is a though task, and Henry Selick's Coraline is all about it. This a trailer for the movie, which is totally awesome and beatifully done. It's already up and running in theaters everywhere. You guys will really enjoy it! Cheers! ;)

Video of the Week #33

During this past year, we've seen plenty of watercolor inspirations, which were pretty awesome! Sometimes we get to see trends repeat from time to time. The video of this week is an awesome Donald Duck cartoon, the one where he visits Brazil for the first time. Once you start watching it you'll realize why I say that trends repeat from time to time. This cartoon first aired in 1942 within Disney's project called "Saludos Amigos". Take a good look at this cool cartoon, and we'll get much more than just watercolor inspiration. Enjoy, and Cheers! ;)

Video of the Week #31

The fact that the last video we've posted here was a car commercial as the one we're posting today has nothing to do with coincidence. It's an awesome thing how these commercials are getting better, and better. And of course, they are not always the same. Last week's Lexus commercial had a lot of motion graphics, today's video is totally simple, but beautifully done, and I bet you'll love it. Enjoy! ;)

Video of the Week #30

We absolutely love cars. We also love motion graphics. Make a combo of those two, and you've got an instant favorite. That's what the people at Glossy made: an awesome advertising motion graphic video for Lexus. The result is totally awesome. Lexus, directed by Crush.

Video of the Week #29

It's been sometime since we've featured stop motion videos... We really love this technique, which got beautiful pieces of work. "This Is Where We Live" is an animation produced by the Apt Studio for the 4th Estate book. This is really cool! I hope you guys enjoy this. More informations at design:related. Cheers! ;) This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.

Video of the Week #28

I've always been a video-game fan. Since the very first Atari 2600 back in the 80's, playing games like Pitfall, Hero, and Enduro. After that I had quite a few consoles, from one generation to the next; Sega Master, Genesis, Playstation 1, PS2, and now my Xbox 360. Among all the games I've played the first Sonic was one that I was really addicted to, and when I saw this video I was blown away by the quality of the CG. Okay, I have to agree that the Sonic games from the new generation of console sucked, at least the ones I played. Even though they were pretty, the experience and fun was not the same as the Genesis version. But this video really deservers the Video of the Week title. For more information visit

Video of the Week #27

What's up, people? Well, this week's video, we've got a really awesome animation by the talented Stephane Coedel, the title sequence he directed for the pilote of an unproduced TV series created by Pete Candeland for Cartoon Network, called "The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay. This is really awesome! There are also some "making of's"... all good stuff! Enjoy these! ;) The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay from Stephane coedel on Vimeo. Kid Cole & Klay Storyboard from Stephane coedel on Vimeo. Kid Cole & Klay Colorboard from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

Video of the Week #26

Yay! It's friday! And today I actually had another video for you guys, but since friday is always a special day, we thought it would be awesome if we had some music today! That's why I chose this Video of the Week! You guys probably know this song: "Shut up and let me go" by the Ting Tings. When I first listened it, I thought it was a Brazilian group called Cansei de Ser Sexy, but for my surprise, it wasn't. Anyways, I really like this kind of music, with lots of synthetic sounds and stuff. Enjoy! And have a nice weekend! Cheers. ;) Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go from espionage on Vimeo.

Video of the Week #25

Yesterday I had a cool class about book printing. I know that most of you people really enjoy some print design, so here is a video that I got to know yesterday during class. There are like, a thousand ways of having a book printed. This cool cool video clip by a band called Shitdisco, shows us many printing styles in a single book. I bet you'll like! Enjoy, people! Cheers! ;)