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Illustrations of Batman's Villains by Dennis Culver

I really enjoy when illustrators grab a theme and start to experiment based on that. Dennis Culver has done that using Batman's villains as his subject. Gotta say I really like the outcome. Dennis reimagined most of the designs, but there's still some classic looking villains here. Personally I really enjoy the most famous ones like the Joker (he kinda looks like Joe Pesci here) and the Penguin (who gets that non-freakish, bad gangster look). For more of his pieces, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART. He'll appreciate it. Cheers! ;) The Monk Dr. Hugo Strange Black Mask, Bane, and Calendar Girl Scarecrow, Egghead, Harley Quinn The Terrible Trio and Doctor Phosphorous Joker Great White King Tut R'as Al Ghul Mad hatter Manbat Harvey Dent Riddler Grundy Firefly Penguin

Super Heroes and Villains Alphabet

I think I said it before, but I'll say it once more: I totally love illustration series. There are some really cool series themes out there, and I guess is a little bit of my duty to find them and share its awesomeness with you guys! Today, is the Super Heroes and Villains Alphabet! This guy, Ankles, had the really simple, yet awesome idea to illustrate the alphabet of cool characters, and it turn out to be an awesome series. Here is the complete alphabet, but for more of his amazing work, you should all check his portfolio at DeviantART! You guys will enjoy it! I hope you all like it! Cheers. ;) A - is for Ares B - is for Black Widow C - is for Captain America D - is for Daredevil E - is for Emma Frost F - is for Fury G - is for Green Goblin H - is for Hawkeye I - is for Iron Fist J - is for Jean Grey K - is for Kraven L - is for Lady Mastermind M - is for Mystique N - is for Namor O - is for Odin P - is for Punisher Q - is for Quake R - is for Rogue S - is for Shadowcat T - is for Thor U - is for Union Jack V - is for Vision W - is for Wolverine X - is for X-23 Y - is for Yellowjacket Z - is for Zzzax