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Back to the Future Triology Box Set

Back to the Future Triology Box Set

All of us for sure know what is the Back To The Future Triology, this kind of movies were made in the 80s for the 80s. It has been risen popularity since, even after more than 30 years. I get goosebumps every time whenever I watch it (probably gonna watch it tonight). That Delorean Car has been my favourite of mine since forever. The folks over DKNG just released their work they did for Mondo to commemorate that historic date from BTTF 2 by making the 6-LP vinyl box set. Check it out!     About DKNG Studios DKNG is a creative studio based in Los Angeles, Californi. Coming from a background of music and entertainment, they have worked with brands like: Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, HBO and more. For more information:

Stylish Vinyl Decals for your Mac

Vinyl decals are a great way to customize your computer, to give it your look, your personality! With them you can change the look of your loyal partner from time to time so you can never get tired of it... besides being cool, of course. It's nice to have your own customized computer, to have something different then other people, to be creative and put together a unique style to 'pimp your comp'. Yesterday I was browsing around and found some cool mac skins at and @eduardosasso suggested me, a site with a great collection of vinyl decals. They have amazing decals not only for your mac but also for your walls, so pass by it to check out some really cool stuff! So enjoy the selection, pick the ones you like most and change the look of your machine! Already have a cool decal to show us? The comments are open for you. Enjoy! :) From And some skins from

Creative Vinyl Decals by Hu2

Hu2 is a London-based company comprised of four crazy dudes (and one dudette!). They have some simply awesome ideas when it comes to creative uses of vinyl. Flicking through their online catalogue, we're reminded of some of Banksy's pieces, which we really dig here at Abduzeedo. Vinyl wall decals are often overlooked but they're a really simple and creative solution to playing up a boring wall. Why not try trading in the paint and wallpaper and get your hand on some of these fun decals. They can be used on any smooth flat surface and are completely removable, leaving no mark or residue behind. Take a look at the collection we gathered for you here today and get inspired to do something fun with your walls! ECO REMINDERS Let the images do the talking ... LIVING ROOM Laptops BEDROOM Hu2 Stickers can be used on any smooth flat surface such as windows, mirrors, doors, floors, fridges and walls. Please note walls with wall-paper are not suitable for vinyl stickers if you wish to avoid damage upon removal! BATHROOM For more information and also lots of more examples of Hu2 designs visit their website at .