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The Zwatch Project

Zwatch is an online community and multimedia art project about zombies. Created by Alexander Laccarino and his Zteam in 2009, Zwatch launched in the Quad Cities of the Iowa/Illinois area following a fictitious story of a local zombie outbreak. The unsuspecting public took the project seriously and madness ensued. The Story In the summer of 2009, Zacharia Furio, a 21-year-old from Davenport, Iowa, was working for the Quad City Department of Biological Sciences, when he suddenly disappeared. His brother launched a website,, to help in finding his missing brother, who was suspected of being the subject of testing on a man-made strain of viruses. After the site displayed redacted police files, missing person's reports and other documents, the local media took interest. The site questioned authority. The story was off and running. Over time, a series of documentary shorts, photographs, more official documents and articles from a “lone wolf” reporter flooded, in addition to hundreds of emails, blog posts/comments about Zacharia, his whereabouts, revealing a cover-up, Zacharia's infection and eventual return home. Still, people questioned whether it was real. In the end, it wasn't. At least, not entirely. It was the creation of Alexander Iaccarino and a group of cohorts and artists known affectionately as the “Z-Team”. Pictures My latest project,, began as a viral hoax of a zombie outbreak and cover-up in the Quad Cities to promote my Halloween event, The Zombie Pride Parade. And how it ended was a different story, one best told by fellow zombie and friend, Ryan Collins..... This past Halloween, something happened in the Quad Cities. Something about a missing person, an Internet hoax, an H1Z1 virus, and the threat of artists going to jail for their craft. Something…undead. Zombies and their related ephemera are a cultural phenomenon, ever-present in books, cinema, video games, etc. Videos Check out the the whole story on this controversioal and groundbreak project at

Viral Nostalgia by Marco Aslan

Marco Aslan is a Brazilian Filmmaker with a great passion for nostalgia which reflects on his works making each video a one of a kind. The mix of images with sound created by him brings a peaceful feeling that keeps you focused and watching each clip till the end. If you want to get motivated and inspired, sit back relax and watch these. The work of Marco Aslan can be seen at or on his Vimeo Gallery Well, I am a 23 year old from Sao Paulo Brazil, and was raised basically watching movies. I always had a passion for visual audio. Being Cinema, Television, Commercials, VideoClips, I always loved the combination and the mix of visual, and music. I speak four languages (Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English). I come from a multi-cultural family but was raised in Sao Paulo and I consider myself Brazilian. I'm currently living in Los Angeles, trying out my lucky on the World of Cinema. I almost had the luck of signing with a commercial director but it didn't work out. There is a lot of things involved on the process and a lot of risks for both sides therefore I continue looking for an opportunity. I have a passion for nostalgia and that's what I like to film in a spontaneous way. My favorite filmmakers are: Walter Salles, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Guilhermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, Michael Mann My favorite Movies: Central do Brasil, Amelie, Children of Men, Magnolia, The Insider. Voyage Journey Liztomania Shot with a combination of the Canon 7D and HVX200. Lenses used: Canon EF 24-105/4L, and Tokina 11-16mm. Shot in California, Summer 2009. Song is "Lisztomania" by Phoenix. Summer Trip This video was made with some recycled footage from a Summer trip. Phantasmagoria 2006 - Young man wakes up in the middle of a forest to encounter a lost French Peter Pan from the 1960's. Old footage shot by my Grandfather during the 60's. For more visit or on his Vimeo Gallery

"Amy" - Dove's New Viral

Dove's been doing a cool campaign, as most of you know, about how beauty industry messes up with women's head... a cool campaign, through virals. It has been release 2 videos already, both of them really impressive and a little bit shocking: Evolution and Onslaught. This time, they've released a new viral with a lighter and more emotive proposal: Amy. It's the story of a kid who keeps waiting for his girl out side her house, but she never leaves the house. In the end, we get to know the real reason why: "Amy can name 12 things wrong with her appearance. He can't name one". Freaking cute, huh?