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Elegant Web Design and App Design for Rimowa

Edouard Spriet shared a super elegant web design project for a travel app called Rimowa,  one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of premium travel and carry-on luggage made of aluminum and polycarbonate. As a luxury brand, Rimowa needs a collaborative platform to showcase and share the latest news and collaborations between the brand and major or emergent artists.

Monday Morning Web Design Inspiration

I have started working on the new version of ABDZ, at least I have that goal and I am already creating mood boards for visual references. Web design is at a very mature state, at least from the static mockup design point of view. The line between print and digital in terms of editorial design is getting completely blurred. I selected some mockups I found o Dribbble to illustrate my point. There are still several open questions on these proposals, especially for me, the fact that they are, as I said, static.

Web Design: Beautifully Designed Home Pages

Matt Wojtaś shared a set of beautifully design website home pages and shared on his Behance profile. I believe most of the work was done as a concept and personal exercise, however, there's a lot to love about them, especially the editorial design look precisely translated to web design. I particularly, like the way typography and imagery superimpose each other. I know it would be very hard to be able to make it work dynamically and without a highly curated photo selection, still, it looks great.

Web Design Inspiration: SOLID

Slava Kornilov shared a beautiful web design project on his Behace profile. It features not only the visual design but also well crafted motion design studies. I love the overall design solution from the grid system to the imagery and typography. This style has become quite popular lately and it will definitely influence the design of the new Abduzeedo site. In addition to that this project was created for Geex Arts.

Web Design Concept for National Geographic

Andriy Bata shared a very stylish web design concept for the National Geographic web site. It features pretty trendy style, with a clear grid system and very minimal. The imagery provided by the topics that National Geographic covers makes things a bit easier. Overall it's a nice study of web design, but in my opinion it fails on very important aspects, especially accessibility. Some texts feel just too small and with very little contrast from the background.

Stylish Motion and Web Design by Nikoloz Ergemlidze

Nikoloz Ergemlidze is a designer based in Paris,France. He has shared some beautiful web design projects on his Dribbble page. They feature not only great visual design but also clever motion design ideas. For me what it's interesting about his work is that it adopts elements and style of what I consider the newest trend in web design. It's highly editorial, with a rigid grid with elements well organized to create almost a poster like visual.

Web Design Project for Parc Naturel Loire-Anjou Touraine

Friday used to be the day of our web design round up. That was quite a long time, before the mobile first revolution took over. I am still a fan of web despite the fact the only design project for the web I work on is this blog I am writing right now. However I really have fun and get inspired when I see great projects like this one I want to share today. It's for the Parc Naturel Loire-Anjou Touraine and it was created and shared by Michael Berger. 

Creative Design Portfolio Inspiration

Today we’re bringing you design portfolio inspiration with the help of Semplice. Semplice is a Wordpress-based portfolio system by designers for designers. From art directors to designers to illustrators, creatives around the world use Semplice to create their custom portfolio. Keep reading to see their design work and the beautiful portfolios they built to showcase it.

Grid Based Web Design for Fuge.

Alexander Laguta, Kate Laguta and Mikhail Ojereliev shared a beautiful web design project for their freelance design business. The project is a good example of modern web design, simple and heavily use of a grid system. There are a lot of things to love in addition to the grid. The imagery and typography aligned with smooth motion design makes this project a good reference for anyone looking for web design inspiration.

Web Design: Super Stylish Free Template

I remember when I started my design career in Brazil in the 90s and one of the biggest challenges, if not the biggest was to find good resources. There were imported magazines like HOW and catalogs we would request from Emigre, T-26 and FontFont. But for web design things were even more scarce. The internet changed everything and with that we now have access to a plethora of resources. In addition to that, everyone can become a creator.

Playful Web Design & UI/UX for Superlative Store Concept

We are taking a look at the concept by designers Stugbear and Shota Xaxaleishvili on a store concept called: Superlative. They have worked on the web design, UI/UX and also the interaction design. The desktop experience is clean and I love the interactions especially on the menu. It totally enhances the shopping experience.

Super Editorial Web Design for Exposure

Luke Hoban, Jeremy Hooper and Raphael Roake shared an amazing web design project on their Behance profile. It's for Exposure, a digital publication proudly showcases the work of emerging young artists and designers as they celebrate their achievements and embark on the next step in their creative journey.

Stylish Web Design for Personal Website and Portfolio

Daniel Tan share a beautiful web design project on his Behance profile. It's for his personal website and portfolio. It features a simple layout with a good usage of typography and motion design. In addition, the illustrations are quite stylish, vector but with a bit more character. I have to say that it also feels that follows the trend started with the Dropbox redesign effort. That said, the quality of this design project definitely deserves a feature on Abduzeedo. 

Solid Web Design Project for Coza Domestic Products

We all love to feature great work, especially when that comes from our hometown. That's the case of the project that I'd like to share today, it's from Marco Almeida and it's a web design project for Coza, the leader brand in domestic plastic products in Brazil. I also recommend that you visit the web site at https://www.coza.com.br/ - it's even better when we can see the design project and the real thing. Good job Marco!

Web Design Inspiration for the Week

We tend to focus most of our efforts on mobile design because, we carry those devices with us all the time and it is probably the first experience we will have with most of digital content. However I feel that the desktop web design might come back stronger, at least in terms of design. I have seen beautiful designs coming from sites like Dribbble and Behance. The biggest constraint the web has is the monetization. Till today the best way to do that is by including advertising on the pages. Those can add clutter and break the purity of the designs.

The Interface Game Project - Fun Web Design Challenge

We love to feature great projects to inspire our community and to push ourselves to become better. We also support everyone that does the same and Slava Kornilov came up with a fun little web design challenge that he calls the Squar - The interface game. The rules are simple and basically you download the grid and have to design an interface with it. I add the full project description below. You can also see some examples that he put together. Now give it a try, I will do the same.

Minimalist Web Design for ZIPL

If you are a fan of minimalism and web design we got you cover. Well, it is not that we are just featuring minimalist web sites, but there is a trend on the topic and we can see tons of great examples. I said this a few times, I would really like to see how these sites would work in real life. But for inspiration, they are awesome. This one is for ZIPL v 3.0 - it was created and shared by Alexander Plyuton.

Web Design 2018 Trends - Part 2

Continuing my series of posts trying to illustrate the state of web design. For this post I highlight more designs that adopt what it seems to be a new trend. As I mentioned before, this new style feels super editorial. It has a clear grid system and, based on the static designs, makes good usage of the scroll. Vertical height and space is quite generous, which in my opinion, is great. I still have a few questions on how to translate some of these designs to fully working products.

Web Design 2018 Trends - Part 1

The cool thing about following websites like Dribbble and Behance, especially Dribbble, is that you can see the direction the visual design community is going. For the past 10 years we have seen photo-realistic icons being the main theme, then it evolved to lettering, vector illustration and for the past couple of years the site has definitely focused on UI/UX. Web design is part of that and I have been collecting images for posts to illustrate a new trend in web design. Below you can see what I am talking about. To summarize, it's highly editorial, simple and in my opinion looks amazing.

Web Design Inspiration - Work of Adrián Somoza

I have been posting more often about web design. There reason is, of course, I am in the process of redesigning the blog and I need some web design inspiration. For this post I'd love to feature the work of  Adrián Somoza, a senior designer @MediaMonks, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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