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Stylish White Package Design Inspiration

Last year we published an article featuring some beautiful dark package designs, it was the Ultimate Dark Package Design Inspiration. Following the same idea in this post we will feature only white package designs, but as usual, we tried to look for very stylish examples to really inspire you. For more articles and inspiration on packaging design we highly recommend that you visit and subscribe to Lovely Package website, it is a fantastic resource for this type of design, definitely worth it, but be careful, you will spend hours over there :) Backyard Vineyards Designed by Brandever | Illustration: Fabien Barral | Country: Canada Backyard Vineyards is named so due to it’s close proximity to metro Vancouver, BC. Fabien Barrel brought this design to life with beautiful illustrations which interact with the type and other elements on the label. Check out the shears trimming the UPC on the back. Currenna Designed by Shawn Schrader - Country: Japan “The hair care products were for anti-aging so the idea of twisting and reversing time or counter clockwise was developed for the bottles and the logo. It would not be obvious to the consumer but having a theory behind the simple design was well received” Apple iPad Designed by Apple - Country: USA Eighthirty Designed by Noah Butcher - Country: New Zealand “Eighthirty source organic beans from sustainable farms, then combine these with dedication to deliver the perfect coffee every time. Our passion is passed on in every cup to customers who care about great coffee as much as we do. Eighthirty delivers – simply good coffee.” Swiss & Global Designed by f-o-r-m-e - Country: Italy “We designed this package for our client Swiss & Global Asset Management. They are dedicated asset managers in Switzerland and worldwide and every year they make a little Easter present for their clients. They usually send some particular sweets from Sicily and we usually create a very simple package for them. On October 2009 they changed their company name – formerly Julius Baer Asset Management – so they decided to use the gift to communicate to their clients that the company name changed, but not the quality of their service. We decided to change the package to support this really important concept. We used a very beautiful kind of paper, Arjowiggins Skin, and a very refined illustration. All printed in Pantone Silver. We also used a “more vertical” form so that you think – also because of the illustration – that you’ll can find a chocolate egg inside. But when you open the package you find a card saying you ‘E’ cambiata la forma, non la sostanza’ (The form has changed, not the substance).” Mulher Designed by Liga Design - Country: Brazil “This is a gift we created for our female clients for the International Women’s Day. The package was created to conceal a watch and look like a small bag, since we know girls love to shop. The copy goes like this: “Woman, a small gift for you who present us everyday” Student Work – Dmitri Moruz Designed by Dimitri Moruz - Country: Russia “Brief is to design the packaging for a new line of organic loose teas (not a live project, tea company is Ringtons tea). Things to consider were: to have packaging eco friendly, to communicate the feel of it being exclusive, limited loose tea; try to appeal to young professionals. Solution is incorporating die-cut technique, which brings both: exclusiveness and it is saving on ink, while paper used for the outer layer is made of recycling materials.” Good Day Designed by Carefully Considered - Country: United States “Packaging design for a new men’s skin care line with a crisp English feel. Using typography as an identifier, we created an easy way to find the right products for your skin type.” Student Work – Meeta Panesar Designed by Meeta Panesar - Country: United States “The design is inspired by the colors and designs of Joseph Albers and the Op Art movement. The usage of the rectangular elements reflects Alber’s “Homage to the Square,” a series of paintings begun in 1949.” The “it” Bar Country: United States | Font: ITC Avant Garde Gothic The “it Bar from Dylan’s Candy Bar comes beautifully packaged in a white textured box with blind embossing, foil stamp and tip-on label. Nexus One Designed by Google/HTC - Country: United States Feez Designed by HvingtQuatre | Country: France A range of milk-based drinks with a take-away size in 4 flavours; Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry. The milk adorns the packaging, the tasty fruit is brought out on the milk and on the opening that enables the drinking.

Beautiful White Houses

Today I'll start a post series talking about houses! I will show houses collections with something in common, like colors, materials, shapes, the location of the building and so on. And to start this series, today we will see only white houses, made with several materials and from the whole world. Beautiful, elegant and white houses! Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light. Le Corbusier Y House Jorge Sousa Santos - Arelho, Óbidos, Portugal B20 PK Arkitektar - Garðabær, Iceland Swan Street Residence Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects - Perth, Australia House in Binningen Luca Selva Architects - Binningen, Switzerland Hill House Johnston Marklee & Associates - California, USA Aveleda’s House Manuel Ribeiro - Braga, Portugal Townhouse Elding Oscarson - Landskrona, Sweden Caverhill Residence Studio Pali Fekete architects - Los Angeles, CA, USA Mizoe House Takashi Seisho and Akinari Tanaka - Hakodate, Japan Villa Daniel Libeskind - Germany Maison du Béton Atelier st - Los Angeles, Cainsdorf, Germany House S Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten - Breda, The Netherlands House of Diffusion FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects - Shiga, Japan House in Casa de Campo A-cero / Joaquin Torres - Dominican Republic Pontoporia House Architect Clorindo Testa & Architect Ezequiel Rivarola - Buenos Aires, Argentina Satish Nayak Residence The Design Firm - Shiga, Japan SkyCottage Archimania - Memphis, TN, USA Wide Open Villa KLab architecture - Ekali, Athens, Greece House in Foz António Sérgio Koch - Oporto, Portugal Aluminium House Arhitektid Muru & Pere - Tallinn, Estonia

20 Great Designs using Black & White

This post shows 20 stunning & poignant designs using only black and white. Get inspired by a variety of modern designs and illustrations by top creatives & artists.

Artwork Feature #1: James White - Robot Rock

This is part of our new weekly series of posts. Here we feature a selected piece of art and have a little chat with the designer who made it. They give us a bit of background information and details about how the work was conceptualized and created. So I finally started publishing this new series. I was browsing through some designs I found on Deviantart and started thinking about the details. I wanted to know what tools the designer used to create them. And I wondered why so few artists decribe their developing process. This thought inspired me to create this new series of posts. Hope you all enjoy them. You can suggest artwork for the following week in the comments. James White about "Robot Rock": I was very late getting into Daft Punk's music, the first full album I heard was Alive 2007 so I missed the boat by about 10 years. When I discover something that really appeals to me, I tend to listen to it full tilt for a week or so and naturally this influenced my artwork. I wanted to do something in the cosmic style I had been experimenting with at the time, but also wanted to keep the essence of Daft Punk intact, namely their live show. The result was my Robot Rock piece which used subtle elements from the Alive 2007 cover. Since this was a personal project, I was my own critic. I wanted something that combined the series I had been working on, as well as something that (hypothetically) would fit into the design and branding that surrounds Daft Punk. They obviously have a very sharp eye for the materials that represent the group and I wanted a piece of art that would feel at home with their existing brand. I always start out sketching some general compositions of how I would like the elements to sit (grids, logos, effects, etc). I sometimes sketch up to 40 thumbnails before I land on something I think might work. I then move to Illustrator where I create some general color and composition layouts using simple vectors. This helps me see very quickly if my sketch will work as a digital piece. I then construct my real vector elements in Illustrator, then construct everything in Photoshop where I add lighting, texture, effects, etc. The only real problems I encounter with my works are how overlayed elements react with what is beneath. I tend to spend hours adjusting opacities, blending modes, color treatments, levels, etc to get things working the way I want. Every little adjustment throws all elements into flux, so I have to be very patient as I tweak things in Photoshop. I treated this design the same way I treat all my designs: if I wake up the next day and I still like it, then it must be finished. The Robot Rock piece took around 2 and a half days to complete because, as I said, it wasn't sitting right with me the next day :) But eventually everything snapped into place the way I had originally intended. - James White Buy this design as a 18" x 24" poster in the SignalNoise Store and visit the artists website.