The Amazing Combination of Bricks and Wood to Create Beautiful Offices

One of the most beautiful combinations on architecture is wood and brick, I like to say that is the "perfect combo", because are raw materials that bring comfort and contrast to almost all ambients, specially offices. Thinking on that I selected three amazing offices from already known companies that use a lot wood and brick on their offices, it's Airbnb, Chain and Github. You'll realize how beautiful is the decoration and I'm sure you would to love to work on such kind of place everyday!

Splendid Wood Cutout Sculptures by Martin Tomsky

Now this is impressive! Martin Tomsky, an artist from United Kingdom, comes up with really splendid wood cutout sculptures, cut with lasers! His pieces are really mind-blowing, detail-rich, and some of his characters seem to be inspired by Adventure Time. There's literally no reason why not to love these. For more of Martin's fantastic work, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART! He's got plenty more pieces there for you to see. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Cheers! ;)

The New Lance Armstrong Foundation Office

The new headquarters of the Lance Armstrong Foundation is a project to fill your eyes. A restoration made in a former warehouse in Texas, bringing new life to the building and the neighborhood of Austin.

The Passive House by Karawitz Architecture

No, this is not a post of Beautiful Houses, could be because this house is beautiful, but I thought I could do a post about it with another goal, the constructive and sustainable differential of this house somewhat unusual.

The Cozy CouponCabin's Office

It's been awhile since I've posted about a cool office here, so this week I've selected one which is amazing to show you, is the CouponCabin's office in Chicago. A beautiful and elegant space. The place has a rustic look and at the same time very elegant. This location was formerly a bank deposit, a four-story building built in 1909. So today, completely refurbished and modernized, is the headquarters of CouponCabin and its 50+ employees.

Wood in Web Design

Another day I was talking to a friend of my, and he told me that he would love to see more posts about web design here at Abduzeedo. When he told me that, I totally understood that we're kind of posting just about photography and illustration... and only Fabiano is doing something about web with his tutorials and links in the Best of the Week series. So today, web design it is! :D When making a new site design, most of us try to figure out what kind of theme to go with... and there are plenty: space (lol), water, wood, colorish, glowing and shinning stuff, etc, etc.

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