Unsplash: Workspaces Inspiration

Our last Workspaces Inspiration had a lot of great buzz. Thanks for the love everyone! We decided to make another collection hand-picked from Unsplash. In today's collection, we are featuring the latest from Ugmonk with his viral minimal, modular organizer (who raised over than 430K on Kickstarter) called: Gather. To learn more, please check out

Cool Tech: Microsoft's Surface Hub 2, the future of teamwork space

Let's just say that Microsoft is innovating, it's a bold statement but they are at the "Avant Garde" with launching really interesting products that can possibly the way we work. It's quite impressive to be honest, I wish their native apps would have better integration to Mac for example. Oh well! They are introducing today the Microsoft's Surface Hub 2.

How does your workspace look like?

A common mistake of newcomer any scene is to think you need a big setup of hardware to do good work. That is why I collected some workspaces of designer, photographer, filmmaker & blogger.

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