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How does your workspace look like?

A common mistake of newcomer any scene is to think you need a big setup of hardware to do good work. That is why I collected some workspaces of designer, photographer, filmmaker & blogger. Aloa This is the place whereI do all of my music, movies graphics & all the work that has to done for Abduzeedo. I have to admit that I cleaned up the desk. Usually its full of gadgets, cameras, usb sticks, and other periphericals like the USB-christmas tree you can see. I use the latest 13" MBP with 4GB RAM and a 23"inch lcd. For inspiration (and for better view) I got the "Wall & Pieces" book from Banksy always within reach. Over the monitor is a big wallpaper of Magomed Dovjenko, which you cant see right now. Pete Harrison Basically I do all my design work on that 27" imac, its fully spec'ed out..then I have the 42" Plasma for watching movies and playing video games, the other 2 monitors are running windows and thats for internet browsing and playing music. Everything is linked up into one giant media centre. I have an xbox running through my TV and a hard drive which I can watch movies off, and the PC too, the imac is linked to the PC. I try and keep everything creative, the walls are littered with doodles, inspiration, prints and design work, you can see designer vinyl toys in the cabinet and the shelves, these are made by friends and illustrators I have worked with an inspire me, some are very rare. The most interesting thing is the girls underwear collection you can see hanging up above the bed..well thats a story for another day, but reminds me through all the creative process that i'm not a machine like some people think, but im actually human, and loving life :) Magomed Dovjenko Lucky you that I tidied up my room for this one, ha! So - this is the place where the ‘Mago-Magic‘ happens ( understand the equivocal in this one??? haha ) for more than just a few hours a day. As you can see I got some mags and books/Portfolios by friends in here ( e.g big homie Matt W. Moore's 'Diagonal Thinking' ) for inspiration and to kill blocks, aswell as my playstation joystick to kill some of those designer guys at FIFA ( Holla at me Doug ( Alves ) ! ). The thing I love the most beside my Wacom & the Mac in my room are some of the tee's I designed ( rest is in my closet doh ), especially the Nike one... much more of them are coming soon! ''James White Here is where I can be found most of the time, in the Signalnoise home office. I like my place to be nice and tidy so I'm not knocking things over as I try to work. I also don't like gear and wires all over the place, so I take care of my desk. The wall right in front of me is covered with art, certificates, drawings and toys to keep me motivated as I create, this photo only shows half of what I have hung up. I own a lot of work from my favorite artists, such as Alex Varanese, Hydro74, Obey Giant and Darwyn Cooke so it's easy to stay inspired in this room. Hal Jordan also helps keep my desk nice. Perttu Murto This is my home office. I want it to be pretty simple, black and white mainly. I have few prints on the wall by Drew Flaherty. Got my bookshelf full of design magazines and books. Our cat is usually sleeping on the chair so this is pretty regular situation in the photo. I share this with my fiance who does landscape designs. Alex Beltechi I'm sure most people in this article have an optimized and time-tested workspace on display, but I don't. My current layout is more of a mini-desk occupied strictly on a need-to-have basis, plus a goofy analog clock that gets really annoying and loud if actually wound up. I own a computer and tablet and nothing more because so far it's all I've ever needed. I'd rather keep my worn-out drafting table than replace it with the newest and shiniest gadget out there because I believe technology is never a good substitute for knowledge and skill. Isaac Rentz Most of my job is done either on set or in an editing bay, so I really only use my work space for writing scripts or treatments. I concentrate better with the lights low and and the door closed. I enjoy solitude, although sometimes my producer, Steve, will come in and we'll pass a basketball back and forth while talking over ideas. I like keeping my space very practical and sparse. I've noticed a correlation between fancy offices with Eames furniture and ideas that I don't like very much. Pawel Nolbert Usually, during the creative mess going on there, the creative part gets digitalized & the mess stays there, so I tidied it up a little for this photo. I like having a clean space around my tablet so it doesn't interact with my elbows & distract me. Just a regular IKEA desk so far - I wait till I get my own place & get a real badass designer desk! Sorin Bechira As you can see this is my little corner where the magic happens. Nothing fancy though and because of the lack of useless stuff on my desk, I'm panicking and I'm quickly getting on some image effects to compensate those. On my desk: - Dell U2711 27” - a big and high quality display is a big plus - Wacom Intuos4 Large Tablet - it's like my digital right hand. - Airbook 13" - for mobility and perfect for presentations - Motorola Razr V3 - old but nice and thin - Apple Numeric Keyboard - because it's thin and comfortable - Samsung Mouse - an basic old mouse but it's still my fav: precise and light Nikolas Konstantin Art for art itself is shallow. Only by pointing towards the moon can it take out to lead people on a journey with the engine of their own imagination. Hence, an artists working place should be foremost the soul, heart & mind. What is the heartbeat of my creations? What is at core of my works? If the framework is right every idea has the potential to set fire, to give birth to revolutions. But before we work on the outside we should listen to our deepest sentiment. What revolution is it we want? I personally give praise to the words of the magnificent soul lu xun: "The revolution must give people life, not take it from them". What can your art give? Michael O. I have been using computers since the Apple IIGS so I have seen my share of various setups and components. I settled with PC because of their ease of customization, affordable prices and user-friendliness. This system evolved over a number of years and has seen many upgrades. The monitor on the left is a separate computer that use for email and music. It is a simple system that I bought at a thrift store for $60. Since its only function is to run Outlook, Winamp and Rhapsody, it does not need to be high tech. The 2 monitors in the middle are a dual monitor setup for my main computer – a quadcore with 6GB RAM. The monitors are 24” Dell UltraSharp. The graphics card is top-of-the-line which I needed in order to rotate both monitors 90 degrees. I prefer the vertical orientation of the monitors on this computer because most of the artwork I create is vertical. Call me stubborn but I still use Windows XP and Photoshop CS2. I prefer very plain and simple components that do the work I need them to do without the extra bells and whistles that I will never use. The operating system is even running in ‘classic mode’ with a plain gray wallpaper. The monitor on the right is obviously a TV. Sometimes I get sick of listening to music while working so turn the TV on instead, although, I try not to do that too often because it is distracting. The desk was custom built. I designed it to fit perfectly in my office using 3D Studio Max. It was built by a local craftsman. Lastly, you will see that I do not use a tablet. I do have one but I have not found a use for it outside of making long strokes (like painting hair). I really do not know how people can stand using them all the time. Erik Jonsson Its a rather light office. Everything is white and beige except perhaps the desks. My immediate surroundings are littered with bicycles, parts and photography equipment. Not intentional but probably because its what i use daily apart from the computer. The guitar however is not mine, it belongs to my closest college James. While the studio seems pretty cluttered i keep my desk empty at all times except for the occasional note book and a cup. Alexander "Diftnorm" Otto Thats how my workstation looks on a sunday when I am at work. I am working on a Quad-Core Mac Pro with 12GB RAM, a NVIDIA Quadro 4000, running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the Adobe CS4 Master, C4D and the other stuff. I've got two Dell 24' displays, Logitech X-230 2.1 speaker, a Wacom Intuos 3 and for sure always candy and coffee within reach. Don from Invisible Creature I've always preferred my workspace to live in an 'organized chaotic state', which includes my obvious love of various characters and color palettes. I love being surrounded by creativity. It makes my job that much more special. Rob Shields My work space is pretty clean, just the essentials really, my tablet and sketch books, over sized headphones and some writing tools. Right now I work on the first floor of my house so I have to share space with my kitchen, dinning room, home theater set up and about a dozen instruments. Fabio Sasso This is how my office looked like, now I'm moving out to California so things will change, however I really like to have a second monitor and all my gadgets around. Got a beautiful workspace? Post it in the comments!